4th Annual

Tulsa American Film Festival

October 10, 2018 to October 13, 2018

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Documentary Short films
American made nonfiction film or video under 30 minutes in length.
Documentary Feature films
American made nonfiction film or video over 30 minutes in length.
Narrative Short films
American made fiction film or video under 30 minutes in length.
Narrative Feature films
American made fiction film or video over 30 minutes in length.
Native American films
Film or video written/produced/directed by American Indians, or featuring American Indian subject(s), culture(s) or actor(s).
Latino American films
TAFFest is accepting short and feature films made by or about Latinos in America.
Oklahoma Student Short films
Oklahoma student short films under 30 minutes in length.
Short Film Screenplay
Un-produced short film screenplays, all genres, under 30 pages.
African American films
TAFFest is accepting short and feature films made by or about African Americans.
Disability films
TAFFest is accepting short and feature films made by or about people with disabilities in America.
TV series
TAFFest is accepting episodes of a TV or web series.
Horror Films
TAFFest is accepting Horror short and feature films.


Tulsa American Film Festival serves the Tulsa community through the world of film by offering programs of American-made feature length and short films supplemented by industry driven panels and discussions.


Tulsa American Film Festival (TAFFest) launched in October of 2015, bringing a well rounded, world class industry film event to Tulsa. In our third year, over five days, TAFFest will showcase independent feature & short films from across the U.S. With a commitment to highlighting diverse American stories and voices, TAFFest offers an unmatched opportunity to introduce a curated and competition-based selection of film to the region.

TAFFest is looking for American made independent feature and short films of all genres. Additionally, we are seeking American Indian films, Latino American films, African American films, films made by and about disabilities, Horror films, Oklahoma student short films and films written, directed, produced by Oklahomans or featuring Oklahoma actors. We are also accepting short film screenplays for staged readings and competition.

Tulsa American Film Festival grants awards in the following categories, judged by industry professionals:

• Best Feature Narrative Film

• Best Feature Documentary Film

• Best Short Narrative Film

• Best Short Documentary Film

• Best Student Short Film

• Best Director (Narrative Film)

• Best Director (Documentary Film)

• Best Student Director

• Best Actor (Feature Narrative)

• Best Actress (Feature Narrative)

• Best Ensemble Cast

• Best Cinematographer (Narrative Feature)

• Best Screenplay (short screenplay competition)

• Grand Jury Award

• Best Oklahoma Film


Ben Arredondo (Founder/Executive Director); Benjamin Arredondo (Founder and Executive Director); Benjamin Arredondo (Founder and Executive Director); Benjamin Arredondo (Founder and Executive Director); Rick Holmes; Rick Holmes


All submitted films must be American made. TAFFest considers this to mean that the film was produced within the boundaries of the U.S., but we welcome your own interpretation of what constitutes an American film. If you are an Oklahoma filmmaker or your film was shot and/or produced in Oklahoma, please let us know! Likewise if you are a Native American filmmaker, or your film features indigenous actors, culture(s), or subject matter. Same goes for films made by American Latinos, African Americans, TV series and Disability films.

Student filmmakers must be able to provide proof of enrollment (class schedule or student identification).

While student filmmakers are welcome to submit to any category at the discounted student rate, these films will be judged in the general competition and only films produced by students enrolled at Oklahoma high schools, colleges and universities will be eligible to compete in the Best Oklahoma Student Short Film category.

Please note that any film received too late for consideration for the current year's Festival may be considered for the Festival in the following year(s). In addition, quality films not accepted for the current running of Tulsa American Film Festival, for whichever reason, may be considered for re-submission, at no additional fee, unless the filmmaker specifies that the film shall only be considered for the current running of Tulsa American Film Festival.

Tulsa and Tulsa-area films submitted must be Tulsa premieres.


Simply put, you must have written authorization to exhibit every aspect of your film/video work. All trademarked/copyright work contained within your film or publicity materials - including but not limited to images, sound recordings and musical compositions - must be cleared in order to screen at TAFFest. All personal and property releases, licenses, and other required clearances or authorizations must be available for included persons, likenesses, characters, locations, etc. The submitter must also have gained permission from any and all writers, directors, producers, or other individuals who are considered owners of the film, to submit and screen the film. By submitting through Withoutabox, you indemnify Tulsa American Film Festival and its staff from any and all claims resulting from the display of the work.

All entrants grant permission to have portions of their work reproduced for publicity purposes connected with the Tulsa American Film Festival. Tulsa American Film Festival reserves the right, without limitation, to display any element of any film or script submitted, in part or in whole, for purposes of promoting the film or the Festival.

TAFFest will not be held liable in the event of damage or loss during shipping of preview or screening copy of film.

TAFFest's terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.