3rd Annual

Northeast Pennsylvania Film Festival

March 22, 2019 to March 24, 2019

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1115 North Abington Road
P.O. Box 142
Waverly PA 18471
Phone: 570 586 8191
Fax: 570 586 0185

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Narrative Short
NEPA Film Festival accepts shorts from 1 - 40 minutes in length, including credits, from anywhere in the world.
Narrative Feature
Features may run between 45 minutes and 3 hours.
Documentary Feature
Documentaries may originate from anywhere in the world and may run between 45 minutes and 3 hours.
Documentary Short
A documentary short may run between 1 - 40 minutes in length and originate from anywhere in the world.
Female Directors/Screenwriters
To be eligible at least three of the following key creative roles must have been filled by women: Writer, Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Composer, Lead Performer (one woman may serve in more than one role). Films must reflect these credits in their submitted material.
Childrens Animation
Suitable for children ages 12 and under
Childrens Short
A film appealing to children up to age 14 that has a running time of 40 minutes or less, including credits. This can include animation, documentary, science fiction, family oriented, adventure or any child oriented theme.
Student Film
Shorts must be 1 - 44 minutes in length and features must be 45 - 3 hours in length. Please include a digital copy of your student ID from an accredited high school or university.


The Waverly Community House is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization charged with the mission of offering cultural, educational and recreational opportunities to individuals and families in the region. Founded on a tradition of responsible citizenship and civic philanthropy, the Waverly Community House has served the community for almost a century and remains robust and relevant. Its commitment to the arts was marked in 1964 by Captain Peter Belin who established an arts scholarship in memory of his father, F. Lammot Belin, patron of the arts and United States diplomat. The Memorial Fund, as it was called, was established to provide financial assistance to worthy candidates with regional roots and to establish the Waverly Community House as a center for arts education and outreach. The Memorial Fund has turned to the next 50 years with the goal of expanding its reach to “build community through the arts” - The NEPA Film Festival is an expression of that outreach.


Located in the beautiful hills of Northeast Pennsylvania, the Festivals growing reputation is built on a commitment to offer the region access to new and independently produced films by a wide range of emerging and established filmmakers and to offer a platform to to show their film in furtherance of the mission to “build community through the arts.” The theme of the festival is “Renewal and Reinvention.” The Festival is also uniquely positioned to promote a burgeoning group of regional filmmakers, many of whom are invested in the growth and success of the Festival. All submissions will be screened prior to public viewing for artistic and technical merit.

THE FESTIVAL WILL FEATURE GUESTS Robert May, acclaimed filmmaker, writer and producer ( The Station Agent, Stevie, Oscar winning documentary Fog of War) Lisa Marie Stetler, Producer Academy Award nominated "The Story of Ferdinand," Charles Brandt, Author of "I Heard You Paint House" in production as "The Irishman with Direcor Martin Scorcese and the Documentary Film "The Pretender" directed by Jim Toscano.

The NEPA FIlm Festival welcomes the public for viewing multiple films in multiple venues. Festival guests will have the unique opportunity to screen a variety of unique, original films written, produced and directed by independent and emerging filmmakers from around the world as well as this corner of Northeast Pennsylvania. Guestswill also have unique access to a variety of related workshops and panel discussions that will be in session over the weekend, including workshops in screenwriting and editing.

The Film Festival will be anchored at the historic Waverly Community House, 1115 North Abington Road, Waverly, Pa with screenings in downtown Scranton at The Ritz Theater Saturday March 23, 2019 and the PNC Theater at the University of Scranton on Sunday, March 24th. The downtown area, home to NEPA Jazz Festival as well as several colleges, offers an eclectic selection of fine dining and casual pub venues. An Opening Night party will be held at the Waverly Community House on Friday March 22 in the evening. The Festival was pleased to premier "At the Drive In," directed by Alexander Monelli during the 2016 Opening.


Ben Payavis; Ben Payavis; Ben Payavis (Filmmaker); Ben Payavis (Filmmaker); Kathy Wright; Leslie Peters; Maria Wilson (Executive Director); Maria Wilson (Executive Director); Maria Wilson (Executive Director); Marisa Giovagnoli (Producer); Marisa Giovagnoli (Producer); Neil Prisco; Wendy Wilson (Project Coordinator)


Filmmakers are responsible for submitting DVD or Blu-ray disks that have been pre-tested for imperfections. If a disk freezes or doesn't launch in judges' machines, the Festival reserves the right to reject the submission on such grounds alone. Disks handed to event managers at the venue will not be screened.

The Festival does not offer fee waivers, discounts, invitations to become an Official Selection, or any other form of preferential treatment that Festival directors feel would be out of step with the Festival's mission of providing a level playing field for all filmmakers. Filmmakers seeking a waiver because the required fee is beyond their current budget are advised to wait until the next Early Submissions period, find a sponsor and/or earn the fee through an additional source of income. The Festival's organizers do not respond to pitches for individual projects, and filmmakers writing the Festival with requests or demands for other forms of preferential treatment will typically not receive a response. Submission fees are non-refundable. Advance ticket purchases for all Festival events are subject to the following Event Refund and Cancellation Policy:

The Festival reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel any event due to storm, power outage, flood, war, civil unrest, fire, earthquake or any other circumstance deemed beyond the Festival's control. If an event is cancelled and the Festival is unable to re-schedule it, advance tickets are refunded. If the event can be re-scheduled, the Festival will offer replacement tickets to that event and, if the advance ticket holder is unable to attend at the new date and time, a refund of the face value of the ticket will be given.

Our policy is to suspend all movie screenings during severe storms and power outages until electrical power is stable and restored in order to protect projection and audio equipment from potentially permanent damage. If an event is suspended during a show, the Festival will, at its sole discretion, resume the show after a delay, cancel the event, or re-schedule it. If the show resumes after a delay, no refunds are given. If the event is re-scheduled, replacement tickets will be offered to the audience and, if a ticket holder is unable to attend the replacement event, a refund will be given electronically or by check. If the event is cancelled entirely, each audience member is entitled to a refund. In the event of a cash ticket purchase at the door, the ticket holder must have left his or her name with a Festival organizer at the event as proof of purchase.



By clicking on Agree, below, the undersigned (“Filmmaker”) hereby irrevocably offers to Belin Film Festival (“Festival”) the right to screen the film, TV pilot, music video or webisode submitted herewith (“Film”) at the Festival at times to be determined by the Festival in its sole discretion. Filmmaker understands and agrees that once Festival accepts Filmmaker’s offer by selecting the Film for the Festival, Filmmaker shall have no right to remove the Film from the Festival, but Filmmaker shall not be barred from submitting or screening the Film at any other film festival or event outside a 10 mile radius of Waverly, Pennsylvania. If Festival selects the Film for the Festival, Festival shall have the irrevocable right, but not the obligation, to screen the film at the 2016 Belin Film Festival, in Festival’s sole discretion.

If the Film is revised or re-edited between the date of submission and the date of screening, Festival shall have the right to choose which version of the Film to screen, in Festival’s sole discretion.

Festival reserves the right to revoke selection of the Film for screening if Festival determines, in its sole discretion, it has good cause to do so; one example of good cause as used herein is unprofessional behavior by Filmmaker or Filmmaker’s representative(s). Even if Festival revokes selection of the Film for cause, the terms of this Agreement shall remain binding and in force.

Filmmaker irrevocably grants Festival the right to use, for promotional purposes, an excerpt from the Film if it is selected for screening at the Festival.

The undersigned individual or corporation submitting the Film (referred to as “Filmmaker” herein) hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit the film for screening and to accept the terms of this Submission Agreement as Filmmaker or Filmmaker’s authorized representative; that it understands and accepts the terms of this Submission Agreement; and that all information it has provided on the WithoutABox® submission form is accurate and may be used by Festival for promotional purposes.

Filmmaker shall indemnify and hold BelinFilm Festival harmless from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim in connection with the Film involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and/or loss of or damage to the screening videos submitted. In particular, Filmmaker expressly warrants it has obtained all necessary copyright clearances for original works of authorship used in the Film.

If the Film is selected as an official film of the Festival and is not removed from the Festival for cause, Filmmaker shall have the right to promote the Film as an Official Selection of the Belin Film Festival in perpetuity. Any award and nomination granted to Filmmaker may be promoted in perpetuity. Festival will pay Filmmaker no additional compensation nor be liable to Filmmaker under any circumstances.