20th Annual

Arpa International Film Festival

December 31, 2017 to December 31, 2017

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2919 Maxwell Street
Los Angeles CA 90027
Phone: 323-663-1882
Fax: 323-663-1882

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Feature Film
The Arpa "Feature Film" category utilizes the unique power of film to express creativity and expression. Especially when examining all worldwide and international issues relating to diaspora, exile, and multiculturalism.
Short Film
The short film competition integrates Arpa's artistic and cultural ideals with a short film's succinctly powerful, dramatic and innovative format.
An Arpa documentary informs the viewer of important and interesting stories and information surrounded by beautiful imagery and creative editing techniques.
Music Video
Arpa Music Video category supports the growing number of music video directors working in film and video today.


We place a strong emphasis on filmmakers’ unique artistic vision, cultural diversity and social understanding. We make sure to provide the public with unique stories of the human spirit with themes of our rapidly changing universe. Whether it be through features, documentaries, shorts, or music videos, the possibilities are endless in discovering the many avenues these gifted filmmakers take on the playing field of independent cinema. We encourage the public to celebrate their work, their insight and inner creativity.


For the last 19 years Arpa International Film Festival continues to promote independent filmmakers, cultivating cultural understanding and global empathy in the heart of Hollywood. Through the generous support of our donors and sponsors, our yearly film festival event inspires people of all backgrounds and creates opportunities for creative expression. Our dedicated production team is committed to make a difference in fueling the global arena of independent cinema every year.

Our Lifetime Achievement Award went to Isai Morales and our Rising Star Award was conferred to David Dastmalchian.

We thank you for your interest and invite you to submit your film to the Arpa International Film Festival.

-The Arpa International Film Festival Team


Gregor Zupanc (Director of Programming); Maral Kazazian (Marketing); Michael Aloyan (Programmer); Michael Ashjian (Festival Director); Michael Ashjian (Festival Director); Michael Ashjian (Festival Director); Michael Ashjian (Festival Director); Minji Kang (Programmer); Sharon Swainson (Director of Development and Communications); Taylor Gianotas (Programmer); Vanja Srdic (Creative & Technical Director, Film Traffic Manager); Vanja Srdic (Creative & Technical Director, Film Traffic Manager)


Information not provided.


1. Arpa International Film Festival accepts films from all countries and in all languages worldwide.

2. If not in English, the film submission must have English subtitles.

3. It is preferred that film has not been gone through formal distribution channels.

4. Please make sure to include your Withoutabox tracking number with your submission.

5. Once your submission has been accepted, you will need to provide:

- basic production info (director, screenwriter, producer, cast),
- synopsis,
- high-res still images (1024 x 768 px minimum),
- official trailer open for public viewing (YouTube or Vimeo link only),
- film screening copy (DCP file on USB stick or BluRay disc preferred)

6. Arpa International Film Festival is not responsible for any inbound or outbound shipping of film screening copies. Film supplier is responsible for the costs of shipment to and from the Festival. To avoid additional shipping costs, we strongly advise you to let Arpa International Film Festival keep your screening copy (usb sticks/bluray discs are cheaper than shipping, especially for international filmmakers). If you would still like to have your DCP/BluRay copy back, please provide us with your shipping account info (FedEx, USPS or UPS number). Otherwise, you are always welcome to pick up your screening copy during the Festival at the Egyptian Theatre (October 28-30, 2016) in Hollywood.

7. Arpa International Film Festival reserves the right to retain a copy of the film for use with the festival and all other promotional events affiliated with the festival.

8. Arpa International Film Festival cannot be held liable for print/video materials, which may be lost or damaged.