7th Annual

Art Film Festival

May 12, 2018 to May 13, 2018

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2354 Avenue Du Grand Defends
Boulouris Saint Raphaël 83700
Phone: 0663085598

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AVIFF 2018
Festival of Artists’ Films
*Conditions: Only films never before shown in France are retained


This Festival is dedicated to artists films by international first

Designed in 2008 as a contemporary art fair or all Art-galleries were only obliged to submit the works of Artists in visual art, "Art show Cannes" becomes the "AVIFF-Art Film Festival" in 2010 with an initial selection of Artists'films assigned to Camillo Racana, "curator" for a "carte blanche" in Marrakesh in 2010, during the 10th edition of the film festival in December and in 2011 in Cannes during the 64 edition of the film festival in May.

The "AVIFF-Art Film Festival" Cannes has since become one of the preferred places of promoting contemporary art in the field of Artists' films associated with an emerging art market.

Artists such as Tracey Moffatt, Motomichi Nakamura, Rouzbeh Rashidi, Pacôme Thiellement & Thomas Bertay, André Senra, the Villemin brothers, Osorio Suarez, David Kagan, Majid Ma'soomi Rad, Shahar Marcus, Pascale Lafay, Lerato Shadi, Christy Walsh and recently Cayetana Vidal, David Law, Juan Carlos Zaldivar, Mahmood Nouraie , Simon Poole Andersson, Ines von Bonhorst, Hiresh Kheirabadi, Thomas Dorman § Ronnie Belcher, Yang Zhenzhong...........have presented their art-video films in the AVIFF official selection at Cannes since 2011.


De definition of the cinema

The films we’re going to talk about can’t be easily defined. They’re unique because they don’t correspond to any definitions the reviews would like to use. In fact, you recognize these films when you watch them but it’s not possible “à priori” to determine their meaning or the “genre” they belong to.

Of course films on art and artists exist and they’re often precious documents to understand the works, their story or their philosophy; but there are also many other films which are works of art, different from what you can see on screens ( at the cinema or on TV ), short films documentaries, cartoon films, video clips and so on..
As you can understand, it’s easier to say what these films are not rather than what they are exactly.

In that case, the viewer will “travel” between contemporary art and the cinema, documentaries and fiction, experimental cinema and artistic videos. He will feel like escaping normative classifications.
As Harold Rosenberg wrote*: if everything an artist does is art and if everything can be art, then the definition of art becomes uncertain. The work of art can’t be linked to any genre in particular.
Isn’t it the same situation for the cinema, in our digital era when the differences between cinema and video, professionals and amateurs tend to disappear.

However let’s find out clues among almost 2000 films, from all over the world which can been seen on video platforms installed this year by the organizer of the 2015 Art Film Festival in Cannes. You’ll find many narrative short stories, cartoon films, documentaries, but also a few “electron libres” playing with the viewer’s hypnotic feeling ( difficult to feel on a small screen as it requires immersion means ), video performances ( not many but very important in contemporary art ), a few remarkable artistic documentaries plus queer fiction parodies sometimes even difficult to classify as such.

Because of their singularity the Jury has eventually selected 27 films participating in a de definition of the cinema

But everyone knows that a festival selection is like a signal for future candidates. That’s why we really hope that artists and film makers will join this festival ( for example advanced students from European schools of art and universities )

But this year’s jury has decided to do even more by risking to present fifteen films off competition, to show what would be in his point of view another cinema ( Raymond Bellour )

The future will tell us if we were right to think so.

For a few years we’ve known that there’s now a new paradigm like a creative promise positioned between contemporary art one the one hand and cinemas on the other hand.

Richard Conte
President of the Jury & of the selection committee - AVIFF Cannes

* Harold Rosenberg, 'La de-definition de l’art, Jacqueline Chambon, 1992 ED


christian pouligo (Festival Registrar); christian pouligo (Festival Registrar); christian pouligo (Festival Registrar)


Cannes, France
Saturday 12 & Sunday 13
May 2018

Venue: ‘Auditorium’ Eden Hotel
133 rue d’Antibes Cannes

2 days on May and a night, AVIFF “Art Film Festival” presents in Cannes for its first showing in France, a new selection of Artists’ Films during the Film Festival of Cannes.

Please read and sign the following conditions before filling in the registration form.

1. Registration fee for AVIFF: 20€ / film

2. Artists are welcome to submit more than one work.
Only creative works will be considered.
Only works never previously presented in France will be accepted.

3. In order to achieve a preset, the video will be sent online to the organizer on specific internet platforms which will be linked on the page AVIFF Programme 2018

Each sending must be labelled with the following information:
Title, director’s full name, running time, B&W or colour, soundtrack, subtitles.
If possible the video will have a French subtitle version Post mailings will not be considered, unless otherwise agreed and subject to conditions.

4. Each work will be attached to one entry per shared folder with the following files, written in French and English where necessary:
• The registration form completed in block capitals, and marked by hand “read and approved” above the signature • A summary of the artist’s career • A brief curriculum vitae along with a full list of works, awards and exhibitions

5. The selection of works sent is made by vote of the selection committee of the AVIFF composed of five independent members, including a chairman. This committee is renewed each year and is also AVIFF jury for the Price Aviff Art Film Festival.

The final selection will be published online on mid-February

SCREENINGS § SUBMISSION OF MEDIA AFTER NOTICE OF SELECTION When the selection of a film has been confirmed, artists, or their agent, should send, within 10 days at the latest following the announcement of his selection:

a DVD and a certificate of authenticity handwritten by normal post for the AVIFF collection at the company Art & Shine

- a downloaded link for the file, formats HD, of his work and a trailer of 1mn of his work for the promotion and communication of AVIFF.
The Artist will also provide a Still photo of his work Jpeg 300 dpi and numeric copy of the certificate of authenticity

6. The screenings will be on screen (s) The screenings will be held daily on a schedule defined by the number of selected films and their duration The entrance is by invitation only

7. The organizer reserves the right to edit:
-An AVIFF catalogue. Each page will feature an artist, an overview of his/her background, a brief CV, a summary of each work and an image of each submitted video.
-A numbered, limited issue DVD case collector, with all or part of the works selected by AVIFF. This Collector’s edition, limited to 100 numbered copies, will be offered for promotional purpose.


8. Artists agree to waive their right to royalties for the duration of the festival.
Excerpts of selected videos may be used for any promotional purposes (catalogue, programme, invitation, written press, internet, TV).

9. All selected works may be used for promotional purposes in cultural events in France or abroad. The works will not be used for commercial purposes.

10. All selected works may be used for promotional purposes in festivals and events in France and abroad.

11. All selected work will enter the permanent collection of the AVIFF.

12. All rights on videos remain the property of the author. The author asserts, in its sole and complete the full right of use of the materials that make up the work: images, sounds, and videos. The author engages his sole liability for any violation of copyright laws

14. The artist deed of gift to AVIFF collection the original copy of his/her work(s) selected, and its DVD. The deed of gift not behind in any way a transfer of right, but certify exclusively the willingness of the author to donate a copy of his/her works to the AVIFF.