5th Annual

Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase

July 19, 2018 to July 22, 2018

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PO Box 331142
Fort Worth TX 76163
Phone: 817-929-1362

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U.S. Feature (Non Texas)
Film Produced in any U.S. state or territory other than Texas.
Greater than sixty minutes in length.
U.S. Short (Non Texas)
Narrative, Documentary, or animated film.
Film Produced in any U.S. state or territory other than Texas.
Between six and thirty minutes in length.
U.S. Music Video (Non Texas)
A short film accompanied by and descriptive of a single song.
U.S. Micro Short (Non Texas)
Any film with a total run time of 6 minutes or less.
Produced/Short in any U.S. state or territory other than Texas.
U.S. Featurette (Non-Texas)
Produced/Short in any U.S. state or territory other than Texas
Must be between thirty and sixty minutes in length.
International Feature
Film Produced in any country other then the United States
Greater than sixty minutes in length.
International Featurette
Produced/Shot in any country other than the United States.
Must be between thirty and sixty (30-60) minutes in length.
International Short
Produced/Shot in any country other than the United States.
Must be between six and thirty (6 - 30) minutes in length.
International Micro-Short
Any film with a total run time of 6 minutes or less.
Produced/Short in any country other than the United States.
International Music Video
A short film accompanied by and descriptive of a single song. Produced in any country other than the United Statues
Texas Feature
Films made in Texas are considered "Domestic" films for the purposes of FWIFS. Feature films that are not native to Texas should submit under the "Feature" category.
Any film, (narrative, documentary, animated etc.) with a total runtime of sixty (60) minutes or more. Premiere status does not matter. The film may have distribution.* Currently, there are no restrictions or production/completion date. The film must not have previously played at the FWIFS. Films that were submitted but did not play, are eligible for submission. *The filmmaker assumes responsibility for compliance to the distribution contract.

Texas Featurette
Texas Films between thirty and sixty (30-60) minutes.
Texas Short
Texas Films - between 6 and twenty nine (29) minutes.
Texas MicroShort
Produced/Shot in Texas - Six minutes or Less.
Texas Music Video
Music Video Produced/Short in Texas


The Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase goals are to promote collaboration among filmmakers; and to call attention to the quality work produced within the independent film movement. For our part, we provide a platform for filmmakers to showcase and share their work. Attendees have the opportunity to participate in multiple panels scheduled throughout the festival. Aside from the formal screening and panel schedule, there are constant networking opportunities. We love seeing directors, actors, writers, and tech people make new connections. We also look for people whose skills we think might be complementary, and make the introductions.
In short, we seek to be a festival where filmmakers receive encouragement. We're working to be a festival where more experienced artists can give guidance and ideas to newer artists. At FWIFS, we believe that we are stronger when we work together.


Based in Fort Worth Texas, known as the city "where the west begins." The Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase was created by filmmakers, for filmmakers. We focus on creating an experience that is both fun and educational. We present live screenings with Q & A sessions for attending filmmakers. We schedule panels that include attending filmmakers. The panel topics vary each year, based on the expertise of the attendees.
Films will be screened in the heart of Downtown Fort Worth, within the area known as Sundance Square. Yes, it is named after the Sundance Kid, who along with Butch Cassidy was a frequent visitor to Fort Worth. You may also have a chance to visit the Stockyards, where they have a live cattle drive twice a day. Literally, an actual herd of cows going down the street guided by real cowboys on horses. There are also many other places to socialize, eat, shop, and play during your down time.
On the final day of the festival, we hold the awards ceremony to celebrate the "best" in each category.
Our hope is that when you attend FWIFS, you will make new friends, see some great movies, and have some awesome Texas food. Who knows, maybe you'll meet that key person who is willing to help you complete your next project.

We look forward to meeting you.


BB Lopez (Director); William Hass (Festival Registrar)


See Terms and Conditions.


Films must be submitted via Withoutabox, via high resolution download, or online screener accepted by Withoutabox.
The submission fee will be required for all films submitted.

If paying by Money Order, please make it payable to:
Brooks Chapel Productions LLC.

Officially selected films must be submitted on DVD (NTSC), Blu-Ray, or digital format (MP4).
Films must be available for screening during the advertised dates of the Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase.
Entrant confirms and warrants required legal authority to submit the entry into the Festival and to use all music, images, and content in the entry.
(This means that you either own or have permission to use everything in the film.)
All entries must be either in English or subtitled in English.
Foreign language films without English subtitles will not be screened.
Only complete entries (including entry form, payment, and screeners) will be considered.
Please complete your submission via Withoutabox.
Please double check your information prior to submission.
The FWIFS is not responsible for incorrect wording in publications, promotions, or awards if the entry form is incorrect or illegible.
We will consider works in progress. However, the final screening copies must be received no later than two weeks before the showcase.
If the running time of the final screening copy is significantly different than the review copy (such that it will not fit in the originally assigned time slot), the FWIFS reserves the right to adjust or change the screening time and date of the film.

The preferred screening method is digital media (mp4).

If you prefer to submit physical media:
Please send two copies of the film on DVD (NTSC) or Blu-Ray, playable on standard commercial Blu-Ray players (not a data disk with a file of the movie).
Please check the disk before sending it.

DO NOT send press kits with your submission.

All submissions will receive one (1) total filmmaker badge to FWIFS regardless of acceptance status.

Accepted submissions will receive two (2) total filmmaker badges to FWIFS. If multiple submissions are accepted, the second and subsequent accepted films will receive one (1) filmmaker badge each.

Accepted films will receive instructions for submitting promotional materials with the acceptance notification.
DO send your synopsis and, if desired, a cover letter introducing you/your film.
DVDs will not be returned via mail. (If you attend the festival and wish to have your disc returned, just ask after the screening. We will be happy to oblige)

When requested please send DVD or Blue Ray to…
Attn: Submissions
P.O. box 331142
Fort Worth TX,76163

Please monitor Withoutabox for the status of your submission.
Email will be the primary means of communications. If you have not received notifications shortly after the final submission deadline passes, check your spam or junk mail folder. If the messages did not route to one of those folders then contact the festival director with an alternate email address.
If you prefer some other means of electronic communications, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your reasonable request.