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Screenplay Contest

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6545 Sahara
Las Vegas NV 89102

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Action / Adventure
Action movies of today include tent-pole summer studio-busters, military movies, disaster movies, grand journeys and other things that go “Bang”!
Comedy is a story that tells about a series of funny or comical events, intended to make the audience laugh, cry, scream, think, and just plain laugh.
Tear-jerkers, family drama and adult themes such as: death, illness, justice and human triumph.
Family Film
Kid-friendly themes including feature-length animation, animal stories, tales of growing up and anything that falls into other genres that is kid focused.
Science Fiction
Space epics, mind-bending futuristic fiction, sword-and-sorcery, superheroes and everything else that can’t be contained in the real world.
Historical Drama
True tales of the distant past such as biopics, classic novel adaptations, true crime, history reenactments and other films that rely on lavish costumes and designs.
Gore covered tales of horror, edgy thrillers of terror and stories of monsters & madmen; this category is for scripts that go for the throat.
Suspense / Thriller
A place for heist thrillers, crime stories, mysteries and political espionage nail-biters.
Original Televisions Scripts & Pilots
Television scripts written as the pilot episode for an original series.
Spec Televisions Scripts & Pilots
A television screenplay based on an existing series.
Stage Play
A script that is performed live, as opposed to on screen.
Short Screenplays
Scripts of any genre that are 70 pages or less.
Treatments 10 pages and under.


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