2nd Annual

Best of the Best

June 04, 2018 to June 22, 2018

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Film Market
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10061 Riverside Dr
Suite 495
Toluca Lake CA 91602
Phone: 9165053684

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Feature Films
Feature Films: From 75 minutes to 300 minutes
Short Films
Short Films: maximum 75 minutes
Feature Screenplays
Screenplays that are 75 pages or longer
Short Screenplays
Screenplays under 75 pages in length


The Annual Best of the Best Competition (BOTB), is looking for the Best of the Best in films and screenplays. The winners in each category receive cash prizes and awards to help promote their amazing work within the industry. You are competing against some of the best in the industry. Now is your time to shine.

This worldwide competition strives to give emerging writers, filmmakers and actors an opportunity to compete based on their talent alone. If you feel that the work you have created is better than anything else out there, then this is the competition for you. Accepting submissions from all over the world, BOTB is open to an amazing array of talent from both established and emerging markets.

We thank you for your support and look forward to your best work!!


This is an exclusive event for a limited number of participants who are serious about moving forward with projects. Cash prizes are awarded to the winners.

Discussion topics at the screenings include how actors can make contact to directors and producers of indie films when they’re available and ready to work. Directors attending will include filmmakers who have active projects they want to move forward with. Producers attending will include representatives who are actively searching for key projects to invest in. Representatives from Fernleif Productions will also be in attendance looking to expand their portfolio of projects including films and talent for not only short films investment, but for additional talent for creating content for electronic games and applications.

Actors – here’s your chance to make direct contact with directors about how to connect with them when it comes to indie films casting, performance, marketing or anything else.

Directors - here’s an opportunity to discover and network with LA’s wealth of acting talent.

Producers – here’s an opportunity to discover new opportunities and get in on projects on the ground floor.


Douglas Neff (Director)


1. Submissions must not have been previously optioned or purchased.
2. Submissions must be in English.
3. Submissions can be in any genre.
4. Submissions must be appropriate length for category entered.
5. Submissions must be formatted by industry standards.
6. All check payments must be payable in U.S. dollars to “Fernleif Productions” and drawn from U.S. banks. U.S. Money Orders are also accepted.
7. Any check returned to us for non-payment will be subject to a $15 service fee.
8. To enter the BIB Competition you must agree to its Terms and Conditions.
9. Film and Screenplay selection for the Festival will be made by the Festival Committee. All decisions are final.

1. Please provide only one primary contact on your application form.
2. Title page should include Name, Address, Phone Number, email, WGA registration (if registered) and genre/type of submission.
3. In the event of multiple owners, any award will be divided equally among owners.
4. If you are sending your entry by mail and would like delivery confirmation, please include a self-addressed stamped postcard with your submission package.
5. BIB is not responsible for submission that are stolen or lost in transit.


To protect your intellectual property we suggest you register your work with the Writers Guild of America, west (www.wga.org or call 323 782 4500) and the US Patent and Trademark Office.


Please read the following terms and conditions in connection with your screenplay entry to the Fernleif Productions Best of the Best Competition (BOTB).

In consideration of Fernleif Productions, Inc. (Company) examining said material, I hereby represent, warrant, acknowledge and agree as follows:

1. I am either the author or owner of all rights to said material or the duly authorized agent of the lawful owner of said material and I have full power and authority to submit said material to Company on the terms and conditions hereof, each and all of which shall be binding not only to me, but on any and all persons for whom I am acting. This agreement shall inure to Company's benefit and to the benefit of Company's parent, subsidiary and affiliated corporations and their, and each of their, officers, employees and agents.

2. Said material has been, and is hereby, submitted with the understanding that Company will not use the same or any part there of unless either:

(a) Company shall hereafter enter into a written agreement with the lawful owner of the material or rights involved for the acquisition of rights therein; it being understood that in no event shall any agreement be implied in fact or in law; and that Company shall not become obligated to pay anything to me or any other person, firm or corporation in the absence of such written agreement executed by Company; or
(b) Company shall determine in good faith if Company has the right to use all or any part of the material without obtaining clearance, either because the material so used is not new or novel, or is in the public domain, or is otherwise not legally protected or subject to protection, or was not reduced to tangible form, or was obtained by Company from other sources, including Company's own employees, or which a third person would be free to use if the material had not been submitted to him, or for any other reason.

3. It is understood and acknowledged that submission of said material is not being made in confidence.

4. Should Company proceed under 2 (b) above, and should I dispute Company's right to do so, I undertake the burden of proof of originality, access, copying and all other elements necessary to establish Company's liability, and agree that my submission of said material shall not give rise to a presumption or inference of copying or taking, or a presumption or inference that anyone, other than the particular individual to whom such material is delivered by me, had access to the material or examined the same.

5. Should I bring any action against Company for wrongful appropriation of said material or any part thereof, such action shall be limited to an action at law for damages, which shall in no event, under any theory, exceed the fair market value of the material on the date hereof, and I specifically waive statutory damages and attorneys' fees under Sections 504 and 505 of Title 17 of the U.S. Code, 1976, and agree that I shall in no event seek or be entitled to an injunction or any other equitable relief. Should I be unsuccessful in any such action, I assume and agree to pay, upon demand, all costs and expenses entailed in defending or contesting such action, including all court costs, costs of discovery and depositions, attorneys' fees, and the fees or charges of any experts engaged by Company to ascertain originality, public domain status; or any other facts or factors deemed necessary or advisable by Company in the defense of such action. As a condition precedent to any such action, I will give Company written notice of my contention that Company has no rights to proceed under 2(b) above, stating the particulars in complete detail; and any such action shall be and is hereby, waived and barred unless filled within six (6) months after Company's first public release or use of the material, or thirty (30) days after Company notifies me in writing that Company denies liability to me, whichever is earlier. I agree that the courts in Los Angeles, California, shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any such action.

6. I acknowledge and agree that there are no prior or contemporaneous oral agreements between Company and me pertaining to said material. I further acknowledge that no oral representations of any kind have been made to me and that this Agreement states our entire understanding regarding the subject matter hereof.

7. Company may, but shall not be obligated to, return my material to me, and shall not be liable in any way if it is lost, misplaced, stolen or destroyed.

8. Either party to this agreement may assign or license its or their rights hereunder, but such assignment or license shall not relieve any party of its or their obligations hereunder. This agreement shall inure to the benefits of the parties hereto and their heirs, successors, representatives, assigns and licensees, and any such hair successor, representative, assign or licensee shall be deemed a third party beneficiary under this agreement.

9. Should any provision or part of any provision be void or unenforceable, such provision or part thereof shall be deemed omitted, and this agreement with such provision or part thereof omitted shall remain in full force an effect. This agreement shall at all times be construed so as to carry out the purpose stated herein.

10. I acknowledge that Fernleif Productions, Inc. has advised me to seek the advice of independent legal counsel regarding this agreement.

11. I have read through and agree to the Fernleif Productions, Inc. Best of the Best Competition Entry Procedure, Rules, Guidelines, and all Terms and Conditions.