2nd Annual

Tell Tale Film Festival

December 20, 2017 to December 20, 2017

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PO Box 2026
Jersey City NJ 07302
Phone: 2015915160

OPEN CALL FOR ENTRIES • Select a Category of Entry to continue.

Narrative Short Film
Short Film. Keep it short. Character driven films. Under 5 minutes.
Documentary Short Film
Documentary Film. Under 5 minutes.
Music Video
Music Video. Under 5 minutes.
Movie Trailer
Movie Trailer. Under 5 minutes.
Web Series
Web Series or Webisode. 1 episode. Under 5 minutes.


Tell Tale Film Festival Film and Screenplay Competition gives winning Screenwriters the opportunity to have their written work table read by professional actors and filmed; and filmmakers a fun festival atmosphere, showcasing quality independent films, focusing on the art of short storytelling.

We also offer networking opportunities in a relaxed setting with like minded film professionals. The festival is hosted in Jersey City New Jersey; with Q&A sessions following the film blocks and an after party following the screenings, that includes networking for actors, screenwriters and filmmakers..

The winning screenplay has their filmed table read screened at a film festival to an audience. This allows for a great opportunity to network with active filmmakers and gauge audience reaction. The top 3 screenplays will get a filmed table read and be posted online, so that the screenwriter can utilize this for promotion.

Submit your short film, documentary, music video, trailer, or web series, 5 minutes or less. The selected films will screen at the festival.


How the Competition Works. Submit a short screenplay up to 5 pages. If your screenplay is greater than 5 pages, submit either a scene or section up to 5 pages. If part of a larger work, you can include a cover page giving a description of what took place beforehand (background information on the script/story). The top 3 winning screenplays will be table read by professional actors and recorded. These table reads will be posted online by us and sent to the screenwriter so they can post and promote as well. The top winner, will have their recorded table read screened at a film festival in Jersey City, NJ.

Our film competition tests how well filmmakers can tell a strong concise story in 5 minutes or less.

The festival will help the screenwriter can gauge audience reaction as well as network with filmmakers and actors. The screenings will be followed by an after party where screenwriters, filmmakers and actors can network.


L Rosen (Festival Registrar); L Rosen (Festival Registrar)



1. TTFF competition is open to the United States and International entries.
2. Screenplays must be in pdf, rtf, or txt format. Any other format might be disqualified (without refund).
3. Foreign language entries must have English translation.
4. Entries must have been completed in the past 5 years.
5. Applicants may submit as many entries as they wish, as long as each entry has a separate entry form and fee.
6. Entries must include contact information, with both an email address and phone number if possible.
7. For physical materials submitted, please submit in sturdy containers and/or bubble wrap to avoid damage. No fiber filled envelopes. Materials will not be returned to the submitters.
8. TTFF has the right to screen any film or projects submitted to the TTFF.
9. Award Certificates can be picked up in person at the festival.
10. All decisions made by the festival and/or judges are final and at their discretion.
11. If you are a top 3 winner, you acknowledge our right to post and broadcast the recorded table read. And hold TTFF and its representatives harmless of any claim arising from posting of said table read.
12. In the case of the screenplay 5-page competition, the winner will have their recorded table read screened at a film festival at TTFF’s discretion. The likely festival will take place in Jersey City, NJ. Our posted date is an estimate only and subject to change. If screening there is not available (due to festival arrangement), TTFF will make other arrangements if possible.

Submission fees are non-refundable outside of submissions that have purchased submission protection through Withoutabox.


By submitting, you acknowledge you have the rights to submit the project. If you are among the top 3 winners, you hold TTFF and its staff and assignees harmless from any damage arising by recording and posting the video recorded table read.