2nd Annual

Point Lookout Film Festival

April 24, 2019 to April 24, 2019

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Film Market
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57 Lido Boulevard
Point Lookout NY 11569
Phone: 732-299-5945

DECISIONS ALREADY MADE • This event has already made decisions and notified submitters for the current cycle. Submissions are no longer being accepted.

Short Films 1-30 minutes
Any type of short film ranging from 1 minute to 30 minutes max length.
short scripts 1-30 pages
Any short film script from 1 page to 30 pages in length


To express filmmakers visions in short form as well as celebrate the creation of something that may grow into something greater.


We have been doing other film festivals in many years in NJ. We now have the great opportunity to expand to another fest in the Long Island area of NY now we are in season 2. This short film festival will celebrate the local talents as well as filmmakers from all over the world. We are starting small but hope to grow after our first season. This pub in Point Lookout is a great place to meet people and screen your work. We look forward to growing and continue to have festivals at this venue in the future. Chris Cullen, Steve Rogers and Larry Rosen got together and are the directors of this new festival. Short films of any kind ranging from 1 minute to 30 minutes in length. There will be nominated short films and prizes as well for different categories.
Be a part of our 2nd year now and submit your films.


Steve Rogers


We will be taking films with the length of 1 minute to 30 minutes. We will take any type of short film just make sure you submit your film online here through film freeway. POINT LOOKOUT FILM FESTIVAL RULES AND REGULATIONS

1. Point Lookout Film Festival competition categories are open to the United States and International entries.
2. All entries must submit preview screeners via online private link or a password protected link. Any other method must receive prior approval from the festival.
3. Foreign language entries must have English language subtitles.
4. Entries must have been completed in the past 5 years.
5. Applicants may submit as many entries as they wish, as long as each entry has a separate entry form and fee.


6. Point Lookout Film Festival has the right to screen any film or projects submitted to the Point Lookout Film Festival without paying screening fees.
7. In order to receive an award trophy, the project's producer or director must be present.
8. If officially selected, it is the responsibility of the submitter to send the festival their film for digital download.
9. All decisions made by the festival are final and at their discretion.
10. Submission fees are non-refundable.