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20-Apr-2014 4:37pm PDT  


Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

17 Annual April 03, 2014 to April 06, 2014

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320 Blackwell Street, Suite 101
Durham NC 27701
Phone: 919.687.4100

CLOSED FOR THE SEASON • Information may be outdated. Add this event to your Watch List and set a Remind-Me if you want to be notified when the next Call For Entries is posted.

Documentary: Feature Length
Films that are 41 minutes to 180 minutes.
Documentary: Short Form
Films 1 minute to 40 minutes.

Each spring Full Frame welcomes filmmakers and film lovers from around the world to historic downtown Durham, North Carolina for a four-day, morning to midnight array of over 100 films as well as discussions, panels, and southern hospitality. Set within a four-block radius, the intimate festival landscape fosters community and conversation between filmmakers, film professionals and the public.

The festival is a program of the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University (a non-profit, 501 c 3). For more information about the festival, please visit
Lani Simeona (Artist and Communications Manager) ; Sadie Tillery (Director of Programming)



DATE OF COMPLETION: Films completed after January 1, 2012 are eligible for Full Frame 2014.

LENGTH: Shorts (1 - 40 minutes) and Features (41 - 180 minutes).

LANGUAGE: DVD preview screeners and exhibition prints must either be in English or have English subtitles.

RIGHTS & CLEARANCES: Full Frame expects all filmmakers to secure music and talent rights to their films for festival exhibition. It is the sole responsibility of the entity submitting the project to secure permission from the copyright holder of the material in question. Full Frame will not be held responsible for any inclusion of uncleared copyrighted materials. In order to submit, you must agree to the Terms of Entry listed at the end of the online application.

PREMIERE REQUIREMENT: Full Frame does not have specific premiere requirements. However, the festival does take previous screenings and broadcasts into consideration when making its official selections, especially when films have already screened in North Carolina.

ROUGH CUTS: Full Frame encourages filmmakers to submit final versions of their films whenever possible. If you submit a rough cut, we CANNOT guarantee that the programmers will be able to review an updated cut. If you are thinking about submitting a rough cut, please contact us to discuss your options:

WORKS-IN-PROGRESS: Full Frame does not exhibit works-in-progress at the festival. Films must be completed by mid-March in order to be screened.

EXHIBITION FORMATS: Full Frame will only screen the following exhibition formats at the festival: 35mm, BetaSP, Digibeta or HDCAM.

FESTIVAL NOTIFICATION: Notification will be sent by email to the Primary Contact listed on the entry form no later than March 1, 2014. You are responsible for updating Full Frame directly regarding any change to the Primary Contact information and ensuring that emails from are not blocked by spam filters.


ENTRY FORM: Full Frame partners with the online submission service Withoutabox. All entries must be submitted via

ENTRY FEE & DEADLINES: Submission fees are the same for Shorts and Features.
REGULAR DEADLINE / August 15 - October 15 / $40.
LATE DEADLINE / October 16 – December 6 / $60.

These are SHIPPED BY DEADLINES. Entries postmarked after October 15 will be charged the Late Deadline Fee. Entries postmarked after December 6 may not be considered. FEES are non-refundable.

SUBMISSION FORMAT: Full Frame requires THREE (3) DVD preview screeners in the NTSC (Region 1 or 0) or PAL format. Please include the film title, running time, tracking number, and format (NTSC or PAL) on each disc. If available, paper sleeves are preferred.

PAYMENT: Submission fees can be paid by credit card via Withoutabox or by check. If paying by check, please be sure to include your tracking number on the check.

RETURNS: If you would like your preview screeners returned, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your submission materials. Otherwise, DVD screeners will not be returned.


TERMS OF ENTRY Exhibiting filmmaker (Exhibitor) represents and warrants that: 1. All persons who are featured as interview subjects have given unrestricted permission for use of their images, words, and performances, waiving or assigning to Exhibitor all rights including but not limited to copyrights and moral rights. 2. To the extent any pre-existing material is used in the film that is not original to Exhibitor, except brief clips of video and/or audio material used only to the extent reasonably necessary for purposes of public criticism, commentary and documentary reporting relevant to the thesis of the film, Exhibitor has obtained unrestricted permission from all rights holders for use of the material in the film and for display and performance of the film or any portions thereof in any and all venues and media, including for promotional purposes. 3. To the extent any remaining rights relating to the film are owned by third parties, Exhibitor warrants that Exhibitor has all rights and permissions necessary to permit the showing of the film at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival (a program of the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University referred to hereinafter as “Full Frame”) and any other events sponsored by Full Frame at which Exhibitor agrees or has agreed the film may be exhibited, and for use of excerpts or portions thereof in any and all venues and media, including for promotional purposes. 4. All materials submitted to Full Frame are otherwise the original work of Exhibitor (and its employees, if any), and not of any third party, except as identified below. 5. Exhibitor has good and marketable title to the entire submitted work, except as identified below: Exceptions: NONE Exhibitor shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Full Frame from any and all liability, loss, costs, damage, judgment, or expense (including reasonable attorneys fees) resulting from or arising in any way out of any such claims by any third parties which are based upon, or are the result of any breach of the warranties in this section. 6. The submitted work, if accepted to screen at Full Frame, may be used by Full Frame to promote the Festival. Exhibitor grants Full Frame the right to use footage, stills and/or titles, and information from the film for such promotional purposes. 7. Full Frame, upon gaining possession of the film reels or videos, will only accept limited responsibility for the film reels and/or videos. This limited responsibility extends to the time that Full Frame ships the film reels or videos to the return address provided by Exhibitor or its partners. The definition of this limited responsibility includes only a refund of laboratory expenses for making a new print of the reel(s) of film damaged, or the duplication of the videotape. This refund will be calculated according to current US laboratory prices. The limited responsibility does not extend to negatives, positives, or master videotapes. By clicking, “I Agree” below, Exhibitor constitutes his/her full and complete acceptance of the terms hereof and that Exhibitor has read and complies with the 2014 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival Submission Rules and Guidelines and Terms and Conditions.