16th Annual

Boston International Film Festival

April 11, 2019 to April 16, 2019

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PO Box 240023
Dorchester MA 02124
Phone: 617-482-3310

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Indie Spirit/Dramatic Competition Feature
Open to directors of any experience level.
Can not have been financed or produced by a major studio.
No premiere requirement but preferred.
Indie Soul/Short Competition
-This competition is open to directors of any experience level
-can be financed or produced by a major studio.
-no premiers requirement.
Indie Specs/Doc Competition Feature & Short
Open to directors of any experience level.
Projects may not have been financed by a major studio.
Projects with strong social/political oriented material and story line preferred.
Screenplay To Production
The BIFF SPC is designed to help screenwriters produce their own film in partnership with the program. For years many talented screenwriters never have the opportunity to see their stories, vision or ideas transformed into a movie. This program is design to give that opportunity to those
under-represented screenwriters.
Indie Animation
-This competition is open to directors of any experience level
-no premiers requirement.
Indie Experimental
-This competition is open to directors of any experience level
-no premiers requirement.


The Boston International Film Festival was
created to celebrate the art of filmmaking and to honor the filmmakers who make it all possible. This is a festival dedicated to rewarding artists for their individual talents and for their creative expression through the medium of film.

The festival strives to bring together in Boston local, national and international filmmakers by promoting the world's most artistic and creative independent and experimental films.



The festival's goal is to encourage and support the work of worldwide independent filmmakers and to promote their products as an art concept and as a valuable contribution to world understanding.

The occasion of a 5-day festival affords a rare opportunity to promote dialogue between filmmakers and the audience in an intimate setting. The Festival Committee also hopes to provide an international cultural platform for screening feature-length, documentary, short and student works as a lasting institution.



Bill Jackson (Theater Manager); Jennifer Lazea (Marketing Manager); Marie Blaise (Festival Registrar); Patrick Jerome; Patrick Jerome (Festival Director); Patrick Jerome (Festival Director); Patrick Jerome (Festival Director); Patrick Jerome (Festival Director); Scott Neufville (Programming Director); Shamia Hicks (Administrative)


Payment can be made by check or money order in US dollars payable to:
BOSTON INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, or credit card (American Express, Visa, or Master Card)

We are Accepting submissions for feature Narrative and Documentary, short Narrative and Documentary. Shorts will play prior to a feature or in a shorts program. All genres are welcome. The festival programming staff will place your film in the appropriate category.

All Projects:

1) The Indie Spirit Category submissions must have been completed after January 1, 2015. All other categories are open to any completion dates.

2) Can not have been broadcast on television or the Internet in the US prior to the festival.

3) Projects in a foreign language must have English subtitles prior to submission.

Running Times:
Shorts: Less than 45 minutes
Features: 45 minutes or longer

Works in Progress:
Works in Progress are accepted prior to late deadlines only. WP should be clearly marked on the videotape or DVD Work in Progress or Rough Cut and also indicate when exactly the final edited version will be available.


a) No entry shall have been screened commercially or released in video format or available on the internet prior to the Festival dates (exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Festival),

b) The print must be sent in the format so indicated,

c) Entrants must cover the expenses related to transportation of the documentation, DVD and, later, the 35mm or 16mm print, to the Festival (indicate No Commercial Value) and BIFF will cover the expenses related to the return of the film print,

d) Extracts or trailers of the selected film may be broadcast on television and/or radio for promotional purposes only, and

e) All DVD in the possession of the Festival may be available during the Festival only at an exclusive viewing stand for participants.