4th Annual

Audience Choice Film Festival

February 01, 2011 to February 01, 2013

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227 Center Street
Hobart IN 46342
Phone: 219 947 4922

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Comic Shorts
From 1 min to 30 min. must be a comedy.
All other Shorts
Shorts can be fiction, Non Fiction, Documentary Nothing that would be rated harder then R.
Comic Feature
All films over 30 min and must be any style comedy. Should not be rated any harder then R if it were rated.
All other Features
Everything except horror and comedy, enter those films in their correct category. This category is for dramas, action, love stories, coming of age films, and anything else you can think of.
Docmentaries under 40min
Documantries of any length accepted in this category. Documentaries dealing with science, nature, people, places, just about anything you want here. Again if it were to be rated it must be no harder then an R
Sci Fi Feature
Any Feature that is in the Sci-Fi Genre including Fantasy.
Horror Feature
Horror Feature films over 40 min long.
Horror Short
Horror films 40 min or under.


We Know how hard and expensive it is to get a film into a festival. So our objective is to let an audience see as many films as we can handle throughout the year. We are looking at story first. We want to get your film in front of an audience and let them tell you what they think, by way of a review sheet. We are also putting them in front of judges that either teach film, have worked in the industry, or both. We hope the feed back will give you some insight to what the common movie goer thinks of your film. Once you get the review sheets you can use some of the ideas or throw them away.


Every month we will do a weekend of films at our 75 seat studio theatre. We are trying to show a lot of everything that comes in, time permitting submitting does NOT guarantee a screening. We also try to get a screening date that will get you the biggest audience. While we make every effort, through promotions, articles in the paper, e-mailing list, and advertising, to get a large audience for all screenings we have no way of guaranteeing a large turn out. If we have so many films that we can not get them all in we will run films from previous seasons in our current season. We have screeners that will look at all films first to make sure they do meet a certain technical standard and basic entertainment value. If they meet those standards they will be viewed and the audience will get review cards and score your work. The films with the highest score will be featured at the end of the year in a three day film festival held at a local independent movie theatre. All entries will get the results and comments from the review cards.


Melinda Reinhart (Advertising); Mike Reinhart (Filmmaker)


We will show entries at our 75 seat screening room every month for 9 months. The number of days we show films will depend on the number of entries we get and other events in our studio theatre. The Audience will all be given a score sheet and each will grade the film before they leave and hand in the sheets.In addition we will assign 6 judges that have done video and film work in our area. These Judges are used in addition to the audience reviews and also used as tie breakers.

After the 9 month run, the films with the best scores will be presented at a 3 day film festival at a locally owned theatre.In addition all entries that are shown over the 10 month period will be able to get their scores and comments from the audience at the end of the festival.

You will be notified at least three weeks in advance if and when your film will be screened. Our goal is to screen as many films as we can and letting an audience pick the best films. we will preview all films that come in to make sure there is a level of technical competence. What do we mean by this? Well, is the video good enough to be is it projected, is the sound audible. If those things pass we will then let the audience be the judge of your story telling and film making.


You must hold all copyrights for all material sent in. This includes all music and written material. You also granting us permission to show your film in public and use your film title and information in all promotional material.