12th Annual

Dam Short Film Festival

February 10, 2016 to February 13, 2016

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1022 Nevada Highway
Boulder City NV 89005
Phone: 702-509-4326
Fax: 702-293-2164

DECISIONS ALREADY MADE • This event has already made decisions and notified submitters for the current cycle. Submissions are no longer being accepted.

Any live-action short that is not specifically comedy, science-fiction, or horror.
Any short documentary. (Please note, we generally do not select television programs that have been re-purposed as short films.)
Any and all forms of animation.
Student filmmakers are encouraged to enter Student category but are allowed to enter any category that fits their film. Proof of school enrollment is required for any filmmakers paying Student rates. (Please see the category rules for specific details.)
Nevada Filmmaker
Nevada filmmakers are encouraged to enter Nevada Filmmaker category but are allowed to enter any category that fits their film. Proof of Nevada residency is required for any filmmakers paying Nevada rates. To qualify for Nevada Filmmaker category, the film's director must have been a Nevada resident during the film's production. (Please see the category rules for specific details.)
Sci-Fi / Horror
Live-action science-fiction, horror, and fantasy shorts.
Make us laugh with any comedy short.


Believing that short film is a unique and valuable art form, the Dam Short Film Festival aims to seek out original, unusual, and entertaining short films from around the world and make them available to the general public via the annual Dam Short Film Festival.


The 12th Annual Dam Short Film Festival will be held February 10-13, 2016, in beautiful and historic Boulder City, Nevada, and will feature 110+ short films of varied style, subject, and origin.

Submission categories include Drama, Comedy, Documentary, Animation, Sci-Fi/Horror, Student, and Nevada Filmmaker. Films from all years are invited to submit, a rare thing among festivals.

In addition to film screenings, the festival will host a Film Market, where 1000+ films will be available for check out and viewing in a Filmmaker/Press Lounge. All films submitted to the 2016 festival will automatically be included in the market.

The Festival will feature an Awards Screening, Post-Awards Party, Mixer, Meet-n-Greet, and other parties and events.

Boulder City, home of the Hoover Dam, is 30 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip and only four hours from Los Angeles. Screenings will be held at the beautiful and historic 400-seat Boulder Theatre, located in charming downtown Boulder City.

Selected filmmakers will receive access to all screenings, parties and events, the film market, and will receive fine swag and hotel discounts. Eight one-of-a-kind Audience Choice awards created by a local artist will be presented.


Guest Filmmaker; Guest Filmmaker; John LaBonney (Director); Keith Holloman (Board Member); Ken Cioe (Board Member); Lee Lanier (Executive Director); Leslie Paige (Board Member); Michelle LaBonney (Board Member)


1.) The Dam Short Film Festival welcomes short films with any content and in any style, whether it be live-action, documentary, or animation. Entries must have a total runtime of 40 minutes or less. The year of production, however, does not matter.

2.) There will be 7 Award Categories with an Audience Choice Award presented in each. The Award Categories are: Best Drama, Best Documentary, Best Animation, Best Sci-Fi / Horror, Best Comedy, Best Nevada Filmmaker, and Best Student. Audience award-winners will be chosen by audience votes. In addition, there is one Best of the Fest Award, chosen by the audience. In the event of any voting discrepancy, the ruling of the festival organizers shall be final.

3.) The Student category is open to students only. The submitted film must have been created while the film's director or directors were enrolled at a school, college, or university. Proof of enrollment, such a copy of a student I.D., must be included with the submission. If the director is not enrolled at the time of submission, or has graduated, proof of past enrollment must be submitted.

4.) The Nevada Filmmaker category is open to any short that was created while the director or directors were residents of Nevada, or any short in which production primarily took place in Nevada. Proof of residency, such a copy of a driver's license, must be included with the submission.

5.) An online screener, Blu-Ray, or DVD preview copy may be submitted for festival consideration. Entrants may also provide an online link to a submission copy of the film. Selected films, however, must provide one of the following exhibition formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, or digital QuickTime .mov file with H.264 or MPEG4 compression. Exhibition copies must arrive at the festival office by January 31, 2016, so that they may be screened during the festival, February 10-13, 2016. No other formats will be accepted. By submitting to the 2016 Dam Short Film Festival, you agree to abide by these rules. Failure to submit an exhibition copy by January 31, 2016 (if your film is selected) will disqualify your film from all award considerations. Once a film is submitted and selected, it cannot be withdrawn from the festival.

6.) Non-English language films must be subtitled in English, or contain minimal dialog.

7.) Selected films will be notified by email on or close to January 1, 2016.

8.) No submission materials will be returned. Selected films will be responsible for the insured shipping of the exhibition copies to the festival. We encourage you to use Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation when sending via U.S. Mail.

9.) A press kit is not required for submission. Upon selection, filmmakers are encouraged to provide a electronic press kit.

10.) The 2016 Dam Short Film Festival Selection Committee will use a secure online screening system for all submitted films. The screening system will be inaccessible to the general public. Nevertheless, the submitting filmmaker agrees to hold the Dam Short Film Society harmless for any unintended digital distributions of submitted films. In addition, please note that the Society does not share Selection Committee comments or ratings with the public or submitting filmmakers.

11.) The festival organizers may program selected films in any category or programming block deemed appropriate. Organizers also reserve the right to program selected films more than once during the festival.

12.) All submission fees paid by check or money order must be in U.S. funds. Films submitted without the correct payment will be disqualified.

13.) Please keep in mind that the Dam Short Film Festival rarely programs short films that would receive an R or NC-17 rating if shown in a regular theater. (Programs from past years are accessible on the DSFF website.)

14.) By submitting to the 2016 Dam Short Film Festival, submitter gives permission to the Dam Short Film Society to include the submitted film in the Dam Short Film Festival Film Market (where the film may be viewed digitally by attending press, filmmakers, and other VIPs). While the Dam Short Film Festival Film Market maintains a high level of security, the submitting filmmaker agrees to hold the Dam Short Film Society harmless for any unintended digital distributions of submitted films.


I, the undersigned, acknowledge and agree as follows: (1) I have full right to submit this material to you and to comply with this agreement. (2) I will fully reimburse the Dam Short Film Society for any losses, damages, or expenses that may be incurred due to any false or inaccurate statement provided by me (3) I certify that I hold all necessary rights for the submission of my work to the Dam Short Film Festival. (4) I have read the 2016 Festival General Rules and recognize that failure to follow said rules may disqualify my submission or prevent the submitted film from winning an award.