10th Annual

Faux Film Festival

April 04, 2014 to April 06, 2014

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7025 SW Ventura Drive
Tigard, Oregon 97223
PORTLAND - Clinton Street Theater OR 97202

HARD-TO-GET INFO • An event by this name may exist, but we have not been able to find even basic information about it. The listing remains available for your reference.

Under 3 Minutes
Faux films under 3 minutes.
Please see below for what is faux!
3 to 20 Minutes
Faux films between 3 and 20 minutes.
Please see below for what is faux!
20 to 45 Minutes
Faux films between 20 and 45 minutes.
Please see below for what is faux!
Over 45 Minutes
Faux features and shorts over 45 minutes.
Please see below for what is faux!


We poke fun at stuff! Faux trailers, faux commercials, mocumentaries, spoofs, satires, and other faux. Shorts and features, live action and animated, low entry fees. Held at the historic Clinton Street Theater in Portland Oregon. See our web site for details.




Faux Trailer

An advertisement for a movie or TV show that doesn't exist.

Faux Commercial

An advertisement for a product or service that doesn't exist. This includes in-faux-mercials which demonstrate a product that doesn't exist.

Faux Training

A training video for a faux process or product or spoof of training for a real process or product.

Faux Travelogue

A spoof of National Geographic type films or vacation films.

Faux Public Service Announcement

Faux scholastic or government sponsored film warning about the dangers of something or telling us how to think or act. Some of the real PSA's from the 50's are hilarious without even being faux!


A film that pretends to be a documentary but the subject doesn't exist. A classic example of this is "This Is Spinal Tap". It was made in the style of a documentary, but the band does not actually exist.

Parody Music Video

A song based on original music with new lyrics that make fun of either the original song or something else, perhaps even entirely unrelated (example: "Like a Surgeon" by Weird Al). Could also just be a song that makes fun of something - a parody of the topic rather than of an original song.


Basically any film that pokes fun at something.


A film that makes fun of a real film, product, or service. Most faux films are also spoofs. Some are spoofs of an entire category, such as horror films, while others lampoon specific targets. A classic example of a spoof faux trailer is "Hardware Wars". It spoofs Star Wars in the style of a film trailer.


Mike Shkolnik


Submission Copy Format

All submissions must be on DVD or via secure online screener (many options there). We do not accept VHS tapes. Please make sure your DVD plays before sending it to us. If you send a DVD with a bunch of other films, that is ok as long as you stick a note in it with the title to select from the menu. DVDs are not returned.

Projection Copy Format

The festival is totally digital and the projection quality is superb. We can project your submitted DVD, however you may opt to send us a higher quality format. For example a DVDROM or USB flash stick with your original DV or HD file in MP4, AVI, MOV, or WMV format. Flash sticks will be returned if a self-addressed stamped envelope is included.

Faux Restrictions

Festival Theme

All films must be some type of faux film. See the main page for details. Did we miss a faux? Let us know. Don't be one of those silly people that don't read the guidelines and send us a drama. Screening categories are subject to change each year, but we will always have a faux commercial/trailer block, a "moc block" (mocumentaries), and a horror/sci-fi block. We accept all types of faux whether or not we have a special category as there is always a misc shorts block and we make new categories each year as appropriate.

Shooting Format

The original shooting format does not matter. Film, tape, digital, whatever, is fine as long as you can deliver it in a digital format.


Genre does not matter. Live action, animation, sock puppets, stick figures, science fiction, film noir, whatever, it's all good as long as it's faux.

Production Date

There is no restriction on production date. Feel free to submit that faux film you made in 1960.


There is no restriction on length, short or long, but be sure to read the tips on editing!


You must own the rights to any film you submit. However, please don't remind us by sending a copy that has your copyright or "for screening purposes only" superimposed over your film! It distracts from the film and makes us worry that you might "pull" your film. If that concerns you, please see "Other Festivals" below.


There is no limit other than the need for a separate submission and fee for each film. You may use one envelope for all your submissions.

Faux Checks

DO NOT BOUNCE A CHECK TO US. Information on faux checks will be shared with other festivals.

International Submissions

We welcome entries from all countries and can accept PAL format DVDs. Please either pay through withoutabox or use an international money order for your submission fee and make sure your film is either dubbed in English or contains English subtitles.

Press Kits

Please do not send press kits with your submission. They will not help your film get accepted. Upon acceptance you may send a press kit, postcards, poster, etc, to assist in marketing your film.

Re-submitting Previously Submitted Films

If you sent in a film last year and it was rejected, there is no point in sending in the same version of the same film. However, most films were rejected due to pacing, so if you did some significant editing on your film and feel it flows a lot better, feel free to resubmit.

Submission Tips

Click the TIPS link above for extensive submission tips that will help you for all festivals!

If your faux film does not make us laugh, or at least groan, it probably won't get accepted. While "Blair Witch Project" could be considered faux, it is not a comedy and therefore not appropriate for this fest. Dark comedy is ok!

Please edit like a pro. There are SO many short films that should have been much shorter. Snip snip. Slice slice. Less can be more. 90% of the films rejected are rejected mainly because of pacing.

Review Process

Films are reviewed within a couple weeks of their arrival and placed into one of three categories:

A. Early Acceptance
B. Committe Review
C. Early Rejection

All submitters will be notified of the status of their films once an acceptance or rejection decision has been made. This means if your film is in category A or C, you could be notified within a few weeks. Category B films go to committee and take longer as the committee has to meet after all deadlines have passed.


We are film makers too and we know what you are going through. We respond to EVERY film maker email. If you don't hear back, try the online contact form. The spam filters can be a little feisty sometimes. Note that if you send email close to the festival and the subject does not require a speedy response, you may not get a response until after the fest.

Other Festivals

Of course you are sending your film to other festivals. That's ok. The more the merrier. However, we do care if you get accepted to a big festival that requires a premiere and you then decide to "pull" your film last minute after we have already printed programs and notified the media! Therefore it is included on the submission form that your film cannot be pulled. If you are paranoid about being in that situation (which usually applies only to features as even Sundance allows shorts that have previously screened), then either submit an edit that is not final or submit to us next year after you already know about the bigger festival. Also, if you get accepted to another festival in Portland, please let us know, ok? I found out a film we showed last year was showing at two other local festivals within a week of Faux, including one at the same theater, which is a little embarrassing.


I certify that I hold all the rights to the film I am submitting. I agree for my film to be shown in the Faux Film Festival screenings. I understand once this form is submitted the entry cannot be revoked. I also understand that my film and/or submission materials may be used in promoting the festival. I understand that my film and submission materials will not be returned. I agree to hold the festival and festival staff harmless from any claims of liability resulting from my entry. I have read and complied with these guidelines.