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01-Apr-2015 1:05am PDT  


Orlando Film Festival

9 Annual October 22, 2014 to October 26, 2014

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155 N. Orange Ave
Plaza Cinema Cafe
Projection Floor - OFF Office
Orlando FL 32801
Phone: (407) 310-3905

CLOSED FOR THE SEASON • Information may be outdated. Add this event to your Watch List and set a Remind-Me if you want to be notified when the next Call For Entries is posted.

Feature Competition
Any Narrative Film. Any Genre. Any country of origin. Just keep us entertained for more than 50 minutes!
Short Film Competition
Narrative & Documentary. Make us laugh. Make us cry. Make us shriek in fear. Make us feel whatever you want except bored. And keep it under 50 minutes!
Student Short Competition
Already paying too much for school? Student directors deserve a break. Submit your under 50 minute work of art at a discount!
Documentary Feature Competition
Does your documentary take more than 50 minutes to entertain, educate and inspire? Then this is where it belongs!

The mission of the Orlando Film Festival is to support and promote the arts in Downtown Orlando through the medium of film. The Orlando Film Festival seeks to inspire current and future filmmakers in the art of filmmaking, and to enhance the movie viewing experience in Downtown Orlando through creative, unique and entertaining events. We put a strong emphasis on celebrating our filmmakers because many of us our filmmakers ourselves. We truly are a film festival by FILMMAKERS for FILMMAKERS!

Now in our 9th year showcasing incredible cinema against the backdrop of downtown Orlando. We are proud to call the state-of-the-art Cobb Plaza Cinema Café our home. Twelve beautiful theaters with high-end digital projection & sound located right in the heart of Orlando. OFF selects films from all genres, from around the world, to celebrate them, the filmmakers, and the film lovers of Orlando. Filmmakers are blown away at the hospitality shown by our city. Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, day passes are just $10 each and festival passes are only $35. We've showcased films that have gone on to become Oscar Winners (Taxi to The Dark Side) and Oscar Nominees (The Pig) along with a host of other great films from stars and directors such as Olympia Dukakis, Cheryl Hines, Joe Pantoliano, Danny Glover, Seth Green, Marcia Gay Harden, Michael Rooker, Christopher Titus, Haley Joel Osment, Alison Brie and many more. More importantly, we screen many films from people you have never heard of, but trust us, you will.

Our incredible theater features gourmet snacks, leather stadium seating & two fully stocked bars. Virtually all our events take place in or around the theater, which is walking distance from our official festival sponsored hotels. Audiences do not just watch quality cinema from around the world but also get an immersive experience full of spirited Q & A’s, panel discussions & fantastic parties. This is the perfect opportunity for filmmakers to directly interact with their audience, as well as others in the industry, in a fun & beautiful environment.

Filmmakers can expect large appreciative crowds, which sometimes results in standing room only screenings. On Thursday morning we offer a filmmaker-only private backlot tour of Universal Studios, which is a highlight for many who attend it. Our amazing parties have become legendary to those who have been here before. And for those wondering, yes the beer & food is often free at these parties. Festival Chairman Dan Springen has even been known to create spontaneous after-after-after parties in the hotel lobby just to keep the party going. Other festival perks include impressive discounts at many of the local bars & restaurants that surround the theater, as well as discounted passes to Universal Studios Theme Park. Filmmakers also get discounted rates at our official festival hotels. At OFF we really do put our filmmakers first. We love & appreciate every one of them, which is probably why so many keep coming back year after year.

Quality cinema. Fun parties. Captive audiences. The Orlando Film Festival is the Ultimate Celebration of Independent Film & Filmmakers.

Please join us for what will be our biggest year yet!

Our sponsors include Universal Studios Production Group, Kodak, Stella Artois, United Arts, Cobb Theaters, Great Graphics Photoscan, Clear Channel Outdoor, Mears and many others.

Follow us on Twitter @OrlandoFilmFest & like us on Facebook – to stay updated, learn more about the festival or ask us any questions!

Daniel Springen (Chairman / Executive Director) ; Holley Morgan (Sr. Director) ; Jerry Cavallaro (Associate Director) ; Tim Wassberg (Director of Acquisitions)

We do not care about premiere status or if you are in the middle of a distribution deal. You can have a film full of A-list celebrities or something you shot at your Grandma’s house with some friends. All we care about is finding high quality independent cinema. If your film fits that simple criteria, please send it our way!

If you are a filmmaker and your previous film played at OFF, please choose the alumni fee option & let us know which previous film you had in the festival when submitting.

Please submit any webseries or music videos as either Short Films or Student Shorts. If we have enough accepted films, we will create individual awards for each category. Transmedia projects can be submitted either as a short or feature depending on the amount of time the theater will be needed for the presentation.


FOR ALL FILMS, if you have a high quality streaming version of your film, please include the link & password in your cover letter when submitting. This is in addition to your film's regular submission.


GENERAL RULES AFTER ACCEPTANCE: We do not need the following material until AFTER your film is accepted into the festival.


WEBSITE NEEDS: Film Poster / One Sheet, 2 Production Stills (no crew photos), One Line Synopsis, One Paragraph Synopsis, Trailer if available, and please list any AWARDS or HONORS in the body of the email.

Send all above items via email to:



EXHIBITION MEDIA: BLURAY DVD, NTSC 0 or 1 DVD, or QUICKTIME (.m4v) H.264 APPLE TV CODEC on THUMB DRIVE (any items that you wish to get back will be returned to the filmmaker at the festival or mailed IF a postage paid envelope is provided ***NO EXCEPTIONS***)

All feature exhibition copies must be post marked no later than SEPTEMBER 1st, 2013 and delivered to:

Orlando Film Festival
C/O Projection
5131 Gramont Ave
Orlando, FL 32812



Send your .m4v file via YOUSENDIT, MEGAUPLOAD, etc. to


If your film is selected for exhibition we would love for you to join us at the festival this year. We will strive to make sure that as many films as possible will have a minimum of two (2) screenings and that the filmmakers are treated like family. You will receive two (2) VIP Platinum Passes ($400 value) and additional Passes for 1/2 price ($100 each). These passes get you full access to everything the festival has to offer.

All our very best,
Daniel E. Springen
Executive Director
Orlando Film Festival


By submitting this film, you are responsible for the film submitted with this application, and by submitting said film to The Orlando Film Festival (the "OFF") you hereby represent, warrant and agree to the following: 1. I hereby represent, warrant, and agree that the film is not currently subject to, and will not in the future become subject to, any distribution agreement or other obligation that would prevent it from being exhibited at the OFF (provided that it is accepted into the OFF). 2. I have carefully read and understood and will comply with all rules, regulations and eligibility requirements of the OFF, all of which are incorporated herein by reference. 3. I represent and warrant that: (a) I have the full right and power to make and perform this Agreement without the consent of any third party (or, if the consent of other parties is required, all of them are also signing this Agreement); (b) the film does not violate any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property right of any person or entity, and will not constitute a libel or slander of any person or entity or defame or disparage any person or entity or infringe upon or violate the rights of privacy, reputation, publicity, intellectual property and/or any other rights of any kind or nature of any person or entity; and (c) the film is not the subject of litigation or any claim that might give rise to litigation. 4. I hold the OFF harmless from damage to or loss of the print en route or otherwise during the course of the festival's possession of the film; and agree to provide the festival a print of the film at my own risk and/or provide my own insurance to cover loss and/or damage of the print. Further, I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the OFF and its affiliates from and against any liability, claim, cost, damage, or expense arising out of or in connection with any breach by me of this Submission Agreement. 5. (Competition Entries only) Should this film win an award Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor/Actress or Audience Choice or any other award at the festival, I am authorized and/or empowered by all parties legally representing this film to receive all cash prizes and awards. 6. I understand and agree that acceptance of my film does not guarantee airline or hotel accommodations for talent, production crew, or any other parties. 7. I agree that all materials will be sent prepaid and understand and agree that neither fees, submission videos nor any other materials will be returned whether or not my film is accepted (except as set forth in clause 9 below). 8. I understand and agree that if my film is accepted, the OFF agrees to pay shipping costs only for the one-way return shipment of the print when leaving Orlando after its last festival screening. 9. I understand and agree that the number of screenings, days and venue (if any) is at the sole discretion of the OFF. 10. If the OFF accepts my film, I agree that the OFF may use DVD or VHS tapes for press reviews and will not be obligated to conduct any separate theatrical screenings for members of the press. 11. I understand and agree that all information received on the application may be utilized in the program guide and the website. Any corrections must be received in writing by October 1, 2012. Changes will not be made after October 1, 2012. The OFF will not be liable for any errors or omissions in the program guide or the website. 12. I acknowledge and agree that in the event of any breach by me of this Submission Agreement, the harm to the OFF would not be adequately compensated for in damages and, therefore, in the event of any such breach, the OFF shall have the right to equitable relief by way of injunction or otherwise; provided, however, that resorting to such relief shall not be construed as a waiver of any other rights or remedies the OFF may have for damages.