10th Annual

Park City Film Music Festival

October 11, 2013 to October 21, 2013

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1420 W. Meadowloop Rd
Park City UT 84098
Phone: (435) 649-5309

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Best Use of Music in a Feature Film
Best Use of Music in a Feature Film
Best Use of Music in a Short Film
Best Use of Music in a Short Film
Best Use of Music in a Documentary Film
Best Use of Music in a Documentary
Best Film on a Music Subject
Best Film on a Music Subject. Please only submit non-fiction films in this category. Submit all music-related fiction films to the Best Use of Music in a Feature category.
Performance and Experimental Films
Performance and Experimental Films include filmed operas, musicals, concerts, art with music fillms -
Performance films may be any length, however, in the case of a full concert, we will most likely screen only a few select numbers out of the concert, so please have the numbers easy to access on the DVD. You may specify the numbers you prefer to submit.


The Park City Film Music Festival is an independent film festival, presenting a film music competition for both INDIE and studio-sponsored films, a performance showcase for composers with seminars for composers, musicians, songwriters, and groups.

The Park City Film Music Festival is made possible, in part, with support from the Summit County RAP Tax Fund and is a project of the Park City Chamber Music Society.


The Park City Film Music Festival is pleased to announce it is now accepting submissions from filmmakers and film composers.

The PARK CITY FILM MUSIC FESTIVAL (pcFMF) is the first film festival in the world singularly recognizing the contribution of composers and their music to film, and the first of such festivals in the Americas. Awards are given in the categories of Best Original Music in Full-Length Feature Film, Best Original Music in Documentary Film, and Best Original Music in Short Film, and Best Music Subject. The first major film festival to recognize film music as part of the awards lineup since 1985 is the Flanders International Film Festival - Ghent, which currently draws over 80,000 devotees.

Film music, whose broad appeal continues to gain prominence in the music marketplace, has stood for a long time recognized only at the very highest levels: the Academy awards, the Emmys, the Grammys, and a few others. The growing stature of film music is exemplified in the announcement in 2005 of the Pulitzer prizes qualifying film music for the first time in over 60 years.

The pcFMF burst on the scene with a landmark 33 films in 2004, 50 films in 2005, 102 films in 2006, and is the brainchild of Ms. Leslie Harlow who has been operating the Park City International Music Festival for over 20 years. A Juilliard graduate, she and her husband, festival director Russell Harlow, a member of the Utah Symphony, are both prominent classical music artists.

Ms. Harlow is driven to propel the PARK CITY FILM MUSIC FESTIVAL to international prominence, and has received encouragement from the Utah Film Commission, original founder of the Utah/United States Film Festival (now called Sundance Film Festival). Leslie has already spoken with esteemed film composer, John Williams, who is very excited at the prospect of this new festival. As this festival grows in scope, we will be inviting John Williams and other prominent film composers to celebrate the art of film music through performance and master classes.

In 2005, pcFMF teamed up with pcFMF sponsor Film Music Institute of Los Angeles (FMI) to offer an all-day seminar, "Breaking into the Business," presented by FMI's Mark Northam. In 2006, the pcFMF presented a Masterclass and individual seminars hosted by composer/arranger/orchestrator Conrad Pope (John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith), Emmy award-winning composer Kurt Bestor, award-winning film composer Vincent Gillioz, award-winning film composer Jeffrey Gold, award-winning sound designer/sound editor Jim LeBrecht of Berkeley Sound Artists, and sound supervisor and writer for Film Music Magazine, Michael Rogers.

Sponsors of the 2004, 2005, and 2006 festivals include Klipsch Audio, Mackie, SkiWest, indivisiblePR.com, Westminster College, Michael Wiese Productions, Corpus Polymedia, Cambridge Films, FilmAcre, Rico Brand, PureVolume, Disc Makers, Film Music Institute, Film Music Magazine, Film Score Monthly, Park City Stock Photography, Utah Wind Power Campaign, and Knock on Wood Film Productions.


Leslie Harlow; Leslie Harlow; Leslie Harlow (Director); Leslie Harlow (Director); Leslie Harlow (Director); Leslie Harlow (Director); Leslie Harlow (Director); Paul Wood (Creative Consultant)


Here at the Park City Film Music Festival we will accept Secure Online Screeners, but we prefer receiving DVD or BluRay submissions. Do not send screeners with watermarks or "Screener Only" displays. The Film Music Festival exhibits films in DVD and BluRay format, so your screeners can also conveniently serve as your exhibition copies. To submit by DVD, send 2 DVD or BluRay copies (Region 0 or Region 1) without watermarks or "Screener Only" displays. Please note that all films chosen for screening at the competition must supply 2 DVD or BluRay copies for screening to the Festival. Please only submit DVDs or BluRays that you are certain will play in consumer DVD players. Do not send PAL copies. We regret we don't have the capacity to screen PAL versions or to convert them to NTSC in time for the Festival.

All submissions will be considered and films to be screened in the Competition will be chosen by a panel of film music and film professionals. All films chosen for screening are considered finalists in the Competition.

Awards for the Independent Film Music Competition are given in the Categories of:

* Best Use of Music in a Feature Film
* Best Use of Music in a Short Film
* Best Use of Music in a Documentary
* Best Film on a Music Subject
• Best Performance/Experimental Music Film

When the winners in each category are chosen at the Competition, the composer, music supervisor, and director of the winning film and the winning film itself are all considered the recipients of the award.


Filmmakers who submit their films acknowledge that accepted films will be screened for the public during the competition. It is the responsibility of the filmmaker to have sufficient legal permissions from all interested parties including composers and owners of music heard on the soundtrack. In the event the filmmaker has failed to obtain sufficient legal permissions resulting in legal action taken as the result of screening the film at the Park City Film Music Festival, the filmmaker will bear full responsibility and the Festival will be held harmless by all parties.