12th Annual

Fort Myers Beach Film Festival

April 25, 2018 to April 29, 2018

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P.O. Box 2424
Fort Myers Beach FL 33932
Phone: 239-980-4381

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Feature Film
Any original work of fiction at least 45 minutes in length
and not longer than 125 minutes.

Filmmaker that are accepted for screening at the festival will receive 2 Filmmaker passes that includes all films based on availability, and workshop/special event tickets for $10.00 each.
Any non-fiction film not including entirely scripted or improvised fictionalizations of actual events. If your documentary contains some dramatization of actual events, you may submit in this category, but we will ultimately decide which program is best suited for your project, if accepted
Feature or short documentaries should use this category.

Documentary film-makers accepted to screen at the 9th Annual Fort Myers Beach Film Festival will receive either 2 filmmaker passes for feature length docs or one festival pass for short docs. These include all films based on film availability and tickets for the workshops $10.
Short Film
Any narrative film of U.S. origin with a running time of 45 minutes or less, OR any documentary film of U.S. origin with a running time of 45 minutes or less.
Short docs will receive one filmmaker pass if selected by our judges to screen at the Festival
The pass includes:
1. Entry for one person to all festival films (if available)
2. $10 entry to workshops
Student Film
Any Film Category and Genre listed below made by student film-makers in the United States. Films must have Academic Institutions listed in credits or letter from Institution stating that they support the film and it's content. .
Student Films will receive one filmmaker pass.
The pass includes:
1. Entry for one person to all festival films (if available)
2. $10 tkt to Workshops
Local Film
Any short, documentary, or feature film, filmed in Lee, Collier, Hendry and Charlotte counties and/or at least one of the filmmakers, producers or actors reside in the above counties.
Local Films will be judged for screening at the festival by our festival local volunteers.
Local Filmmakers will receive one local filmmaker pass that includes.
entry to all films (availability)
and $10 Workshop tickets.
Local films will screen on a local film day during festival. Please have friends and family buy tickets in advance.


To celebrate the art of film-making on our beautiful Gulf Coast Island. Welcoming film-makers and film enthusiasts from here and afar to enjoy our white sandy beaches and beautiful weather while reveling in Cinematic Art.


The Fort Myers Beach Film Festival is back for its 12th annual festival! We're looking to bring to the festival a wide range of genres and appropriate for all ages!

Don't miss the action when the spotlight shines on the Twelfth Annual Film Festival, April 25 - 29th, 2018.


Drake Heroy; Drake Heroy; Drake Heroy; Drake Heroy; Janeen Paulauskis (Executive Producer); L Mausser; Tanya Keller; Tanya Keller


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TERMS AND CONDITIONS for filmmakers submitting to FMB Film Festival

1. I, the representative of the film being submitted (the "Film"), Acknowledge and agree as follows in connection with the film submitted for consideration for the Fort Myers Beach Film Festival (the "Festival"):
2. I hereby represent and warrant to the Festival that (a) I am duly authorized, on my own behalf and on behalf of all other persons or entities who have any ownership rights in the Film, to exhibit this
Film at the Festival, (b) this exhibition will not violate any law or any right or consent of any person or entity and (c) the Film is not subject to litigation nor is it threatened by any litigation.
3. I further represent and warrant that, to the best of my knowledge, the exhibition of the Film at the Festival will not violate or infringe any copyright, patent, privacy right, publicity right, trademark, service mark or any other personal or property right of any person or entity and that my Film does not
constitute a defamation of any person or entity. I have paid and will pay in full all license fees, clearance fees, and other obligations, of any kind, arising from the exhibition of the Film in connection with the Festival.
4. If accepted, I acknowledge that the exploitation of the Film does not create any confidential or fiduciary relationship between the Festival and I. I understand that I will not receive any compensation for such exploitation, although some prizes at the Festival may include cash awards. I acknowledge that no obligation of any kind is assumed by or may be implied against the Festival because of the Festival's selection of the Film. I understand and acknowledge that the selection of my Film by the Festival does not in any way constitute an express or implied endorsement or approval by the Festival or any opinion expressed therein.
5. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Festival with any affiliate, subsidiary and parent entities and the officers, directors, employees, attorneys, creative advisors and agents of each of the foregoing from and against any and all claims, losses, or liabilities (including reasonable attorneys' fees) that maybe asserted against any of the foregoing or incurred by any of the foregoing at any time in connection with the Film or the Festival's use thereof, and/or arising from any breach or alleged breach of any representation made by me to FMB Film Festival.
6. I represent that I am 18 years of age or older, or that if I am younger than the legal age to enter into contracts in my state, I have provided a written consent from my parent or legal guardian. I agree that any controversy arising out of or in connection with my Film and the Festival will be governed by the internal laws of the State of Florida and conclusively determined by arbitration in the Town of Fort Myers Beach and Lee County in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association before a single arbitrator mutually agreed by the parties.
I hereby waive any and all rights and benefits which I might otherwise have or be entitled to litigate any such dispute in court, including without limitation a trial by jury.
7. If accepted, I hereby grant without reservations to the Festival, (a) the right to use footage, stills and/or titles of the film and information from the Film for promotional, public prescreening, network television or online broadcasting and or postscreening purposes without recourse to the owner, producer, director, or any other party asserting ownership rights of the submitted film and (b) the right to issue and authorize publicity concerning the filmmakers and the Film and to use all associated names, likenesses and biographical information.

If the filmmaker has a problem with parts of rule #7, please email the artistic director, janeen@fmbfilmfest.com to discuss before signing agreement.

By clicking "I Agree" below, I constitute my full and complete acceptance of the terms hereof. I acknowledge that no oral representations of any kind have been made by the Festival.