FilmGenesis GET PRODUCED Awards

August 31, 2018 to August 31, 2018

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The GET PRODUCED Screenplay Competition offers the winner(s) a chance to direct the script as a film with a production consultation services and a budget of up to $10,000. Make your best script your calling card across the industry.
Short Film
Enter your short film into the Film Genesis Awards to gain exposure and recognition for your project and a chance to win an up to $10,000 production budget for your next project.


FILM GENESIS emphasizes the role of the writer as creator. All great films begin with a great screenplay.


The Film Genesis GET PRODUCED Awards offers the winning writer(s) a chance to direct their short film with a production service budget up to $10,000.

In the era of New Media and increasing fragmentation in Hollywood where filmmakers have an abundance of opportunities to make their film, the only difference between new talent and so-called professionals is experience. That's were we come in. The purpose of our competition is to find the undiscovered talent and provide the funding and guidance to give you professional experience and a film that will serve as your calling card in the industry.


Jackson Rogers (Administrator)


By submitting your work, you hereby affirm and acknowledge that you agree to and understand all of the following:
You are at least 18 years of age and are eligible to work in the state of California.
You fully own the rights to the intellectual property of any material that has been entered into the competition.
All entries must be in electronic form (scripts must be entered in PDF, DOC, DOCX, FDR, or FDX format; produced material can be entered as an online video upload if applicable.)
Material that has been submitted to other competitions, contests, or festivals is ALLOWED (and the entrant is free to continue submitting it to other competitions, contests and festivals with no restrictions.)
Adaptations are allowed only if the entrant has obtained the rights to adapt the source material (and can provide proof upon request.)
International entries ALLOWED (screenplays must be written in English; short films must either have English dialogue or may include English subtitles.)
Awards and Production Funding Prize Amounts including production budget and services are subject to change at the sole discretion of the administrators of the competition. The scope of services and budget provided to the winner and are finalized based on the content, implied budget requirements, and other factors such as the overall commercial viability of the winning project.
If no individual work submitted is determined to be commercially or artistically viable for production, based on the discretion of the judges and/or administrators of the competition, the contest may be extended on a rolling basis until a project of sufficient quality can be chosen.
There are NO limitations on the completion dates of the scripts or projects entered into the competition.


You agree to hold the administrators of the Film Genesis competition, its partners, affiliates and assigns completely harmless in any matter concerning your submission of your screenplay, draft, treatment, short film or any other creative material. You agree and affirm that you have registered your work with the appropriate industry recognized script registration/copyright services and/or entities.

You acknowledge and agree that the administrators, judges, affiliates and partners of the Film Genesis competition may be involved in or become involved in the production of a motion picture with elements similar to those included in your script and you agree that this is merely a coincidence and there has been no infringement upon any and all rights associated with your script.
You have the legal right to submit the screenplay if multiple authorship is involved, you have properly and legally list all authors associated with the script.