Through Women's Eyes

16 Annual April 11, 2015 to April 12, 2015

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12316 Egret Harbour Way
Cortez FL 34215
Phone: 941-794-8949

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EMPHASIZING FILMS DIRECTED BY WOMEN and/or PRODUCED WOMEN. We will consider all topics but prefer films about women's stories and issues affecting women. We will not exclude films directed by men if the topic if one of significance to women.
ONLY ACCEPTING FILMS DIRECTED BY WOMEN or with a topic relevant to women. We prefer stories about women and issues affecting women.
ONLY ACCEPTING FILMS DIRECTED BY WOMEN. We will consider all topics but prefer films about women's stories and issues affecting women.


We are an international festival featuring women directors, with a focus on international women's issues, stories and lives. Using the term international includes films by U.S. filmmakers with a preference toward films that focus on women's issues and stories.


The 2015 festival will be our 16th annual festival. Our typical audience is 150 to 200 people for each film. We prefer to have the filmmakers present to answer questions after the films. Our festival is a fundraiser sponsored by the Gulf Coast Chapter, US National Committee for UN Women, an arm of the United Nations. UN Women assists women in developing countries. All film personnel are volunteers. Net proceeds are donated to the USNC for advocacy programs and to support the work of UN Women worldwide.

In addition, for the sixth. year, we will be partnering with the Sarasota Film Festival and full length movies and documentaries shown during our Festival may also be shown at the Sarasota Film Festival.


Terry Brackett (Co-Chair, Film Festival); Terry Brackett (Festival Registrar); Terry Brackett (Festival Registrar)


All films must be directed or produced by a woman or the subject matter much be relevant to women.

Please indicate if your film is a student film by including a note with your submission.

An affiliation with the Sarasota Film Festival means that your film may be chosen to screen at that festival in addition to "Through Women's Eyes."


I give permission to screen my film at the festival and to use press materials for any media at the discretion of the festival committee. I also give permission for the festival directors to excerpt my film at their discretion for public service announcements. In the event of any technical problems with my DVD, the festival may dub the DVD to another format for exhibition purposes only.