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27-May-2015 6:51am PDT  


Fargo Film Festival

16 Annual March 15, 2016 to March 19, 2016

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314 Broadway
Fargo ND 58102
Phone: 701-239-8385
Fax: 701-235-0893

OPEN CALL FOR ENTRIES • Select a Category of Entry to continue.

Narrative Feature
Fictional feature that runs over 45 minutes.
Narrative Short
Narrative short film under 45 minutes.
Documentary Feature
Documentary longer than 45 minutes.
Documentary Short
Documentary under 45 minutes.
Short or feature movies created using traditional and non-traditional animation, computer animation, stop-motion and claymation, or other multi-media techniques.
Any movie produced by a student.
Traditional and non-traditional work self-classified by the moviemaker as experimental, to include narrative and non-narrative forms of any length up to 180 minutes.

The Fargo Film Festival strives to:

Provide an extraordinary opportunity for filmmakers' work to be shown on the big silver screen in a beautifully restored, state of the art, 870 seat Art Deco Theatre or in the venue's second, on-site auditorium.

Provide informational and provocative presentations and panel discussions on issues affecting local, regional, national and international filmmaking and filmmakers.

Jury films in categories including Animation, Experimental, Documentary Feature, Documentary Short, Narrative Feature, Narrative Short, and Student.

The Fargo Film Festival promises:
An extraordinary opportunity for filmmakers' works to be shown on the big silver screen in a beautifully restored, state-of-the-art 870-seat Art Deco theatre or in the venue's second, on-site auditorium;

Informational and provocative presentations and panel discussions on issues affecting local, regional, national and international filmmaking and filmmakers;

Films presented in categories including Narrative Features and Shorts, Documentary Features and Shorts, Animation, Experimental and Student films.

In November of 1999, a group of film lovers, filmmakers and educators, along with tourism specialists, theatre volunteers and staff members, gathered at the newly restored Fargo Theatre to discuss the possibility of a Fargo Film Festival, as well as the selection of the Fargo Theatre as a site for the 2000 Library of Congress Film Preservation Tour.

In March of 2000, with a great deal of guidance and insight from the passionate, film-obsessed teacher Ted Larson, the theatre celebrated the rich history of film with selections from the prestigious Library of Congress collection. Actor Janet Leigh attended our week-long celebration and proved a most elegant guest. The success of the Library of Congress tour fueled the fire for an annual Fargo Film Festival.

Ted Larson died unexpectedly in November of 2000, but his spirit prevailed and the Fargo Film Festival became a reality in March of 2001. Since then, the festival has grown significantly from 30 submissions in 2001 to its current average of hundreds of submissions from nearly every state and dozens of countries.

Emily Beck (Executive Director) ; Emily Beck (Executive Director) ; Emily Beck (Executive Director) ; Emily Beck (Executive Director) ; Emily Beck (Executive Director) ; Emily Beck (Executive Director) ; Gregory Carlson (Administrator) ; Lisa Faiman ; Lisa Faiman ; Matt McGregor (Narrative Feature Jury Chair) ; Tracie Demianiuk

Rules and Guidelines

Movies must be submitted electronically, either through WAB's secure online screener option or via a link to a site such as Vimeo or the moviemaker's URL. No physical media, including DVD and Blu-ray, are accepted as submission copies. If the moviemaker's work is selected, an approved exhibition copy must be provided.

Moviemakers must electronically submit a high-resolution image from their movie.

Movies must have been completed after January 1, 2014.

Submitted materials will not be returned.

Moviemakers are responsible for obtaining all necessary rights and releases for public screening of their work.


I have carefully read and understand the complete rules of the festival. I am an owner of the exhibition rights to the film/video being entered. If accepted, I grant permission to the Fargo Film Festival to show my film/video and to use it for promotional purposes for the festival. I certify that this submission was created in accordance with the guidelines for entry into the Fargo Film Festival. The Fargo Film Festival reserves the rights to use images, sound and complete clips for promotional purposes. I have read all regulations and will honor any selection or performance decision made by festival officials. Further, the Fargo Film Festival will not be held accountable for loss or damage of the film while in transit or during the festival presentation. The Fargo Film Festival does not assume any responsibility for the clearance of image, story, or music copyright for films submitted. It is the sole responsibility of the submitter to present a copyright-clear submission.