3rd Annual

Cyprus International Film Fest

April 13, 2008 to April 22, 2008

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51, ?et?chiou str.,
IONIA Building,
Off.303, 3rd fl.
Nicosia 2407
Phone: +357 (0)99 798112

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Feature Film
Up to 120 minutes maximum length.
Homage to Cypriots awarded film directors
Homage to French Cinema
Recent French cinema.
Video Art
Up to 60 minutes!
Maximum Length up to 30 minutes!
Animation Short
Animation Feature
Children Feature
Children Short
Children Documentary
Dance Feature
Dance Short
Dance Documentary
Sport - Athletism - Feature
Sport - Athletism - Documentary
Diaspora Greek/Cypriot - Feature
Diaspora Greek/Cypriot - Documentary
Diaspora Greek/Cypriot - Short
Comedy Feature Film
Music Video


The CIFF is a "red carpet - black tie" international competitive cinema event and is dedicated to making things happen in Cyprus, for emerging filmmakers and screenwriters.


The CIFF 2006 was a breathtaking experience for everyone attending: cinephiles, artists, directors, organizers, visitors, volunteers and professionals!

Concept and Awards
CIFF offers to new directors from all over the world the opportunity to present their work in front of a VIP jury committee from the international film industry. The Festival also aims to make Cyprus an international meeting point for film production and film-making, to develop opportunities for cooperation with local production companies and to create special tourist interest during the ?off season?.

The 1st CIFF started strongly with the presentation of over 130 films selected from more than 40 countries. The fact that from the beginning CIFF received more than 400 film submissions from 43 countries, held 10 satellite events in three cities, more than 200 visitors and accredited guests from abroad came to attend the Festival and to participate in its satellite activities and events, around 300 guests attended the opening ceremony and more than 400 people were present at the closing ceremony, is a very good sign that this event is welcomed and has been missing from Cyprus, and offers proof of the Festival's potential. Participants have sent letters of congratulation and expressed their wish to come again next year, and some are seriously investigating opportunities for shooting films in Cyprus!

The following CIFF 2006 educational satellite events took place at the Amathus Beach Hotel in Limassol:
1. A two-day screenwriting seminar by Dr. Andrew Horton. Its success led to the organization of a new five-day long seminar scheduled for November 2006.
2. Workshops on special effects and make-up for films by the Alahouzos Brothers.
3. An ?International Funding and Film and DVD Distribution? conference on the legislative proposal for the revision of the ?Television without Frontiers? Directive, by a team of important presenters, including Mr. Stuart Alson, director of the New York Film and Video Festival, Mr. Diomedes Nikitas, representative of Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Hollywood producer Mr. Gregory Cascante. The conference speech was directed by Mr. Tasos Kaplanis, tutor at the Philosophical School department of the University of Cyprus.

At Patiheio Municipal Theatre in Limassol in cooperation with Limassol Municipality:
1. On 25 March a concert of Cypriot bands was held at Olympion Coast with free entrance for the public.
2. On 26 March 2006 the theatre hosted a special day-long screening of films for children, Spanish films with the support of the Spanish Embassy, a presentation of the film ?The Heart of the Beast? by the director, Renos Charalambedis, and the best films selected from the New York Film and Video Festival.

The ?Golden Aphrodite? Award Ceremony was held at the Municipal Theatre in Nicosia on 27 March 2006.

The next steps of CIFF:
a) Selected Cypriot films were shown in New York 7-9 April 2006 during the Greek Expo at Lincoin Center.
b) Selected best short films from the 1st CIFF were shown at the Cannes Film Festival in the Short Film Corner of the Film Market, 17-27 May 2006.
c) Selected Cypriot films will be screened in cooperation with the CIFF?s partner Platforma Video Festival in Athens in September 2006.

For more information related to the 1st Cyprus International Film Festival you can visit the dynamic website www.CIFF2006.com


Petroula Terzi (Festival Director)


REGULATIONS For Entering Films in CIFF

1 - General Regulations For Entering Films in CIFF
The Festival is organized by the Cypriot non profit organization 'CIFF LTD' in cooperation with 'CINE@ART Consultants Ltd', a talent agency and 'Petra Terzi Org', an international event destination management company based in Greece. The Official Programme comprises films in Competition, the Panorama, Animation, Video Art, Video Dance, Cult-Midnight Movies, 'Fair Play' with films of sports genre and 'Nostimon Imar' with a compilation of films of Greek/Cypriot cinematographers of diaspora. The programme of the Cyprus International Film Festival includes the Awarded Cypriot Directors films section, Homage to an internationally acclaimed Cypriot Director, at least one Tribute to an internationally acclaimed Foreign Director and a Film Market, which is organized independently. Applicants may choose to which section(s) they wish to offer their film.

2 - Regulations for Participation
There are distinct regulations covering participation in each section of the Festival. Films produced after March 2004 are entitled for submission in CIFF 2007.

3 - Deadline for Submissions via internet
The deadline must be strictly observed: 1 December 2006

4 - Deadline for prints/cassettes/DVDs for preview selection: 10 December 2006 (date of receipt)

5 - Transport of Prints, Videocassettes and DVDs
All copies of films either submitted or invited to participate coming from countries other than the signers of the Schengen treaty must be directed to the Festival's approved shipping agent who will handle temporary import of the prints into Cyprus. Films thus imported can only be returned by air freight through the same agent.
The costs of transport, including customs fees, insurance of all prints, videocassettes and DVDs offered for selection, as well as their return freight, must be borne by the producers or responsible authorities. The Festival is only responsible for the costs of storage and insurance of films while on the premises of the Festival in Cyprus and Greece. Film prints, videocassettes and DVDs sent for selection must be addressed as follows:
? Film prints sent by air cargo: for information apply to ciffprogram@cytanet.com.cy
? Film prints, videocassettes and DVDs sent by courier or (air)mail: for information apply to ciffprogram@cytanet.com.cy
Short films, 35mm films, videocassettes and DVDs, which are not part of a group submission, should be sent by mail or courier directly to the Festival address (please find address on the entry form).
Videocassettes and DVDs have to be marked as "For cultural use only" and "Without commercial value".

6 - Notice of Dispatch
At the same time, the sender should inform the Festival by fax or email of the title of the film, the date and means of shipment, and the AWB number, if available (for air cargo)

7 - Responsibility of the Festival
In case of damage to or loss of a print, either during the selection process or at the Festival itself, the Festival is only responsible for the costs involved in making a new print according to the current laboratory rates for ordering a standard print.

8 - Entry Fee
For film submissions in CIFF 2007 up to 1 December 2006, there is an Entry Fee of 220 US dollars for Feature Films and of 110 US dollars for Short Films.

9 - Selection
For a selection screening, films must be submitted in their original language. Films in Greek and English may be submitted without subtitles, but films in another language should either be subtitled or accompanied by a complete dialogue-list in one of these languages. In exceptional circumstances, work prints and double-headed prints may be accepted. For videocassettes, the system VHS is preferable. The PAL, SECAM, or NTSC systems are acceptable.

10 - Programming
The programming of the films selected is entirely at the discretion of the Head of the CIFF Programme whose decision is irrevocable. Each film may be screened up to a maximum of three times during the Festival in Cyprus. The general public will be admitted to screenings according to the availability of seats as determined by the Festival.
The Festival's award-winning films will be also screened in the context of CIFF participation in other International Film Festivals.

11 - Return of Film Prints and Cassettes/DVDs
Film prints will be returned by the Festival or its shipping agent against reimbursement according to the print owner's instructions, once the transport fee has been paid by the film print owner. All costs relating to the transport are the responsibility of the entrant. All prints of films imported temporarily into Cyprus by the Festival's shipping agent must be returned by the same means and by air freight.
Videocassettes/DVDs sent for selection will only be returned upon explicit demand and at the applicant's expense. Requests can be submitted until one month after the Festival.

12 - Your Partners in Cyprus
The Festival has representatives around the world to facilitate participation through the 'CIFF & Youth' programme.
For further information please contact:
? Submission of films: iconnect@hol.gr
? Technical details and dispatch of prints: ciffprogram@cytanet.com.cy

13 - Right of Participation
Films produced after March 2004 are entitled for submission in CIFF 2007. Participation in the Festival implies adherence to the regulations as here set out. It is the responsibility of producers, distributors, or other organizations submitting a film to ensure that they are legitimately entitled to enter a film in the Festival.
The Festival CEO has the right to settle all cases unforeseen in the regulations of participation, as well as to permit exceptions from the regulations in special, well-founded cases.

14 - Independent Juries
Besides the official VIP jury for the Golden Aphrodite Competition the following juries award a special prize at the Cyprus International Film Festival:
? 'CIFF & Youth' Jury awards the 'CIFF & Youth Special Award'
? CIFF Special Jury for the 'CIFF Humanitarian Award'
? 'FIPRESCI Jury' awards its prizes to a film in CIFF Competition and in the CIFF Panorama (tbc for CIFF 2007)
? The 'Friends of Cinema Society in Cyprus' Jury awards a Special Award (tbc for CIFF 2007)


1 - Obligations on Selection
No film officially selected may be withdrawn from the Festival programme after its publication. During the Festival itself no film selected may be screened outside the Festival venues before its official presentation.

2 - Official Logo and Promotion
For the films selected the Festival expects the official Festival logo to be included in all promotion and publicity in a prominent place. The Festival provides suitable logos for each programme section.
For request please send an email to: ciffpress@cytanet.com.cy

A sufficient number of press-kits, stills, and video-extracts of the films has to be made available to the Festival Press Office.

To book advertising space within the Festival areas producers and distributors should please contact the CIFF's ad dept: ad@petraterzi.org

More screenings are allowed upon CIFF's participation in other film festivals with the written consent of the lender/director/producer of the film.