11th Annual


September 29, 2016 to October 01, 2016

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1911 11th St.
Suite 103-A
Boulder CO 80302
Phone: (800) 644-7491

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Artistic rendering of reality from sketch to CG.
Cinematic expression united by the intent to remain factual or non-fictional.
Short Fiction/Humor
A comedy short that hints at adventure or spoofs it.
Short Reality
Tight, powerful, dramatic, poetic and based on actual happenings.
A powerful production.... from shorts to feature length documentaries with a clear mission.
An adventure documentary that catches the speed or intensity and power behind a sport or physical pursuit.


To tell the stories of people and their passion, learn about our environment, explore far away places, and celebrate community. Live, dream, inspire. Make your own Legends.


This film festival was created by adventurers and filmmakers in order to entertain, educate and inspire. We hope you will celebrate, with us, the fantastic and poignant stories of people, passion, and adventure.
This international forum for the best and most inspiring independent films of the year encompasses all aspects of adventure, from serious exploration to environmental heroism to gripping tales from the edges of the believable.


Abbey Smith; Aimee Copp (Director); Jose Yavari (Director)


We know that producing a strong film requires blood, sweat and tears. Many producers have created these films out of a passion for adventure and art and never see any dividends. We exist to honor those efforts and give credibility to them. We take our job very seriously as we know you do.

Please specify which formats of your production are available for final screening.

Thank you,
Adventure Film


Upon entering The Adventure Film Festival (AFF) the artist(s) grant permission for the following:    

1. AFF is permitted to screen accepted films at the Festival event. 
2. AFF is granted the royalty-free, non-exclusive right and license to exhibit any and all publicity materials related to the film, including but not limited to stills, press releases, bios, and  trailers, in whole or in part, without limitation to territory, and /or to include said publicity materials with other works in any form, media, or technology.  Film makers may request in writing to opt out of this clause. 
Although every possible care will be taken with material while in our possession, AFF cannot  accept responsibility for loss or damage.  Do not send original material.  
3. The artist(s) warrants and represents to AFF that he/she alone created the work, possesses unencumbered title thereto and has the right to enter into this Agreement with AFF. The artists(s) further warrants and represents that the work is original and does not infringe upon the title,
literary or musical property or copyright of any other work or statutory, common law or other rights
(including rights of privacy) of any person, firm or corporation.  
4. It is the responsibility of the artist(s) to obtain rights and permission for use of music, film footage, and  all other creative work related to their films prior to entering the Adventure Film Festival.  AFF is not  responsible for any infringement of such rights.      

CHECK LIST: (please include the following with your entry)    
(1) Production still photo and (1) Director photo on CD, minimum of 300dpi.
 A short director's biography.  (optional, but required after acceptance)
3.  A short film/video synopsis.  
4.  Entry fee (by check, credit card, or cashiers check)
5.  Previews are accepted on the following formats:  Online, DVD, or hard drive.
6. Please mark all submission media clearly with name, address, email, title, WAB tracking numbers, and running time.