11th Annual

Eugene International Film Festival

November 14, 2016 to November 20, 2016

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1430 Willamette St. #159
Eugene OR 97401-4049

CLOSED FOR THE SEASON • Information may be outdated. Add this event to your Watch List and set a Remind-Me if you want to be notified when the next Call For Entries is posted.

Great documentaries are captivating - foreign and domestic subjects that are skillfully crafted, with or without celebrity attachments are audience favorites. Prior season submissions have covered topics such as social benefit programs, chocolate, coffee, music (folk, country, symphonic, choral, jazz, rock), the death penalty, prison life, land use, wildlife, health industry corruption, religion, history, archeology, sports, social change, family topics, the arts and more. Documentaries with limited exposure are preferred.
Science Fiction
Filmmakers have submitted some very competitive Science Fiction titles over the years. The review jury always looks forward to submissions in this category. Celebrity cast members are seen from time to time as well as imaginative character relationships and special effects.
Our audience loves animation. We also do a special screening of family friendly animation that is very popular.
Young Audience
We want to give kids a great movie-going experience with films their parents may enjoy watching as well. The “Young Audience” category is primarily entertainment while the “Best Youth Theme” category is intended for education and life building films.
We have received some outstanding submissions, domestic and international, in this category. This may be a good opportunity for you to present a captivating subject.
Making of, Behind the Scenes
Flatter yourself, your crew and your cast. Modesty doesn't count in this category. Everyone wants to see how you did it. Taking your audience behind the scenes is all about the skill and camaraderie of putting a story on the screen.

Filmmakers with "special features" program material relating to a submission in one of our regular categories are eligible to enter one featurette in our "Behind the Scenes, Making Of" category at no additional cost. The featurette entered must relate to the title submitted. In addition to the main WAB entry number you must write "MAK" on the submission DVD indicating that a making of featurette is being submitted as well in order to qualify.
Wow, filmmakers have submitted some great films with terrific cast members. Celebrities and dynamic new talent alike are delivering the stories the writers and directors intended with equal skill. This is a strong international category, along with "Documentaries."
The EIFF has screened some wonderful comedies from Australia, Canada and the US. We'd like to see more international humor.
Best Youth Theme
A special category for films that benefit youth in their rights of passage to becoming healthy and productive adults. Topics ranging from contaminant free playgrounds and healthy food to proper parenting are at home here. "Best Youth Theme" is not necessarily an entertainment experience for children as is the “Young Audience” category.
Pilots for series Internet programs are being sought along with pilots for traditional television programming. This is a high-end category that has proven to be very fresh, entertaining and competitive. New, underexposed pilots are preferred.
NGO Created Videos
Exceptional in-house Nonprofit / NGO video presentations deserve recognition. Staff produced videos of passion, diversity and vision fostering social advancement and quality of life are at the core of this competition.


Your interests and objectives are at the forefront. Creative, artistic thinking is the foundation of innovation within communities throughout the world. The Eugene International Film Festival empowers writers, filmmakers and audiences through the art of the motion picture.

The EIFF has become a major, respected showcase for filmmakers by providing truly unique opportunities for you to network with and learn from key players in the business. Mix, schmooze, and build lasting relationships with people who do make a difference. Beginning with the complimentary filmmaker opening buffet mixer this is a festival about connecting filmmakers, mentors and audiences.

By submitting to the Eugene International Film Festival you will receive a code providing you, or your designated Storyboard Artist or Concept Art Designer, with a substantial 25% discount at the Copic Marker website, https://imaginationinternationalinc.com/copic/."


The EIFF has been recognized in an NPR commentary “…as one of the best in the country,” John Frohnmayer, former Chair of the National Endowment for the Arts.

With over a dozen films acquired for distribution at the Eugene International Film Festival the festival has become a market for filmmakers. Many visiting filmmakers like you have become lifelong friends with industry luminaries they have met while attending the festival. Others have had their careers advanced through one-on-one networking with Hollywood Agents, Producers and workshop headliners.

Moreover, the one-of-its-kind EIFF Writers/Filmmakers Retreat has become a celebrated experience. It’s the real-deal with an exceptional Hollywood writer, a famed literary agent and a major film distributor. Enjoy three days of quality-time, in and out of the classroom with professionals, to write, re-write, pitch and re-pitch your screenplay to energize your career. You could have your screenplay represented by an agent at the end of the Filmmakers/Screenwriters Retreat.

“…Already one of America’s top Filmfests! And getting better every year…” Roger Corman, Legendary Hollywood Director/Screenwriter/Producer.


Mike Dilley (Director); Rick Syfert (Art Department)


All selected submissions will be shown at the Eugene International Film Festival, hereafter referred to as the "Festival," "EIFF" or "we."

Films must be submitted by the rights holder(s) or with express written permission of the rights holder(s). Submitters, by submitting, affirm that they have the right to submit their entry to the Festival and that all clearances and licenses have been obtained, including but not limited to, music, locations, on-camera talent and voice talent. The rights holder(s) will hold the EIFF harmless for any claim involving, but not limited to, copyright, trademark, intellectual property, or royalty infringement(s) related to the submitted work(s).

International submissions must be sent "free domicile' to the EIFF office with all shipping costs, duties and taxes prepaid by the shipper. The EIFF cannot handle customs clearances.

We regret that a submission cannot be accepted if:

1. it is received with postage due.
2. the entry fee is not paid in full in US dollars.
3. it is postmarked after its particular postmark deadline has passed.

Multiple submissions are welcome as long as fees are paid per each submission.

Submitting filmmakers agree and certify that the submitted title will not be withdrawn from the EIFF after being chosen as an "Official Selection."

The Festival does not have a scholarship program in place and cannot offer fee waivers.

Upon submission, the rights holder(s) grant the Eugene International Film Festival the right to use clips from the submission and press materials relating to the submission for promotional purposes, and inclusion in the EIFF Filmmaker Roadshow program, unless the filmmaker requests otherwise in writing.

Rights holders for "Official Selections" agree that promotional materials relating to the submitted film(s) may be published in the EIFF program, at the EIFF website, and used in all media selected to promote the screening of the submitted film and the Festival itself.

The EIFF will handle submitted materials with care but cannot be held liable for any damage or loss during shipping, the review/judging process or screening.

Submissions may, at the discretion of the EIFF, be placed into a submission category deemed more appropriate than that stated on the submission form.

All filmmakers will be notified by email before or near October 15, 2016 as to whether or not their film has been selected. If email notification is not successful for any reason the EIFF will not be held liable for any damages.

Submitters grant the EIFF permission to duplicate their submitted work, should it become an 'Official Selection,' to another format for festival projection.

Rights holders grant permission to the EIFF at its discretion to retain, or not retain, DVD copies as part of the EIFF library. Rights holders may request that submissions not be held in the EIFF library, and must provide for the cost of returning submitted materials if requested, or alternatively the festival will destroy works submitted if requested.

To qualify as a "Northwest Filmmaker," the Director or Producer, must currently reside within the state of Oregon or Washington or those immediate portions of states or provinces which directly share a border with Oregon or Washington. The EIFF reserves the right to determine if a submission qualifies under this geographic category, and the decision of the festival is final.

All judging decisions are final and at the discretion of the EIFF its agents and assigns.


I, the rights holder, or as an authorized representative of the rights holder of the work being submitted to the Eugene International Film Festival, herein after referred to as EIFF, and with the legal right to make this submission, have read and agree to all EIFF rules and procedures. I further agree and /or warrant that I have not infringed upon or violated any copyright, trademark, privacy rights, synchronization rights or talent rights and that I have obtained the rights, licenses, or necessary permissions thereto and that I will defend and /or will indemnify the EIFF against any claims and that I will hold the EIFF harmless for any claims, damages, costs, liabilities and expenses related to the submission, screening and promotional use of the submission and that I will liquidate all claims and I expressly grant the EIFF permission to use, broadcast or publicly display the submission or its sound component for EIFF publicity or nonprofit artistic presentation(s) except as such broadcast or public display may be limited by myself.