12th Annual

San Francisco Frozen Film Festival

July 25, 2018 to July 29, 2018

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588 Sutter St. #103
San Francisco CA 94102
Phone: 415-846-1375
Fax: 415-392-7500

DECISIONS ALREADY MADE • This event has already made decisions and notified submitters for the current cycle. Submissions are no longer being accepted.

Filmstock Film
The award will go to the best submission shot on film in all forms, all lengths, all genres. All film must be shot on : 8mm, 16mm, or 32mm.
Digital Film
Submissions must be shot with a digital camera to qualify for this award. All forms, all lengths, all genres are welcomed; this award goes to the best overall film made on digital format.
Feature Documentary
Documentary films of 45 minutes or longer qualify for the feature documentary prize.
Short Documentary
Documentary films of (near) under 45 minutes qualify.
The Best Animation Award will be presented to the best animation of all forms: drawing, claymation, stop motion, experimental, 3D computer, etc.
First Time Director
This is for a Director's first film.
Student Director
This award is presented to a filmmaker who is enrolled in a college or high-school during the production of the film. Recent graduates may apply as long as the film was produced while in school.
Best Surf/Skate Video
Skaters, surfers, snowboarders, send us your skate videos of any length for consideration in the best skate video category. Winners may be invited to skate or perform at our opening night gala.

See www.frozenfilmfestival.com for more details.
Music Video
Any visual art created with the intention of supporting or bringing attention to a musical song or piece of music.
International Film
International film from around the world, US, South America, Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Europe!
Music Documentary
Best music documentry - can be any length music film.
Environmental Film
Best environmental film of any length. Educational, documentry, or otherwise.
Comedic Film
Best Comedic Film. It's comedy, so you know: funny stuff. Includes shorts, features, and animation. The only rule is that it has to include at least one moment which makes at least one judge giggle.
Projects that challenge expectations and definitions of traditional film. Can include installations, conceptual pieces, and innovations to form and substance. Non-mainstream ideas and techniques and films that tend to defy and innovate.
LGBT Themed
Best film with LGBT themes or story.
Best Advertisement or Movie Trailer
Either an ad campaign for a product or produced for a client or a movie trailer.


Awarded MovieMaker Magazine's Prestigious "20 Coolest Film Festivals in the World" and SF Chronicle's "Best Film Festival Deal in Town", The San Francisco Frozen Film Festival celebrates 11 years of bringing movies and music to the Bay Area.

"Top 25 Film Festivals worth the Fee," MovieMaker Magazine's

The San Francisco FROZEN FILM FESTIVAL shows yearly in July at the historic Roxie Theater, bringing independent filmmakers and musicians to the San Francisco Bay Area from around the globe!

The festival itself is a collection of razor's edge independent films and bands. Included in the festival are nights of live music concerts, short films, animation, global features, long and short documentaries, skate films, music documentaries, and music videos.

All films screened and accepted into the festival inspire the artistic with work that is leading film, music, and cinematography's evolution and will ensure the Bay Area's reputation for innovation in the arts.

"The coldest winter I ever spent was my summer in San Francisco"- Mark Twain


MovieMaker Magazine's Prestigious "Top 25 Film Festivals worth the Fee," and"Top 20 Coolest Film Festivals in the World" the Frozen Film Festival is now accepting submissions for films in these categories:

Films wishing to be entered in more than one category, must enter separately for consideration in more than one category.

Skate/Surf Film
Feature Film
Filmstock Film
Short Film
Feature Documentary
Short Documentary
Feature Animation
Short Animation
Music Video
Music Documentary
Environmental Film
Digital Film
First Time Director
Student Director
LGBT Themed
International Film

The San Francisco based Frozen Film Festival (frozenfilmfestival.com ) features a music competition as well as a film competition. The opening night gala, live concerts, music winners, and constant films produces a diverse and distinct Bay-Area festival.

The 2017 festival features a Gala-party, a concert with the music winners, another concert with bands from one of the movies, and a closing night awards ceremony. Taking over the city of San Francisco, the Frozen Film Festival invites all filmmakers and musicians to submit their work to this great city of artistic creation and join us as we kick off another year of amazing programming. With a strong commitment to music, shorts, and Bay Area related films, the festival was proud to bring movies from all over the world last year and host more than 10 bands who played concerts at various spots around the city during the festival.

Last year featured surf and skate films, International films, Animated Shorts, Dramatic Shorts, Comedic Shorts, Art House/ Experimental Shorts, Feature Films, Digital Films, Music documentaries, Prison documentaries, and included 2 musical concerts, and took place over 3 venues spread out over San Francisco.

A festival as diverse as the city that hosts it, come to the FROZEN FILM FESTIVAL in the dead of summer, when San Francisco is at its most chill.

2017 is just around the corner! Calling all artists, filmmakers, and musicians: Send us your work!


Connor Sinclair; Isaac Schild (President); Isaac Schild (President); Isaac Schild (President)


Applicants are encouraged to submit their films for consideration in more than one category. However, films that have been submitted in one category must resubmit the film to be considered in another category. In order not to show preference to films screened in one category, please resubmit the film in each category to be judged.

Digital files and links can be sent to frozenfilmfestival@gmail.com


Applicants agree that 'Frozen Film Festival' reserves the right to choose all films to be shown and awarded prizes. By Submitting to Frozen Film Festival, you agree to have your film shown during the festival dates, and to have your film promoted in accordance with the rules. You agree that you are in possession of all rights to images, likenesses, and music in your film. You agree to hold harmless SFFFF for any error and to defend SFFFF for any disputes relating to your right to submit your work. Your fee paid to Frozen Film Festival is in consideration of acceptance to the festival, and you are not selling any rights to your film, and Frozen Film Festival does not own any permanent rights to your film. Frozen Film Festival has the right to use images from your film on its website and in promotional materials for the festival or subsequent Frozen Film Festivals.