12th Annual

Illinois International Film Festival

September 30, 2019 to September 30, 2019

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134 N. Cass Avenue
Suite A
Westmont IL 60559

DECISIONS ALREADY MADE • This event has already made decisions and notified submitters for the current cycle. Submissions are no longer being accepted.

Dramatic Films
Dramatic Films
Documentary Films
Documentary Films
Comedy Films
Comedy Films
Animated Films (Family & Mature)
Animation Family Friendly & Mature
Horror Films
Horror Films
Science Fiction Films
Science Fiction Films
Family/Children's Films (Non-Animated)
Family/Children's Films (Non-Animated)
Experimental Films
Experimental Films
Musical Films (Including Music Videos)
Musical Films (Including Music Videos)
Feature Length Screenplay Competition
Feature Screenplay Competition
Student Films
Student Films (Feature & Short)
Films must be made by current students. A copy of a current Student ID must be sent with film submission.
Fan Films
Fan Films


The Illinois International Film Festival celebrates the art and entertainment of film in all its forms. Through screenings and associated events, the festival aims to present a wide spectrum of film making.

The Illinois International Film Festival brings audiences and filmmakers together to better enjoy the art and fun of film making. The Film Festival offers filmmakers the opportunity to exhibit their films to an enthusiastic and wide ranged audience.

Film professionals and the interested public will have the opportunity to gain industry knowledge through interaction within a festival environment. The Illinois International Film Festival is about the film makers' opportunity to entertain and move their audience.


The Illinois International Film Festival embarks on another successful year, bringing the most ambitious and talented film makers the world has to offer.

No matter what your budget or vision, the IIFF believes the filmmaker’s passion drives the film.


Illinois International Film Festival (Festival Registrar)


The submitted Films & Screenplays will be reviewed by the Illinois International Film Festival committee, comprised of the festival organizers.

The festival committee will then select the films that will be accepted into the festival. Because the Illinois International Film Festival is about the filmmakers and their films, the films will not be accepted based of the structure set up for the festival; rather the accepted films will determine the finale structure (length, schedule & the official award categories) for the festival. All accepted films are nominees & eligible for the festival awards.

Once the accepted films have been determined they will be viewed by the official IIFF judges, which are comprised of film producers, filmmakers, film journalists, and film educators. The judges will then determine the award winners for all the festival categories. The winners will be announced at following the Illinois International Film Festival.


I certify that I hold all necessary rights for the submission and/or exhibition of this project to the Illinois International Film Festival Competitions.

I understand that the entry fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and does not guarantee my acceptance into the festival's competition.

I fully indemnify the Illinois International Film Festival, it's directors, affiliates, associates and judges against any claim made for any violations of law.

I certify that this Screenplay is not subject to any litigation nor is any litigation threatened.

I warrant that the submission is my original work and that there are no disputes filed against this project.

I understand that should my project be accepted or win an award, you may use my name(s), titles of materials, clips or trailers for advertising and promotional purposes.

I understand that just by submitting my Screenplay does not guarantee me acceptance into the Illinois International Film Festival.

I also grant permission for the festival to use my Screenplay in the Illinois International Film Festival and it's promotions as long as I am given credit.

I understand that I must complete a separate entry form for each project submitted with the appropriate fee.