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29-Mar-2015 9:30pm PDT  


The Iron Mule Short Comedy Screening Series

12 Annual October 04, 2015 to October 04, 2015

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Iron Mule
PO Box 1484
New York NY 10113
Phone: 646-285-4946

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Short Comedy Films of ALL kinds

Iron Mule is a monthly screening series in New York City that accepts year-round submissions, featuring the best in short comedy films.

The Iron Mule Short Comedy Screening Series was started in April, 2002 in NYC. Since then, the festival has screened more than 1000 short comedy films of all types from across the world. From high end films featuring Hollywood actors to low end videos made by high school students on their phones, Iron Mule asks only that the films be short and funny.

The Iron Mule is a friendly and accessible festival, dedicated to fostering a community of filmmakers and film fans.

Screenings are at the legendary Thalia theater at Symphony Space in Manhattan the first Sunday of every month. Each screening is followed by an after party where filmmakers and audience can mingle.

We accept submissions all year round, but have quarterly submission deadlines on Withoutabox.

Daniel Mahon ; Jay Stern ( ) ; Victor Varnado

The Iron Mule Short Comedy Screening Series seeks all kinds of comedy films. There are no limits on genre, format, or production values.

Submissions can be anywhere from under a minute to thirty minutes in length. However, the longer the film, the higher the bar. We mostly accept movies in the 2-12 minute range. We urge all filmmakers to consider this before sending us their 28-minute mockumentary or that long action movie parody they made with their friends over spring break.

We also tend to prefer movies which have beginnings, middles, and ends, but mostly we want movies that make us laugh.

We show new films every month (year-round) so we are always accepting submissions.


If the submission is accepted into the festival, the entrant grants Iron Mule a non-exclusive, royalty free license for use for theater screening, and to publish excerpts in print or electronic media to promote the event in any and all media. The filmmaker must secure all rights and clearances. Foreign films must be submitted in English or with English subtitles.