10th Annual

Fresno Film Festival

April 25, 2014 to April 27, 2014

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648 E. Cambridge Ave.
Fresno CA 93704
Phone: 559-269-6903

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We welcome films of any genre or film category, such as animation, documentary, narrative fiction, etc. Submissions need to be 30 minutes or shorter in length.


A three-day celebration of cinema from around the world, the Fresno Film Festival champions the voices of independent, experimental, and multicultural filmmakers. Our Central California audience shows a real hunger for meaningful alternatives to the multiplex, and they are eager to interact with filmmakers in thought-provoking and joyful dialogue. The festival strives to cultivate a greater understanding of the world's cultures and a deep appreciation of cinema art.


The 10th annual Fresno Film Festival is presented by Fresno Filmworks, an all-volunteer nonprofit organization. We love the power of movies, and we screen them in both film and digital formats at the historic, 750-seat art deco Tower Theatre, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Our short film competition is the centerpiece of the Fresno Film Festival. Participating filmmakers enjoy full access to all films, discussions, and parties, as well as comfortable meeting opportunities with other filmmakers from around the globe and an eager, supportive audience.

The Fresno Film Festival offers cash prizes in three categories:
1. Audience favorite short film
2. Juried best short film
3. The John Kelly Award for Excellence in short film cinematography

We also provide hotel accommodations and ground transportation for participating filmmakers.

So, why should your film come to Fresno? Located midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, Fresno is the largest city in Central California. We are one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse regions in the country, with large Latino and Asian populations. We are the center of the largest farm economy in the world, and we are the gateway to both Yosemite National Park and the spectacular Sierra Nevada mountains. Because of this great bounty of people and expression, the Fresno Film Festival encourages films that will appeal to diverse and underrepresented audiences.

Visit FresnoFilmworks.org to learn more about our organization and the Fresno Film Festival.


Britt Foster (board member); Bryan Harley (Communications Director); John Moses (Programmer); John Moses (Programmer); Joy Quigley (Festival Director/ Programmer); Joy Quigley (Festival Director/ Programmer); Joy Quigley (Festival Director/ Programmer); Linda Knight (Treasurer)


1) Screening materials should be submitted online or sent on DVD, although accepted films can be projected from Beta SP, DigiBeta, Bluray,DVD, or 35 mm.
2) All films must be in English or have English subtitles.
3) A press kit is recommended but not required; however we do request that you label your entry with title, director's name, and running time.
4) The festival cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to materials submitted.
5) Screeners will not be returned, do not send originals.
6) More than one entry may be submitted. Each entry must be accompanied by a separate entry form and entry fee.


The festival cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to materials submitted. Screeners will not be returned. Do not send originals.

The festival is hereby granted the right to utilize an excerpt from any film submitted and accepted for exhibition at the Festival for promotional purposes.