7th Annual


March 21, 2014 to March 22, 2014

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991 Hornby Street
Suite 57
Vancouver BC V6Z 1V3
Phone: (604) 608-5522

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Feature films are over 40 minutes.
Documentaries are over 40 minutes long. Docs unders 40 minutes should be submitted in the Short Films category.
Short Films
Short Films are under 40 minutes.
Student Films
Provide a photocopy of student ID with submission.
Canadian Films
A film is eligible for the Best of Canada Award if any of the key filmmakers currently live in Canada, were born in the country, or if the film was primarily shot in the country.
Screenplay Competition
Music Videos


The Canada International Film Festival is dedicated to the creation of opportunities for the artistic interaction and exchange among independent filmmakers and the film-going community.


The Canada International Film Festival will be held March 21st - March 22nd, 2014 at the beautiful Edgewater Casino in downtown Vancouver.

The Canada International Film Festival has firmly established itself among the top film festivals in Canada. Held each year in the beautiful and cosmopolitan city of Vancouver, British Columbia, the festival brings the very best of world cinema to Canada from over 90 countries around the world.

This year's Festival Program will showcase a wide variety of North American and International Feature Films to thought-provoking Shorts, Documentaries, Music Videos, Animations, Experimental Films, Student Films, a Screenplay Competition, and more.


Each year, awards are presented in all of the main categories for the top films and filmmakers, writers and actors. The highly coveted Grand Jury Award will be presented to the best film in competition selected from among all the films in the Festival.


The festival is dedicated to the creation of opportunities for the artistic interaction and exchange among independent filmmakers and the film-going community. Festival-goers create their own experience with everything from Canadian and World Premiers to industry access through filmmaker panels and seminars, to intimate gatherings and nightly parties. Each year the festival opens with a filmmaker reception allowing the creators of these wonderful films to interact with each other and the festival-going audiences. The festival culminates with the Closing Awards Ceremony honoring the important work of some of today's brightest and most creative artists.


In an effort to foster new and undiscovered writing talent, the Canada International Film Festival also features an annual Screenplay Competition. Awards are given for the top screenplays in competition.

All films and screenplays featured in the Canada Internatioal Film Festival are selected based only on the overall quality and merits of the work. We aim to discover and recognize simply the best new, original voices in storytelling from around the world.


William Young (Festival Director)


Films must be submitted on DVD or video (please test before sending) and be available for screening on DVD, Blu-Ray, HD video, or film.

International submissions should be clearly marked on the package as "No Commercial Value - For Cultural Purposes Only."

Awards are based on overall merits of the films.

Entry fee is nonrefundable.

Screener DVDs and will not be returned.

For preview purposes, DVD or video (NTSC preferred).

DVD's MUST BE CLEARLY labeled on the spine with film title.

More than one entry may be submitted. Each must be submitted separately.

Filmmaker will assume shipping costs of materials and tape or print to the Canada International Film Festival.

Titles produced in languages other than English must have legible English subtitles.

The selection committees' and juries' decisions are final.

The Canada International Film Festival reserves the right to make any necessary changes in regulations or festival scheduling.


I have read, understood and agree to all of the rules and guidelines and am duly authorized to submit this film or screenplay to the Canada International Film Festival.