4th Annual


March 01, 2011 to March 09, 2011

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Attn: Mr. Phun Sokunthearith * Suong Sambath * Narith Hoo * J Rosette
PO Box 707
Phnom Penh Phnom Penh 12000
Phone: 855011736206

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Feature Fiction
Any long form (over 56 minutes) fiction work which is not primarily animated.
Short Fiction
Short fiction movies (under 56 minutes and over 10 minutes) which are not primarily animated.
Feature Documentary
Nonfiction movies of any style or approach which are longer than 56 minutes.
Short Documentary
Nonfiction of any style or genre with a running time of less than 56 min, which is not primarily animated.

Universal Language
((( Movies without dialogue! ))))

Can be drama, documentary, silent, experimental, anything not animated (animation has its own category).

Any length or style, so long as the movie has minimal (or, preferably, NO) dialogue or written cues necessary to understand it.
Animation Only
Animation! => Any length, style, or genre...
Cambodian Movie Showcase
Independent movies of any length or genre by a non-naturalized Cambodian citizen filmmaker living in Cambodia.

[NOTE: for definition purposes, "filmmaker" refers to the director of the movie; independent film means less than 50% financing by a government organization or NGO]
Very Short Movie
Movies UNDER 10 Minutes - Any Genre Except Animation
Edutainment & Social Issue
Social Issue Movies, including E-E & 'Edutainment', which highlight, discuss, and/or promote human rights, environment, ecology, and/or other social issues.

Can be any style *except* primarily animated


CAMBOFEST is the first international independent movie festival in Cambodia since the end of the Khmer Rouge era.

Established in 2550 (aka 2007) and now entering our 4th year, CamboFest showcases the most compelling work of both international and local Cambodian filmmakers while reaching entirely new moviegoing audiences.

For our 4th edition, we'll once again be screening films in the vintage, pre-Khmer Rouge 'Royal' cinema on Cambodia's South Coast in Kampot (and other venues TBA); the 'Royal' is a historic venue which CamboFest staff discovered and revived especially for our 2552/2009 edition (see CamboFest website and blog for more info)

We'll also be featuring a showcase of the work of women filmmakers from the world over, to coincide with International Women's Day on March 8th.

Alongside features and creative documentaries, we'll as usual be presenting our other popular CamboFest categories including 'Universal Language', 'Very Short Movies' (under 10 mins RT), ANIMATION ONLY!, and of course, a Local Cambodian Filmmaker Showcase.


*** Continuing the tradition for our 4th season: all regular submissions to CamboFest receive written feedback from screening staff (see our website for actual samples) ***

CAMBOFEST, Cambodia is the first internationally recognized independent movie festival in Cambodia. Now that peace and stability have returned and the country is enjoying a re-emergence, the world has once again taken an interest in the land of Angkor as a safe, fun, and unique cultural and travel destination.

Over our first three years, we've featured the work of over 200 filmmakers - our aim is to showcase the best new movies by international, regional, and Cambodian filmmakers for a variety of programs. While our goal is mainly to entertain, we also seek to educate and 'Edutain' through our continuing social issue and documentary showcases.

The main CamboFest event is supported by smaller, specialty screening events (called "CamboFest Lite") which are held throughout the year in a variety of venues and locations throughout urban and rural Cambodia.

CamboFest is a model for other festivals and venues in the region in that we *always* secure public performance permissions for every movie (something which is still not the standard in SE Asia) - all screeners are securely archived and safeguarded.

Thanks for your interest in CAMBOFEST!

Sok Sabai,



Jason Rosette; Narith Hoo; Phun Sokunthearith (Coordinator); Suong Sambath



Preview copies will not be returned.

Filmmaker assumes cost of shipping materials to the festival.

Entries should be sent via normal airmail, registered with the following declaration: "No commercial value--cultural purposes only" Entrants assume all responsibility for clearing DVDs through U.S. and/or foreign customs officials.

CamboFest is not responsible for submissions that may be lost in transit; we will notify filmmakers when submissions are received.


Please submit 2 screeners of your movie! We understand a lot of fests ask for this, but we really need it - here's why:

Our intention is to exhibit at the festival in a festival-friendly digital format, due to infrastructure limitations in the Cambodian context.

If selected, your movie will be screened from your submitted DVD (or additionally-submitted High quality .mov H264 file). We'll need the 2nd disc as a backup on hand in case there's a problem with the first, i.e., it gets scratched or broken in transit.

Standard mail, in the event of a problem, can be slow...

Each copy should include the following information: title, running time, filmmaker name, WAB tracking number, and email address.

All submissions must be DVD region 1 or 0 or as indicated in WAB categories. DVDs should be in hard plastic cases (not necessarily Amray cases), but please make sure DVD is secured so it will not dislodge during transit.

Filmmaker submits with the understanding that final exhibition may be on DVD, and CamboFest will furthermore utilize submission copy as final exhibition copy.

Titles produced in languages other than English must have English subtitles; please also provide a dialogue list or transcript if not in English.

Please send your press materials on an accompanying CD, not via hardcopy paper materials - we'll ask for these later if/when your movie is selected.

IMPORTANT!: Do not send tapes in fiber-filled envelopes as the dust can damage the viewing equipment.

All selected films / videos may be excerpted for publicity purposes, up to 45 seconds in length.


Filmmakers will be notified by email if accepted into the festival.

All paid submissions will in any case receive notes by the viewing staff who viewed the submission.

Filmmakers accepted into the festival will have their contact email made publicly available in the CamboFest program or movie guide. Filmmakers who do not wish to have their contact info publicly available should notify CamboFest within two weeks of notification of acceptance.


Films must have all clearances and rights for festival screenings.

** By submitting, submitter authorizes CAMBOFEST to screen the submitted movie ("Title') in a public performance film festival setting at CamboFest main event and/or supporting CamboFest "Lite" screening events.

Submitter furthermore warrants she / he has secured all necessary rights to represent Title for festival exhibition purposes, and holds CamboFest, its founders, and staff harmless for any damages. **

Cambodian Nationals may be asked to submit documentation of your nationality / citizenship in order to qualify for Local Filmmaker waiver.

** By submitting, submitter authorizes CAMBOFEST to screen the submitted movie ("Title') in a public performance film festival setting at CamboFest main event and/or supporting CamboFest "Lite" screening events. **

CamboFest may make a digital exhibition backup or DVD copy of selected work to streamline the programming & exhibition process; filmmaker agrees to allow CamboFest to make a backup as specified for private use in festival operations only, with the understanding that such files or DVDs will be deleted/recycled after stated festival exhibition.