14th Annual

Fear No Film Festival

June 22, 2017 to June 25, 2017

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230 South 500 West
Salt Lake City UT 84101
Phone: 801-322-2428

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Clever Narrative Short
Is it good or is it great?

"Somehow though, I decided to make my own $20,000 movie, regardless of how impossible that task might have been. I think that perhaps my unfamiliarity with the process was what ultimately served me the most. I was pushed toward a "do it yourself" style of filmmaking- had I known about cameras and lights and cinematographers and grip trucks maybe I would have been put off from the idea of going out and making my own film...

I just thought, What the hell? I'll give it a try. I had written a script called In the Company of Men a few years earlier, and I set about rustling up money from whatever sources I could find to get the funds to shoot it."

-- Neil Labute, graduated and later taught at BYU in Provo, Utah. In the Company of Men, Your Friends and Neighbors, Nurse Betty, The Shape of Things, Lakeview Terrace, Death at a Funeral, and that's not even getting to the multiple-award winning Broadway plays.
Inspiring Documentary Short
In feature films the director is God; in documentary films God is the director.

--Alfred Hitchcock
Really, Really Cool International Music Videos
TO ALL OF YOU OUT THERE WITH A REALLY, REALLY COOL MUSIC VIDEO: We are looking for something specific in this category: We want to see your visual story crafted around the song's lyrics.

We want to accept the best music videos currently on the festival circuit which combine low budgets, great narrative plots running through the video, ambitious artistic aspirations, and (of course) great music. We want videos that have, well,... more structure than just roughly assembled club footage with every third shot containing a grainy, black and white filter.

Music videos have rapidly evolved in such a short time. As yesterday's videos edged toward larger budgets, longer yachts and ultra-expensive computer graphics, today's videos are reflecting the power of placing inexpensive computers and improved digital cameras in the hands of... pretty much almost everyone.

Music videos best reflect how quickly cultural change is rippling through and altering today's societies. Almost every kid has access to a camera and no cultural stove top is hotter than where these talented first-timers FROM ALL CONTINENTS are editing music to visuals.

We want to see how you are crafting your visual story around the song's lyrics. PLEASE ENCLOSE A COPY OF THE SONG'S LYRICS. In fact, DEFINITELY ENCLOSE A COPY OF THE SONG'S LYRICS.
Mind Blowing Animated Short
1914 John Wray patents animation
1916 Adriana Caselotti born, voice of Show White
1916 Daws Butler born, voice of Yogi Bear
1960 Flintstones premieres, the 1st animated series in prime time
1964 Ken Knowlton animates using computers
1993 Jurassic Park wins three Oscars
1995 Toy Story, first entirely computer animated feature
1999 The Matrix. I mean, really... Look at the acceleration here.
2008 WALL-E, with a dialogue-free first act, named the Best Movie of the Decade by TIME Magazine.
2009 Avatar, baby.
2010 Toy Story 3 earns more than $1 Billion worldwide.
2017 Old school or new school, please send it to Fear No Film at the Utah Arts Festival.
Brilliant Experimental Short
"I know that there is a real temptation to make a movie that you think will please other people and that will fit into a category of film that is popular and would be accepted. Early in your career that's a dangerous thing to do. What people are really looking for in young filmmakers is originality. I think that they are more interested in that kind of creative energy than in technical polish. It's really about creating something that is totally mind-blowing and unique and that represents you."

Other, aka You've Just Gotta See It
Aka "It is what it is, take from it what you will, I am a post-postmodern filmmaker living in a postmodern world. Give it a good look and see why I wouldn't place it in one of the categories above."
Fear No Film KIDS! 3+ and 8+
Our KIDS! screenings are for ages 3+ and 8+.

We artistically challenge our youth audiences, and most of our age 8+ short films, while still age appropriate, were not originally intended for a youth audience.

Fear No Film is a unique environment for quality kids films.


Welcome to Fear No Film & Fear No Film KIDS 2017. Fear No Film, in essence, means fear no filmMAKER nor filmmaker vision. This is a unique festival that screens a wide variety of short films in context-rich, thematic screenings such as 2015's "The Impulses," 2012's "The Tipping Points," 2011's "The Greek Muses: Comedy, Tragedy, Love, Dance, History, Astronomy, Lyrical, Spiritual, and Lyric Storytelling", 2010's "Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey, Docs, Happy, Grumpy, Bashful (or Not),", and 2008's "Films that Lean to the Left, Lean to the Right, Stand Up, Sit Down, Fight! Fight! FIGHT!"

The Utah Arts Festival is one of the largest, most culturally rich artistic showcases in the western United States. The works celebrated at the festival stretch well beyond the borders of Utah, exposing over 80,000 festival-goers to a diverse collection of contemporary yet traditional, challenging yet accessible, thought provoking yet fun range of works over four frenetic days every June.

The Fear No Film Festival aims to celebrate a similar range of artistic excellence. Over 60 short films will be screened with non-cash awards awarded by a Grand Jury, the Utah Arts Festival, and by an audience vote.


Non-cash Grand Jury awards include the "2017 Utah Short Film of the Year," "Fear No Film Best of Show," and Honorable Mentions.

Non-cash Audience Awards may include categories such as "Film that changed my mind," Film that made me laugh 'til I snorted," "Film that made me think about my life and my place in the world," and "Film that made me mad enough to do something about it." YOU GET THE IDEA. THIS IS AN EXTREMELY FILMMAKER FRIENDLY FESTIVAL WITH AN AWARD SYSTEM THAT AWARDS INDIVIDUAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND KEY THEMES IN YOUR FILM IN ADDITION TO GRAND JURY VOTE.

Keep in mind this is Utah. We here in Utah have been attending and participating in outstanding film festivals long before "independent" meant Aston Kutcher, Paris Hilton, and U2 in 3D. Utah audiences are appreciative and extremely well versed in the very, very best the world of independent cinema has to offer. We all feel very strongly that the Fear No Film Festival is a place for filmmakers to be showcased and we will do anything we can to support the films and filmmakers that will become a part of our family and our history in 2017.

ANOTHER UNIQUE FEATURE OF THE FEAR NO FILM FESTIVAL: CANDID FEEDBACK. Because Utah is such an industry rich, independent minded state, we know that movies are never really finished, only exhausted. There is nothing like that 101st rewrite or that 75th edit. For the short films that are on the final bubble and don't end up being programmed, if you request we'll let you know why and how we think you could improve your masterpiece. Think of that. Shouldn't all festivals do that? This is not available for every submission, only those who make it to the last heated debates...

Good luck to each filmmaker with this and all future submissions. The effort is one thing, the tenacity another, but the guts to stand up and say 'by the way, this thing is brilliant' is what we admire the most.


Patrick Burns (Assistant Director, Utah Arts Festival); Topher Horman (Director and Coordinator, Fear No Film)


Fear No Film Festival (FNF) is a unique short film and video festival which is part of the greater Utah Arts Festival (UAF). Film is one of dozens of artistic mediums happening simultaneously. Screenings are shorter than stand-alone film festivals, and we do not have Q and A's after our screenings.

FNF accepts short films and videos of any genre regardless of year of production.

CHECK LIST: (If available, please include the following with your entry)

1. Two screen shots, minimum of 300dpi. (Please send these now, not later).
2. A short director's biography. (Optional, but required after acceptance).
3. A short film/video synopsis.
4. Entry fee
5. Online screeners are preferred, with an HD download link in case you are accepted.
6. Please mark all submission media clearly with name, address, email, title, WAB tracking numbers, and running time.
7. All applicants will be notified on approximately May 20, 2017 regarding their FNF entry.

Films under 25 minutes preferred. Please feel free to contact us if your film is a few minutes over and you are considering submitting to the Festival.


Upon entering FNF/UAF the artist(s) grant permission for the following:

1. FNF/UAF is permitted to screen submitted films at the Festival event and possibly in any other future non-commercial programs (public or private) that are approved by and associated with FNF/UAF, including a "Best of Fear No Film" screening. We would request permission from you first.
2. FNF/UAF is permitted to duplicate films for Festival and archival library purposes. FNF/UAF is not permitted to make copies of submitted films for any public distribution or commercial sale without written consent from the artist(s).
3. FNF/UAF is granted the royalty-free, irrevocable, non-exclusive right and license to exhibit any and all publicity materials related to the film, including but not limited to stills, press releases, bios, and trailers, in whole or in part, without limitation to territory, and /or to include said publicity materials with other works in any form, media, or technology.
4. Although every possible care will be taken with material while in our possession, FNF/UAF cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage. Do not send original material.
5. It is the responsibility of the artist(s) to obtain rights and permission for use music, film footage, and all other creative work related to their films prior to entering the FNF Festival. FNF/UAF is not responsible for any infringement of such rights.