11th Annual

Thin Line Fest

April 18, 2018 to April 22, 2018

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1501 South Loop 288
Suite 104, PMB 147
Phone: 888-893-4560
Fax: 888-893-4560

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Documentary Feature
This category is for all films that are 40 minutes or longer. We will review any type of documentary, on any subject, of any length, shot on any format, and completed in any year. Does that include your film? Yes!
Documentary Short
This category is for all films that are 39 minutes in length or less. We will review any type of documentary, on any subject, of any length, shot on any format, and completed in any year. Does that include your film? Yes! We not only want traditional docs, but also mockumentaries, docufictions, docudramas, or any film that pushes the boundaries of the documentary genre.
True Texas Travel
Thin Line Fest is excited to announce a new film category, the True Texas Travel Experience, sponsored by Texas Highways magazine. This category is for the best short documentary featuring an authentic Texas travel experience. Films need to
be ten (10) minutes or less. Judges will review traditional documentaries, mockumentaries, docufictions, docudramas, travelogues, events, or any film that celebrates the people, places and wide-open spaces that define the Lone Star State.


As Texas' international documentary film festival, our mission is to educate and entertain Texas audiences through the presentation of the best and most relevant documentary films from around the world. We strive to create a high quality festival experience; from filmmakers, to attendees, to each and every volunteer.

In 2018, Thin Line Fest will award nearly $20,000 in cash and prizes to the year's best feature and short documentaries. ALL types of documentaries are encouraged to submit including traditional and non-traditional styles.

Be a part of a true celebration of documentary films in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metropolitan area with audiences who fully appreciate the festival experience.


Thin Line Fest - Texas' International Documentary Film Festival is held in Denton - just north of Dallas / Fort Worth. The 11th Annual Thin Line Fest is April 18-22, 2018.

We are very excited to announce that Thin Line will award nearly $20,000 in cash and prizes to the best feature and short documentaries of the year including Best Feature and Short, Best Student Short, and the Denton Award.

Thin Line Fest will give your documentary our undivided attention during the review process. We review documentaries on any topic, of any length, shot on any format, and completed in any year. We want relevant stories with compelling characters and told in a creative way. A big concept for 2018 is "Truth."

Thin Line Fest is a multi-format festival focusing on three artistic areas: documentary film, multi-genre music, and category-specific photography. We love crossover opportunities and if your film includes a way to include one of the other festival areas please let us know. We also want to know about any Texas connection. Please include this information in your cover letter.

Thin Line Fest is set in the historic downtown square of Denton, TX. Denton is a progressive community with two universities. The music scene is one of the best in the country with plenty of places to catch a jazz ensemble or an indie rock band within a block or two of festival venues. We screen at the historic Campus Theatre while other events are held throughout the historic and lively downtown square. Surrounded by a lively and safe night scene, Thin Line Fest truly is one-of-a-kind.


Joshua Butler (President)


Promotional, instructional or industrial films, and raw documentation of performances are not eligible.

If selected, you will be asked to provide an exhibition format of your movie no later than April 4, 2018. Filmmakers are responsible for shipping costs. Thin Line will NOT send digital media back to you after the festival. All selected filmmakers will receive two complimentary VIP passes to the festival. We can also reserve tickets for your screening if requested. Thin Line Fest highly encourages its selected filmmakers to attend the festival. Difficult programming decisions are sometimes based on whether or not the filmmaker will be present. Hotel and ground transportation are covered for all filmmakers. Some air travel stipends are also available.

If your film is not selected, we encourage you to submit again next year. Often, films that don't quite fit the programming vision of this year's program, will work perfect in next year's. There is no limit to the number of times you can submit a particular film.



By submitting this application, I understand that I am agreeing to the following:

I own or control the copyright in and to, and am duly authorized to submit this movie to THIN LINE FEST, and to the best of my knowledge, all statements on this application are true;

This documentary is not subject to any claims or litigation and is not threatened by any claims or litigation;

If this documentary is selected for screening at THIN LINE FEST, I grant THIN LINE FEST the right to screen this documentary at the Festival;

I understand and agree that my film entry, if selected for the Festival, may be used for promotional purposes for THIN LINE FEST and/or its partners; and I grant THIN LINE FEST and its partners the rights to use footage, stills and/or titles and information from the film for such promotional purposes;
Should this documentary win any award, I am authorized and/or empowered by all parties legally representing this entry to receive all cash prizes and awards and to distribute them appropriately;

I fully indemnify and hold THIN LINE FEST and its partners harmless from:

a) damage to or loss of the film print, videotapes or digital media en route to or from THIN LINE FEST or during the course of THIN LINE FEST'S possession of the entry; and

b) from any claims which may arise in connection with my documentary film.

If your documentary is selected to screen in the Festival, you will need to provide the following:

Exhibition format by required deadline. Filmmaker is responsible for the delivery costs of the exhibition copy, including any applicable customs fees.

Please do not send any press or promotional materials until your film is selected for the program.