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01-Apr-2015 6:16am PDT  


Alliance of Women Filmmakers Script Competition

6 Annual

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1317 N. San Fernando Blvd. #340
Burbank CA 91504
Phone: 818-749-6162

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Script Competition
Alliance of Women Filmmakers Script Competition is an international competition open to all women writers.

Alliance of Women Filmmakers' scriptwriting competition was established to help advance the careers of women writers who create unique and powerful roles for women.

This script competition was established to further the mission of Alliance of Women Filmmakers to advance the careers of accomplished and emerging women filmmaking talent and to encourage more diverse and powerful screen images of women.

Five finalists and one winner will be chosen from each format (feature-length and short). All finalists will receive a script critique and passes to the annual Los Angeles Women's International Film Festival March 22 -29, 2013.

Alliance of Women Filmmakers was established 8 years ago with a goal to increase opportunities for women filmmakers. The organization has developed an international film festival that has showcased hundreds of films made by women of diverse back grounds and has established a database of women filmmakers world wide who share the same passion in creating powerful screen images of women.

Now going into its sixth year, the script competition and festival continue to provide a valuable avenue of exposure for talented women filmmakers, to share their diverse stories and bring awareness to critical issues through visual media.

Diana Means (Founder/ Director)

1. All scripts must be written by Women

2. Scripts can be either features or shorts of any length. First prize will be awarded to both formats.

3. All screenplays must be written in English. Screenplays must be in 12 point courier font. Pages must be numbered on 3-hole punched paper with two brads.

4. All Screenplays must include one title page with contact information and a 50-100 synopsis. Contact information should not appear anywhere else on the script.

5. No revisions will be accepted after submissions.

6. Screenplays must not have been produced, optioned, or currently have negotiations pending.

7. Writers can enter more than one screenplay; however each script must be accompanied by a separate entry form and entry fee.

8. Screenplays will not be returned; it is the writers responsibility to retain an original copy.


My digital signature attests: A. To the accuracy of the information supplied in this application. B. That the material submitted is my (our) sole and original work. C. To my (our) agreement to hold Alliance of Women Filmmakers harmless from, and defend them against, all claims, demands, losses, costs, damages, judgments, liabilities and expenses (including attorney’s fees) arising out of or in connection with any scripts submitted to Alliance of Women Filmmakers script competition. D. That the burden of obtaining copyright or otherwise protecting any proprietary interests in the material, if I (we) wish to do so, rests entirely with me (us). E. That the submitted script has not been produced, optioned, or currently have negotiations pending. F. That providing false or misleading information on this application, or failing in any other way to comply with the rules of the competition, may subject me (us) to disqualification, forfeiture of prize money and/or other penalties. G. That the script is registered with the Writers Guild of America or copyrighted with the library of Congress.