5th Annual

Detroit Windsor International Film Festival

June 20, 2012 to June 24, 2012

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15206 Mack Ave.
Suite 9
Detroit MI 48230
Phone: 313 881 0122

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Non fiction stories of import and impact!
Looking for family friendly features and short films, including animation and music videos appropriate for young audiences.
Music Videos
Video/Film accompanying original music, in a wide range of musical styles are welcome!
Narrative Features


The Detroit Windsor International Film Festival (DWIFF) reaches across borders and barriers, to create a truly International event that celebrates the Art of Film and inspires artists to develop a universal, visual and emotional language that reaches all cultures of our diverse, global community and highlights themes that illustrate our shared goals, values and dreams.


2012 is our fifth year of bringing world class films to the people of the international community in our venues of Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario.

Detroit is the face of the post-industrial world. It is the symbol of technological progress and the decline that is present in all settlements with manufacturing legacy cities. Along with our Sister City, Windsor, Ontario and the unique metropolitan region we share, greater Detroit reflects a unique mix of representative communities and reflects the people of our diverse planet.

Movies act as our common language, using visuals, music and emotions to convey meaning and understanding that overcome any barriers of the spoken word.

The DWIFF program returns this year with a full calendar of screenings, social events, workshops, panels, training and demonstrations that entertain and educate. We will showcase new technologies and shine the light on our extraordinary production community.

We acknowledge and celebrate the role of youth who will pioneer new techniques and tools for storytelling in the future. Special activities are offered and encouraged for kids of all ages.

The DWIFF is a truly International film festival- with activities designed to take place simultaneously in Detroit, Michigan, USA and across the Detroit River in Windsor, Ontario, Canada!. Anchored by the shared riverfront and International border, the DWIFF serves as a bridge to not only these two North American neighbors but to the world as well.

Detroit's Legacy of Talent

Our whole approach to life is about the rewards of hard work. Our insights and systematic way of approaching commercialization has inspired the world and made possible the prosperity of mass production. Our artists combine a passion for visual arts, music, the idiom of film, storytelling and the special effect arts,with the beauty of the metro Detroit and Windsor region to set a unique tone among the world's list of premiere festival events and venues.

We are the setting for the world's most historic and prolific manufacturing dynamic. Our stark urban setting sets us apart from festivals nestled in the mountains and surrounded by picturesque vistas devoid of significant human settlement. We are the reality of a globalized world.

Our hard working, blue collar workforce represents our vision and resolve. We are never defeated. We never surrender. We will nottgive up. We believe in humanity and the positive promise of the future. We figure out how to get things done and we in turn share our progress with the rest of the world.

After 100 years, the film production process is rapidly shifting from celluloid to digital. This new technology and work-flow is in an innovative time of pioneering evolution. Detroit represents this whole new stage for the art of film-making and the democratization of the medium. Detroit is known for our inventiveness, methodological analysis, creativity, and for being early adopters and replicators of technology and new ideas that can bring progress to industry.

DWIFF celebrates this tradition of pioneering leadership and fosters that creative approach for the aspiring artists who live and work here.

Filmmakers from around the world are invited to share their visions here in the heart of the urban, industrial world. This is where the next generation of filmmakers will explore the new technologies, to adopt and invent new processes that are changing every day. To explore new perspectives that can illuminate the way for others in a changing world.

The MIchigan Film Tax Incentives brought our state and region to the minds of the leadership, and Film took a place in the hearts of the industry, internationally, nationally and many in the metropolitan area, and as a result, the interest in independent film has skyrocketed with the creative community

Because DWIFF takes physically in places in two countries at once, we are a truly International Film Festival! The Detroit River connects- rather than separates our two cities and cultures and sends a welcome signal to the world. It states that our combined community represents and reflects the diversity of the world - and we invite the rest of the world to join us for a celebration of film and friendship.


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Rules and Requirements

The 2012 Annual Detroit Windsor International Film Festival (The Festival) is a four-day celebration of the Art of filmmaking. The festival is open to a wide range of subject matter and techniques. The festival will exhibit short and feature length films in narrative, documentary and animated forms. It is open to any filmmaker and is not limited to recent productions.


* The Festival does not pay shipping, customs or insurance costs for shipping selected works to the festival
* The Festival does not pay for the return of exhibition prints. Individual filmmakers may make arrangements for return, with pre-paid return postage/shipping.
* Preview materials will not be returned
* The Festival does not pay rental fees for work submitted
* Signing the entry form certifies that you are the rightful owner of the submitted work and own all rights and releases necessary for public screening
* If your film is selected, you will provide a final, exhibition DVD in pristine condition for screening no later than June 5, 2011 and agree to hold Detroit Windsor International Film Festival harmless in the event of loss or damage to entry and/or festival screening materials
* Partial or incomplete entries cannot be accepted
* Students must include photocopy of a current student ID

We highly recommend you include the following items with your submission:
• an online film trailer (or quicktime on DVD in pkg)
• 250 word summary of film
• photographs
• director bio
• official movie posters
• jpegs of publicity images, cards, marketing materials

You may upload these additional materials through your Withoutabox online press kit.

Note: These materials are requested for the first round of judging for DWIFF- a prescreening level. By Including these items above, you will help our programmers and judges in selecting the final program. A final judging panel will select the official list of films to be screened.

All video must be delivered on DVD in NTSC (US) format

Selection/Preview: DVD (region 1) or VHS (all preview copies must be clearly labeled with the title, running time, director?s name and contact email address)

Exhibition: DVD only. Upon acceptance, filmmakers may make special arrangements with DWIFF Administrators for additional formats.

Method of payment:
Check, money order or credit card through Withoutabox. Make checks payable to DETROIT WINDSOR INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL.


Detroit Windsor International Film Festival is hereby granted the right to utilize an excerpt from any film submitted and accepted for exhibition at the Festival for promotional purposes.

The individual or corporation submitting the film hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit the film for screening, and understands and accepts these requirements and regulations.

The undersigned shall indemnify and hold harmless Detroit Windsor International Film Festival from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.

1. Submit your entry online using Withoutabox.

2. Pay your fee using withoutabox.com and ship your submission preview copy DVD and materials to DWIFF address below.

2b. Alternatively, you may send your check or money order along with your submission to the DWIFF address below.

3. Send your submission DVD and a brief synopsis of your film to DWIFF. (Optional materials: press kits, posters, digital or printed film stills, filmmaker bios, reviews, list of previous screenings)


You must submit a separate entry for each film you submit to the Detroit Windsor International Film Festival. The Festival Committee reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any project. Works will be categorized at the sole discretion of the Festival Committee. The entry fee is nonrefundable and must be paid in U.S. dollars. All submitted materials become the property of Detroit Windsor International Film Festival and cannot be returned.