12th Annual

Green Film Festival in Seoul

May 07, 2015 to May 14, 2015

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A/2F Dongyang Bldg.
89-20, Seosomun-ro, Jung-gu
Seoul Seoul 100-120
South Korea
Phone: 82 2 2011 4392
Fax: 82 2 725 4840

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Green Competition
A. Films completed after January 1, 2013, never been submitted to GFFIS before.
B. Films that deal with environmental issues regardless of genre or contain environment-related topics at large.


GFFIS is a festival that seeks to share the hope for a better world where all the lives can be in harmony with environment and nature. Through cinema, GFFIS hopes to promote ideas of environmental protection and life respect to encourage public awareness and action for positive changes.


First established in 2004 by Korea Green Foundation, Green Film Festival in Seoul (GFFIS) is the first film festival in Korea to highlight environment issues. GFFIS is an annual event with one international competition and one regional competition among other non-competitive sections, and various events like workshop, NGO event, concert, exhibitions.

GFFIS would like to welcome all to join the festival where the concerns and visions about the future of our environment can be found and shared.

- Hosted by Korea Green Foundation

- GFFIS 2013
146 films from 42 countries
970 films submission from 86 countries
120 times screening
14,000 Audience
150 Delegates
40 Guest Visit (director or specialist appearance)

- GFFIS 2014
111 films from 35 countries
1,059 films submission from 97 countries
106 times screening
13,800 Audience
274 Delegates
38 Guest Visit (director or specialist appearance)


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