11th Annual

Biografilm Festival | International Celebration of Lives

June 05, 2015 to June 15, 2015

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via Paolo Fabbri, 1/4
Bologna 40138
Phone: +39 051 407 0166
Fax: +39 051 1889 1658

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International Competition
We select great Italian premieres, never been distributed in Italy, big and small stories that influenced and determined the world history, including:

- biographical fiction films and documentaries starting from 50 minutes length.
This section includes 10 films.

Biografilm Festival presents a selection of 10 great premieres in the section titled “International Competition”.
This category is judged by an international jury and by the audience of the festival.

In 2014 International Competition had the priviledge to host important Italian premieres such as “Ai Weiwei: the fake case", "The Legend of Shorty", "The Punk Singer”, “First to Fall”, “My Stuff”, “Dangerous Acts - Starring the Unstable Elements of Belarus”.
Contemporary Lives
We select great Italian premieres, never been distributed in Italy, that shows thematics that would encompass and deal with the Contemporary scenario, including:

- biographical fiction films and documentaries starting from 50 minutes length.
This section includes 10 to 15 films.

Biografilm Festival presents a selection of 10/15 great premieres in the section titled “Contemporary Lives”, section that aim to reflect tensions, questions and thematics proper of the contemporary society.

In 2014 Contemporary Lives had the priviledge to host important Italian premieres such as “Everyday Rebellion", "Gabrielle", "112 Weddings”, “Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth”, “Love Hotel”, “Journey to Jah”.
Biografilm Europa
Biografilm Europa pays homage to the best European biographical films of the past year.

This section includes 10 fiction narrative features that can be based on true or fictional life stories and characters. Lenght more than 50 minutes.

Best of Fest
Best of Fest is a no competitive section that includes international documentaries that have been awarded by international festivals during the last year, gathering public's enthusiasm. It's about those stories that became universal through cinema, yielding the potential force the art of the storytelling has to transform things. Lenght: more than 50 minutes.


Biografilm Festival | International Celebration of Lives is an international event entirely committed to promote and support biographies and life tales. The aim of Biografilm Festival is to find and to show life paths and experiences, big and small stories that influenced and determined the world history.


Since 2005, Biografilm Festival takes place every June in the medieval city of Bologna, Italy, that hosts the most ancient university of the world.

Biografilm Festival is organized by Associazione Fanatic About Festivals and its main location is the renowned Cineteca di Bologna.
During its 11 days of programming, Biografilm Festival has always dedicated wide visibility and attention to the best and most compelling biopics and documentaries from all over the world, with a special focus on European Cinema.
By dedicating specific care and focusing on the emerging and factual topics, the selection presents the following sections: International Competition, Contemporary Lives, Biografilm Europa, Best of Fest, Biografilm Italia and Biografilm Shorts. Furthermore, every year Biografilm Festival hosts a specific thematic section and retrospectives and homage to film directors, producers and artists who with their work has contributed to the development of biographical genre and documentary cinema all over the world.

Biografilm Festival is enriched by a further range of cultural events: live concerts and food district (Bio Parco), books presentations with international guests, masterclass for film students (Biografilm School) and art & crafts lab for kids (Biografilm Kids).

In 2014, for its 10th edition, Biografilm Festival has celebrated its anniversary by creating a new international gathering dedicated to film professionals : Bio To B - Doc&Biopic Business Meeting.
Bio To B is a 3 days networking event dedicated to promote Italian biographical documentaries and biopics in the international film market. In particular, Bio To B aims to support the film production of the region Emilia-Romagna, where Bologna is located. During the networking event, Italian and international sales agents, distributors and film professionals have the opportunity to discover new Italian productions and to take part in round tables focused on various topics such as: project development, pitching, funding, new media and the distribution of biographical documentaries and life stories.

Each year Biografilm Festival hosts a prestigious international jury which is composed by internationally renowned filmmakers, producers, actors, journalists, scholars and film critics.
During these ten years of activity Biografilm Festival had the pleasure to host among the others: Ed Lachman, Nicolas Philibert, Danny Bramson, Sebastian Lelio, Alison Klayman, Paola Pallottino, Filippo Vendemmiati, Jane Weiner, Marco Pettenello, John Scheinfeld, Leonard Maltin, Christian Rouet, Cass Warner, Yangzom Brauen, Jeremiah Zagar, Jade Marx.

Biografilm Festival has gathered a continuous consensus and support from many influential international personalities throughout the years, that are now part of Biografilm Festival Honorary Board. Among the others: Amy Adams, Robert Brinkmann, Clint Eastwood, Charlie Kaufman, Ed Lachman, Leonard Maltin, Ron Mann, Michael Palin, Don Alan Pennebaker, John Scheinfield, Spiros Stathoulpoulos, Julien Temple, Jaco Van Dormael, Cass Warner, Jeremiah Zagar.


Alessandra Sisti (Head of Production); Andrea Romeo; Andrea Romeo (Artistic Director); Chiara Boschiero (Programmer); Chiara Liberti (Programming Office)



Submission to the Festiva is open to short and feature lenght documentaries, full lenght feature film based on real stories and/or caracters.
The Festival will only accept films produced between 2014 and 2015, which have never been distributed in Italy nor seen on Italian TV.
More than one entry may be submitted.
A submission fee is requiered and you can find more information inside each Festival section.

The applicant is requested to load the film into WAB and/or to send an online preview of the film by email to: programma@biografilm.it . DVDs will be accepted, but it can’t replace the online preview. Please note, that DVDs will not be returned.
If you send a DVD from outside the EU, please also include a Proforma invoice stating amount and currency. For all letters sent from outside the European Union, please mention “Temporary export. For cultural purposes only. No commercial value. Insurance value for custom purpose only. No commercial transaction involved.” and mark “No value”, or not more than “10 US$”.

Biografilm Festival
Programming Office
Via Paolo Fabbri 1/4, 40138 – Bologna, Italy
Tel. 0039 051 4070166


For exhibition purposes, we kindly require the following formats:
> Blu-ray
> Apple Pro Res
Films are screened in original language version with Italian subtitles. In principle, if not with English dialogue, films must be subtitled in English.
It is strictly requested, after acceptance for exhibition, a timecoded dialogue list and a English subtitles list.


The Festival selects films for three international competitions (International Competition, Contemporary Lives and Biografilm Europa), one national competition (Biografilm Italia) and non-competitive sections.
In case your film gets selected and you have sent only an online screener, please note that we will need the film as a DVD or a on-line link for press/internal use.

Moreover, the following materials is required for each film selected: timecoded dialogue list, 1 Italian and/or English subtitles list, synopsis and bio/filmography of the director for catalogue purposes, 4 images (min. 300 dpi), film poster.
The requested materials should be sent by email within 5 days upon acceptance of the invitation, but not later than the 1st of May.

Unless authorized by the Festival, the print/video selected for the festival must be made available for the whole festival period and the print/video must arrive in Italy within the 5th of May. The sender is requested to inform the Festival on the means of dispach, date of shipment and Airway bill number.

After official selection of a film, the Festival is qualified to use excerpts from the film, with a maximum of 2 minutes, nationally and internationally for promotional purposes (for short films, the total duration of the excerpts is not to exceed more than 10% of the film’s running time).

General scheduling and the timetabling of the public screenings and Press & Industry screeenings are entirely at the discrection of the Festival.

A selected film cannot be withdrawn from the programme after aceptance of Biografilm Festival formal invitation.

Entry and partecipation of films implies unconditional acceptance of the regulations. In unspecified cases, any final decisions are at the discretion of the Festival.

If you have any questions just ask to the Programming Office: programma@biografilm.it .


Submission to the Festival implies acceptance of the Festival Rules.

Biografilm Festival is hereby granted the right to utilize an excerpt from any film submitted and accepted for exhibition at the Festival for promotional purposes.

The individual or corporation submitting the film hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit the film for screening, and understands and accepts these requirements and regulations.

The undersigned shall indemnify and hold harmless Biografilm Festival from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.