7th Annual


November 04, 2013 to November 09, 2013

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c/o 14 Wilfrid Terrace
Edinburgh Midlothian EH8 7DH
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0) 797 050 7251

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Dance for Camera
Dance on Camera – Films featuring dance/ movement specifically choreographed for the camera. Short documentaries can be submitted under this category.
Dance with Camera
Dance with Camera – Films featuring dance/ movement with the movement/use of the camera integral to the choreography.
Is it Dance?
Is it Dance? – Films with a visual arts emphasis with a more experimental edge but still with a focus on movement and dance. Challenging.
Film/screendance/movement based visual art works that work better as installations on screens in a variety of venue settings.
Feature Non Documentary
This category is for feature length dance films that are not documentaries. They can be fiction or experimental or even one long music video. But dance must be the central concept of the film
Feature Documentary
This category is for feature length documentaries about dance. It can be about a particular dance form, or a dance group or dance performance/project, or the effect of dance on society and culture and people. Dance must be at the core of the documentary.


Premier dance film festival in the beautiful capital city of Edinburgh in Scotland.

Celebrating dance and film in all its glorious forms, from shorts to features, documentaries to musicals and live screen based dance performances to installations.

Now in its sixth year, DANCE:FILM 13 will be expanding its scope and and reach and will be using venues all over the city.


After DANCE:FILMs 07, 09, 11 and a mini outing at the world renowned Edinburgh Fringe with DANCE:FILM 10, DANCE:FILM is back in November 2013 for its fourth biennial big bash.

For DANCE:FILM 13 we are initially inviting submissions for feature length films (fiction or documentary).

And we are also accepting submissions for works under the category of

Submissions for shorts will open in August 2013.

On 19 November 2006, Jason Solomons wrote in The Observer about why people love dance films. He mentions the feel-good factor about dance films that leaves people with the sensation of "walking on air". With this festival, we know it will leave you "dancing on air"!


Steph Wright (Director); Steph Wright (Director); Steph Wright (Director)


Dance and/or choreographed movement must be a prominent element in the film.

Just having a small dance scene does not qualify.


All films and works submitted must have a prominent element of dance and/or choreographed movement. By submitting a film to DANCE:FILM, you are agreeing that your work meets this criteria. Also by submitting your work, you are agreeing for your it to be viewed by programmers and that if selected, you will provide the film for screening for no fee. If selected, you will also be asked for permission for the festival to keep your film in archive. Any submission queries should be made to submissions@dancefilm.co.uk