7th Annual

SHORTSNONSTOP Online Film Festival

September 15, 2014 to September 15, 2014

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444 Bathurst St., Studio 2
Toronto ON M5T 2S6
Phone: 416-979-8800
Fax: 416-979-2227

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SHORTSNONSTOP is a year-round online film festival, experienced by enthusiastic audiences worldwide - anytime, anyplace, on any device. It is a showcase of short films and web series pilots produced for the growing audience of digital entertainment consumers.

Unlike other film festivals, SHORTSNONSTOP is a year round festival that accepts entries on an ongoing basis with two prize periods per year.


iThentic presents SHORTSNONSTOP, an exciting online film festival reaching a global audience via desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

Founded in 2007, in partnership with The CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival, SHORTSNONSTOP has been presenting the best in short filmmaking from around the world, celebrating truly innovative work from international filmmakers to a rapidly expanding audience of online viewers.

All genres are accepted - narrative, documentary, experimental, music videos, web-series - and filmmakers and videomakers are encouraged to submit their work for consideration. The running time of films submitted to SHORTSNONSTOP cannot exceed more than ten minutes.

After each prize deadline, 10 finalists will be selected by our programmers for promotion and distribution consideration by iThentic and it's partners - YouTube, Amazon, and EOne Entertainment. Our esteemed Jury of industry professionals will select one filmmaker in each prize period to be awarded a cash prize of $1500.


Rachael Shapiro (Programmer)



February 15 2014, August 15 2014

* Films must be RECEIVED by the deadline date to be considered for that deadline. If your application is submitted before the current deadline but your film arrives after the deadline has past, your film will be applied to the next deadline period.

AWARD ANNOUNCEMENTS: 15 days after deadline.

iThentic presents SHORTSNONSTOP, a year round online mobile film festival that you can experience anytime or anyplace.

In each award period, 10 finalists will be selected. These top 10 films will be promoted and distributed by ITHENTIC on it's website, YouTube Channel and via its distribution partners. From the Top 10, one winner will be selected and awarded a cash prize of $1500. In order to receive your prize and distribution of your film, you must agree to the ITHENTIC license agreement noted below. If your film is not selected as a top ten finalist, it will not be distributed but will remain on the SNS website.

All categories and genres of short film are accepted, including drama, comedy, animation, horror, sci-fi, documentary, experimental, web-series episodes and music videos.

* All intellectual property (copyright, music, trademarks, logos, etc) must be cleared
* English or no dialogue only
* Running time no more than 10 minutes
* Any country of origin acceptable
* Completed since January 1, 2010
* Previous short film festival screenings acceptable
* No porn, no extreme violence
* Must be copyright cleared

The Festival programmers will view all submissions and select the top 10 finalists. A Jury will select award winners. Decisions of the programmers and Jury are final.

Participants will be notified via email, please ensure that you provide a working email address.

If you are not chosen as one of the top ten finalists but would like to be considered for distribution by ITHENTIC, you may do so at your project profile page at www.shortsnonstop.com


Basic outline of the iThentic Content License Agreement (not the ACTUAL agreement):

You are giving us permission to put your “mobisode” (a mobile audio visual work) up – and let people download or stream it – on the iThentic website, on cellphones and anyplace else where we do business. The rights you give us are non-exclusive, meaning you can also post your mobisode any place you like. You are also giving us permission to make other products and derivatives - whether wireless, streaming, for download, or for any other distribution method now in existence or yet to be developed - from your mobisode, and to use both your mobisode and any products we make, or permit to be made, from it on all other media, like DVDs and television. The deal lasts for six months. After six months, the deal continues until one of us cancels it by writing to the other. After one of us cancels, we will take your mobisode off iThentic, but you realize that your mobisode and some other products we make from it will already be “out there” and we can’t take them back.

You may make money three ways.
• Each time someone downloads your mobisode, individually, and pays for it we pay you 50% of our share of that sale.
• If your mobisode is part of a subscription service, where customers pay, say, a monthly “all you can eat” fee, then we take 50% of our share of that money and distribute it to our producers. Your payment will be based on the how many views, out of the total, your mobisode(s) accounted for. In other words, you’ll get a proportional piece of the overall producers’ share.
• The same goes for advertising revenue. We’ll take 50% of total ad sales and distribute it, proportionally, to our producers.
• For other products or uses, just like we do with the advertising revenue, we’ll take 50% of the total revenue and distribute it, proportionately, to our producers.

We’ll make payments quarterly, within 60 days of the end of each calendar quarter. You will not be paid though unless your share of revenues is at least $20. If it’s less than $20, we’ll hold onto it for you until it reaches $20, and then we’ll pay you.

On your side, you need to make sure that you have permission to use everything in your mobisode: the people, the footage, photos, the music – everything. You agree that it’s not our fault if it turns out you really don’t have all the permissions you need.

That’s pretty much it. Our lawyers require that you to agree to the full content license agreement, below, which basically says what we just said, with many more words, before we can accept your mobisode.

This is the ACTUAL agreement:

iThentic Content License Agreement - Acquisitions
Terms and Conditions
By submitting your audio/visual content, sometimes referred to as a mobisode, (the “Content”) to iThentic USA Inc. (“iThentic”), you, the content provider (the “Provider”), acknowledge that you have reviewed and agreed to this Content License Agreement: For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged:
Rights Granted. Provider grants iThentic, its successors, subsidiaries, parent and related companies, licencees, assignees, and third parties acting on iThentic’s behalf:
1) The non-exclusive right to offer Provider’s submitted Content (as defined in Exhibit A) for download and streaming (as such terms are understood in the United States of America Internet industry during the Term hereof) by all current and future forms of electronic delivery, in all formats, including home video. The forgoing includes, but is not limited to the right to publicly and privately use, perform, post, distribute, display, edit, copy, publish, translate, promote, and license the Content for free or for a fee, reproduce, license, and distribute, broadcast, promote and exhibit the Content on mobile devices, websites and other forms of online and wireless access, including IPTV, and through any future means or methods of downloading and/or streaming now known or hereinafter devised. 

2) The non-exclusive right to use, exhibit, license, distribute and exploit the Content, in whole or in part, alone or in combination with other content or material, in any and all digital media now known or in the future devised for any purpose whatsoever including but not limited to television and home video/DVD, and the right to edit or format the Content for such use.
3) The right to use the Content, portions of the Content and/or individual audio or visual elements of your Content at our sole discretion in the promotion of the Content or iThentic for the duration of the agreement without any payment to you. 

4) The right to format your Content for size, sound, and/or file format to be suitable for playback on different devices. 
Without limitation, the forgoing includes the right of iThentic to grant license to end users to reproduce and store the Content on fixed media and/or mass storage devices and to perform, display and exhibit such Content.
Territory. The rights granted hereunder shall be worldwide.

Term. The rights granted hereunder shall commence on the date of Provider’s acceptance of this Agreement and expire on the latter of one (1) year from the successful delivery of the Content to iThentic in iThentic’s sole discretion or one (1) year from the launch of iThentic as represented by the offering of any Content for sale by iThentic to third parties. At the end of this initial one-year period, this Agreement will automatically continue until either iThentic or the Provider cancels it, in writing, on thirty (30) days notice. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Provider acknowledges and agrees that iThentic shall have the right to continue to distribute and exploit any products existing at the date of termination which contain the Content in whole or in part, and that certain third party mobile content providers may, if already licensed, continue to offer the Content for a period of time upon expiry of the Term, provided that iThentic continues to remit to you your share of revenues in accordance with the terms hereof.

Services provided by iThentic. After Provider uploads Content through iThentic.com or other digital means or sends a submission in a physical form to iThentic, iThentic screens your submission along with others and picks the best content to be viewed on, offered by, or sold through iThentic.com and/or our mobile service, which may be distributed to third party wireless carriers, as well any other platforms and media that we support. iThentic has sole discretion to select which submissions to offer or not to offer. Through iThentic, selected Content may be organized into genres, individually branded channels, or categorized by some other metric; as well as made searchable by user provided tags. iThentic may market iThentic, its products and services, and in some instances your Content, to promote usage and carriage of iThentic on all platforms and media. iThentic reserves the right in its sole discretion to reuse or reject any Content submitted including but not limited to the right to post, not post, or remove any Content or features with or without notice for any or no reason. Additionally, in no event will iThentic be obligated to return any submitted Content to the Provider.
Compensation. a) iThentic shall pay Producer 50% of all Net Revenue. For the purposes of this Agreement, “Net Revenue” means all gross revenue received by iThentic for the Licensed Content including advertising served within a video player that displays the Licensed Content (including overlays and pre-roll and post-roll advertising) as well as fees derived from sponsorship or syndication of the Licensed Content, less any direct sales commissions or direct distribution expenses (which shall be capped at 20% of the gross revenue).
b) iThentic will pay Producer in US Dollars its share of Advertising Revenue within sixty (60) days from the end of each calendar quarter which the Advertising Revenue was collected by iThentic. If the Advertising Revenue for any calendar quarter is less than $20, then no payment will be due and the amount will roll over until the next quarter and/or the total accumulated Advertising Revenue due to Producer is greater than $20.
Delivery. Video files under 200MB are to be uploaded directly to iThentic.com. Files larger than 200MB or web series need to be sent via FTP or Mail. Supported file formats include Windows Media (.wmv), Audio Video Interleave (.avi), QuickTime (.mov), MPEG 1/2/4 (.mpg, .mpeg), 3rd Generation Partnership Project (.3GPP), DVD, and Digital Video.
• While iThentic may make reasonable efforts to protect and manage the digital rights of Content on iThentic, we do not guarantee that illegal pirating, copying, or use can be avoided in all instances. Provider understands the risk of making available any digital content and will not hold liable iThentic for any such unauthorized use by a third party.

Right to reject or remove Content. In the event that your Content is deemed, in iThentic’s sole discretion, to be offensive, defamatory, malicious, or otherwise an infringement upon the rights of, or insulting to, third parties, iThentic shall have the right to remove such Content from the website and withdraw it from distribution.
Representations and Warranties. By submitting Content to iThentic, Provider warrants and represents that Provider has irrevocable permission to use and transfer all elements of the Content, including but not limited to ideas, music, video, literary material, images, photographs, likenesses, locations, software or any other material or work performed in the creation of the Content, tangible or intangible, on a non exclusive, perpetual, and royalty free basis, including all elements collectively as a single work. Provider has complied with all copyright, intellectual property laws, and other U.S. and international law, and will not upload Content that violates intellectual property rights, infringes the privacy of others, or contains illegal material. Provider represents and warrants that Provider has all rights necessary to publish and distribute any Content that Provider submits to iThentic and has obtained waivers of moral rights from all applicable rightsholders. Provider indemnifies iThentic, its successors, licensees, assigns, attorneys, employees and partners from any and all claims, demands or liability arising from the Content and/or Provider’s breach of any representation, warranty, term or condition of this Agreement. Provider expressly acknowledges and agrees that Provider is solely responsible for any materials Provider uploads to iThentic.com. iThentic and Provider each warrant that they each have the right to enter into this Agreement unencumbered and to carry out its terms. Provider represents and warrants that Provider is over the age of 18, and, if Provider lives in a state/province where the age of majority is older than 18, Provider represents and warrants that Provider is over the age of majority, and as such is able to agree to the terms and conditions set out herein. This Agreement does not and is not intended to create any confidential or fiduciary duties between iThentic and Provider. Provider indemnifies and holds iThentic harmless from and represents and warrants that Provider is solely responsible for any claims, liabilities, damages, or harm arising from violations of any third party’s personal rights (including but not limited to, privacy, defamation, false light) or property right (including but not limited to intellectual property, copyright, or trademark) as a result of iThentic’s use, exhibition, display, broadcast, distribution, or use of the Content by iThentic.
Other. This Agreement is intended by the parties hereto as a complete and final expression of their Agreement and understanding with respect to the subject matter hereof. This Agreement may be assigned by iThentic without Provider’s consent. The parties agree that this Agreement will be construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of the State of New York applicable to Agreement entered into and to be wholly performed therein, and the parties hereto agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal and state courts of the State of New York located in New York County.