19th Annual

Vancouver Asian Film Festival

November 05, 2015 to November 08, 2015

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455 Prior Street
Vancouver BC V6A 2G3
Phone: 604 251 6828

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All Narrative accepted
All Animations accepted.
All Experimental accepted
All Documentaries accepted.
Digital/Interactive (Including webshorts/series)
All Digital/Interactive (including web shorts/series episodes) accepted except for commercial videos, advertisements, previously broadcast television, music videos and trailers.


VAFF provides a unique forum of visual media, panels, networking, and artistic development for independent Canadian Asian, North American Asian, Asian international diaspora and mixed heritage filmmakers, whose perspective, discourse and voice otherwise remains little heard in mainstream film festivals and media. In an annual program with events throughout the year, VAFF:
a) Provides an industry and community forum for themes and issues of relevance to our demographic
b) Showcases work usually not found in mainstream film and television
c) Fosters understanding of the evolving culture and appreciation of work
d) Promotes dynamic and innovative images of Asians, especially Canadian Asians
e) Develops co-operation, open dialogue and communication within the wider independent and commercial filmmaking industry and community, and between diverse Asian communities and other communities
f) Develops mentoring and support for filmmakers, and an audience for their growing filmography
g) Encourages corporate partnership and sponsorship, donorship and endowment to raise more awareness of the importance of fostering arts and culture among private enterprise and corporate citizenry.


The Vancouver Asian Film Festival (VAFF) is the oldest film festival of its kind in Canada, entering its 19th year in 2015. From its beginnings in 1995 and incorporation in the spring of 1997, VAFF has been an annual visual celebration of the best in film and video from Asian- Canadian, Asian-American and Asian international diaspora filmmakers and videographers.

VAFF is a not-for-profit film festival society committed to supporting both emerging talents and established filmmakers, offering programming from a North American-Asian and Asian diaspora perspective with stories and visuals rarely seen in mainstream media. VAFF offers uniquely relevant storytelling from diverse filmmakers to diverse audience members, achieving our goal of celebrating diversity in film.

Visiting artists have included Justin Lin, Evan Jackson Leong, Jessica Yu, Tze Chun, Quentin Lee, Michael Kang and Freida Lee Mock, as well as BC filmmakers Julia Kwan, Mina Shum, Nilesh Patel and Jeff Chiba Stearns.

Available awards include a juried award for Best Canadian Short, presented by the National Film Board of Canada.

Programming includes 10-13 film programs incorporating feature length and short films and videos, featuring an Artist/Concept Spotlight, Foreign Spotlight, Vancouver Shorts, Q & A sessions, panel discussions, an industry luncheon, and gala events.

All screenings for VAFF19 will take place at the Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas, a multiplex theatre within downtown Vancouver?s historic Chinatown and Gastown districts.


Grace Chin (Festival Director); Grace Chin (Festival Director); Grace Chin (Festival Director); Kathy Leung (Festival Registrar); Robin Chan (Producer); Shanshan Yin (Festival Registrar); Shanshan Yin (Festival Registrar)


? Open Call submissions received after May 31, 2015, will not be considered for the 2015 festival (unless deadline extended by VAFF). NO EXCEPTIONS.

Press Kit Materials
? Your submitted press kit should have all files labeled descriptively, and should contain:
o A film synopsis (approximately 100 words) and logline;
o Film stills (photos or hi-resolution electronic images: minimum 1200?1800 pixels @ 300 dpi) for program guide and publicity;
o A cast and crew list;
o The director?s biography (80 words) and photo (see above for technical specs);
o Press/publicity clippings and list of awards and screenings (Word or PDF)

Notification of Festival Selections
? You will be notified of festival selections on or around September 15, 2015, or earlier.
? If selected, a Notice of Acceptance (NOA)?including a request for press kit information and festival attendance RSVP?will be sent to you.
? The Notice of Acceptance must be completed, signed and returned by the deadline date listed, or your position in the festival will be offered to another film.

Exhibition Screeners: Files
? Send digital file download link to printtraffic@vaff.org

Exhibition Screeners: Shipping Policy and Guidelines
? Ship exhibition prints (Blu-Ray or DCP) to VAFF, prepaid, to arrive no later than October 15, 2015.
? If exhibition prints/files are coming from other festivals, VAFF must receive print traffic contact information of the prior festival two weeks prior to VAFF?s start date.
? If VAFF is to send the exhibition print/file to another film festival, this outbound address must be given to VAFF one week prior to the start of VAFF or it will be sent back to the print source.

? Please mail or courier your exhibition print/file to:
Print Traffic Coordinator
Vancouver Asian Film Festival
1178 W. Pender Street
Vancouver, BC, V6E 2R9

? The filmmaker is responsible for providing any required paperwork for the shipping of his/her films, particularly those coming from outside of Canada.
? VAFF does not insure the films during the festival or during shipping?this is the filmmaker?s responsibility. VAFF takes no responsibility for loss or damage to films in transit.
? Do not send the original, or your only copy, of your film/video.
? If shipping a disc or hard drive/thumb drive, use bubble wrap envelopes or stiff cardboard backing rather than fiber-filled packages or envelopes.
? Please ensure the file/print is playable before sending to VAFF. Please also include any relevant screening notes with your film, if possible.
? Please label your films as ?For cultural and educational purposes only.?
? If the film is coming from outside of Canada, please identify on the package that it is a temporary importation and that the films will be returned to the original country.
? If your film is being shipped from outside of Canada and you are declaring the value of your film as above CAD $20, this may delay your film at Canada customs, so please send it two weeks earlier than planned.
? VAFF PAYS FOR ONLY THE RETURN OR OUTBOUND* SHIPPING COSTS OF THE SCREENING FILM/VIDEO. INBOUND SHIPPING CHARGES WILL BE COVERED BY PRINT SOURCE OR OTHER FILM FESTIVALS. *If by special arrangement VAFF pays for inbound shipping, the outbound shipping cost must be covered by the print source or the forwarding contact/festival.
? Always use a tracking number, regardless of whether the film is sent by post office or courier*. *If you are sending by a courier, we recommend using FedEx. Many filmmakers have encountered border delay issues and poor or lack of communication with UPS.
? Any costs incurred by VAFF as a result of the filmmaker not following the provided shipping guidelines may result in charges to the filmmaker to recover these costs.

? Programming/Curation: programming@vaff.org
? Submissions: submissions@vaff.org
? Notice of Acceptance (NOA) and Print Traffic (contact only after August 1, 2015): printtraffic@vaff.org
? Festival Attendance/Liaison (contact only after September 15, 2015): filmmaker@vaff.org


The applicant must hold the necessary rights for the submission and exhibition of this work. The applicant agrees that if his/her title is selected, that any photographs and/or video submitted to VAFF may be used by the festival or a third party authorized by the festival for the purpose promoting the festival (online, in print and media).

OPEN CALL SUBMISSION/ENTRY FEES: VAFF does not waive entry fees for Open Call Submissions.

RENTAL/SCREENING/DISTRIBUTION FEES: As a not-for-profit, VAFF does not pay these fees but instead invests resources in providing the best possible showcase for your work, and promoting your work as widely as possible.

ARTIST FEES: In fulfillment of its mandate, VAFF is provided with a small amount of public funding for artist fees to independent Asian Canadian artists only.