6th Annual

Bootleg Film Festival New York

September 19, 2013 to September 22, 2013

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Bootleg NYC
New York New York NYC
United Kingdom
Phone: +447949073558

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Short Film
We accept any form including animation.
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We accept any form including animation.


I can. I will. I did. The mantra for the Bootleg Film Festival.

The festival started as a reaction to the slow-moving, often secretive who-you-know film-business, where nepotism seemed to outshine creative talent.

It has since grown to become a burgeoning hub, whereby we not only celebrate each other's work, but we actively push it to the next level.


New York is happening on our fifth anniversary, so we're pushing hard to make it a HUGE celebration with films, networking, bands and lots and lots cool awards - all happening at TriBeCa Film Center in Manhattan, NYC.

Set up to showcase the best underground films, in a non-conformist, non-black tie event. We love the filmmaker in ripped jeans and their battered Converse, shooting lo-fi movies on the rent money. Bootleg is the festival for the mavericks.

The Bootleg Film Festival has had no home. It has no boundaries. Instead of happening in the same venue every year, it has been moving around, shifting from city to city.

Always with the aim to bring the best fresh films from around the world to new audiences every year, Bootleg has quickly gained ground as a white-hot meeting-spot for new talent. All of the selected movies are showcased on the website and through the local media, encouraging and inviting a crowd.

The first Bootleg Festival was held at Offshore in Glasgow, Scotland, back in '08.

Taking in the unique urban cool of the city, washed with its metropolitan soul and deep rooted Caledonian heart. Glasgow rocked, and it paved the way to films cutting distribution deals. Next, it moved to the Monkey Cafe in Swansea, South Wales, and realised new ambitions for the little city by the sea...

Then, in February '11, we went even bigger, even badder, and certainly, even better - by doing it all over again in London. There were packed out screenings every night, lots of networking, and it was one huge celebration of great films.

In May 2012 we took our first overseas gamble by taking the event to Toronto, Canada. It was three days of fantastic films, Q&A's, live events and a ton of networking, with new bonds being made that span the globe.

We're fresh from Edinburgh in March 2013 and New York in September 2013 - this will be our first bi-annual, across the Atlantic set of events.

Bootleg is all about the films that were recognised through sheer determination. At some point, a filmmaker has to say "I can" then "I will", and eventually, if they stick at it through the tough times, "I did." The Bootleg Festival will be screening some of the finest movies from some of the gutsiest filmmakers working today.


Jeffrey P Nesker (Executive Director); Jeffrey P Nesker (Executive Director); Jeffrey P. Nesker; Neil Rolland (Creative Director); Tom Wilton (Festival Director); Tom Wilton (Festival Director); Tom Wilton (Festival Founder and Director)


Please pay attention to the CATEGORY RULES when submitting. REMEMBER: We are an ALL DIGITAL festival - we do not accept DVD or Blu-ray screeners.

Strictly NO FEE WAIVERS available. Sorry.

Selection judges decisions are final.


1. The works submitted are done so in whole faith, and should any issue of right to screen emerge, the Submitter accepts all responsibility.

2. The Submitter acknowledges that the Bootleg Film Festival may wish to screen the submitted works at the festival and hereby gives the right to the Bootleg Film Festival should the works be selected.

3. The films will be viewed by a select team to decide the works to be screened. We cannot issue reasons if a film is not selected, but we will endeavour to give feedback where possible.

4. All applicants to the Festival will be noted of acceptance or denial via email in advance of the Festival.

5. The Festival DOES NOT provide costs to attend the Festival, but it will endeavour to supply detailed advice on good means to attend the screenings and places to stay.

6. All decisions are those of the selection committee and are final.