11th Annual

Atlantic City Cinefest

October 18, 2019 to October 20, 2019

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997 Sonesta Ave NE
Apt. Q106
Palm Bay FL 32905
Phone: 609-457-5480

DECISIONS ALREADY MADE • This event has already made decisions and notified submitters for the current cycle. Submissions are no longer being accepted.

Feature Film: all genres: adventure, romance, thriller, horror, crime, etc...
This can be on any theme or subject, longer than 60 minutes
Short Film (60 minutes or less): all genres: adventure, romance, thriller, horror, crime, etc...
This can be on any theme or subject, shorter than 60 minutes
Feature Screenplay, 80-130 pages, general subject
A feature of any genre.
Short Screenplay, 10-45 pages, general subject
Self-explanatory. Any topic, any genre
One Minute Film Festival
We use films less than 5 minutes in this category.
Feature Documentaries
Whether you have a feature or short documentary the Atlantic City Cinefest is seeking works like yours.
Short Documentaries
Film less than 60 minutes in documentary format
Mental Health/Addiction Feature
Features that deal with mental health or addiction
Mental Health/Addiction Short
Short films narrative that deal with mental health or addiction
Children's films
Any film that centers on children up to 17.
Films made by teenagers
Films in which the director is 19 or under


The Mission of Atlantic City Cinefest is to present a cultural event for residents of and visitors to the communities of Margate, Ventnor and Longport, Atlantic City, Ocean City and beyond.

The festival, operated by Downbeach Film Festival, promotes new films, both of a general theme and a specific theme chosen each year. The event will also create a forum to exhibit such new films, and honor the art form of moviemaking in panel discussions, honoring filmmakers, screenwriters and actors.


The festival seeks a mix of features, shorts and documentaries. The festival also includes a screenplay component also with features and shorts.

In our first year, we honored Kevin Smith with our Lifesaver Award for lifetime achievement and William Forsythe with the Chameleon Award for character acting. In 2009, we gave the awards to Martin Kove and Louis Mandylor, respectively. In 2010, we honored Chris Mulkey, who has a recurring role in Boardwalk Empire.

in 2011, we honored Scott Rosenfelt, producer of "Home Alone," "Mystic Pizza," "Teen Wolf" and "Smoke Signals," and directed "Standing Silent," a powerful documentary we screened.

In 2012 we used multiple venues for the first time, screening films at Dante Hall, Carnegie Center, Showboat and the Golden Nugget. We honored Terence Winter, creator and head writer for "Boardwalk Empire" and New Jersey native, character actor, Peter Dobson. We also featured Robert Downey Sr., who attracted a sellout crowd for his satire, "Putney Swope." Winter screened a future episode of "Boardwalk Empire."

2013 brought more terrific films and the beautiful Dominique Swain as our honored guest. This year we hope to bring more surprises.

In our first five years, we screened some terrific films, including "iMurder," "Ice Grill USA," shot in Atlantic City by area natives, "Green," a film made by friends from Cherry Hill, and an eclectic mix of shorts, docs and features, such as "Rainbow Rabbit Reliant," "Stained," "Gerrymandering," "No Footing," "A Fight for Survival," "Murphy Goes... Babysitting," "The Desperate," "Taking a Shot at Love," "Deconstructing Dad," "Moment of Truth," "Fallen Heroes," "The Fifth Door," "Johnny's Gone," "Bidentity Crisis," :White Mule," "Sharp Love, Sharp Kittens," "Kvetch," "Death Taxes and Apple Juice," "Pandora's Box" and "The Meat Puppet," among others.

In 2014, we honored Tom Malloy, director, actor, producer. Tom screened his drama, "Ashley." We also ran our first block of films devoted to LGBT subject matter. This year we will specialize in films dealing with themes of interest to senior populations, in addition to general content.

In 2015 we honored Brian O'Halloran, of "Clerks" fame. Brian made an impassioned speech about the value of film festivals in the promotion of independent films. 2016 brought us Blanche Baker of "Sixteen Candles" and Scott Schwartz of the three Ocean movies.

In 2017, our 10th anniversary, honored character actor Al Sapienza and filmmaker Harris Haith. Baker and Rosenfelt also returned for the milestone festival. We also screened more films than ever during the three days. Last year, we honored actor Chris Mann and actress Bonnie Bedelia


Jack Skyyler (Creator); william sokolic; william sokolic


See specific rules under each category


Submission fees are not refundable
Paper scripts must be bound with brads and registered with the WGA
Scripts will not be returned without a self-addressed envelope
Film submissions must include two DVDs.
If selected, filmmakers must provide a logline and brief synopsis
We do not accept submissions without fees.