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30-Mar-2015 5:59am PDT  


Irish Film Festival, Boston

15 Annual January 01, 2015 to January 01, 2015

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Film Market
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48 Highland Street
Waltham MA 02453
Phone: 617 3125429

CLOSED FOR THE SEASON • Information may be outdated. Add this event to your Watch List and set a Remind-Me if you want to be notified when the next Call For Entries is posted.

The Best Breakthrough Feature Award honors those filmmakers whose feature films represent the very best of Ireland and the Irish on screen.
Global Vision Documentary - work that represents the very best of Ireland and the Irish on screen.
Short Fiction/Animation
Most Inspiring - Short fiction/animation work that represents the very best of Ireland and the Irish on screen.

The Irish Film Festival, Boston celebrates the very best of Ireland and the Irish on Screen.

Increasingly filmmakers from Ireland and the Irish diaspora are turning to the visual media arts to express themselves and their culture. Within the last ten years alone Irish cinema has emerged as a dynamic global phenomenon, expressing a culture focused on the island of Ireland but spread out to all four corners of the globe. Encompassing a near-limitless array of experiences and aspirations, Irish filmmakers from around the world challenge traditional notions of Irishness and force us to expand our understandings of what it means to be Irish in the 21st century.

The BIFF Awards were inaugurated in 2003 to honor those filmmakers whose work represents the very best of Ireland and the Irish on screen.

The Boston Irish Film Festival (BIFF), was founded in 1999 by Jim Lane and Peter Flynn. Originally conceived of as a once-off film series, the festival became an annual event with Flynn as director. In 2003 BIFF expanded its operations to include the annual BIFF Awards to celebrate the work of outstanding filmmakers. The festival became a non profit in 2008 with Peter Flynn and Dawn Morrissey as Co-Directors and Siobhan Fanning as its Producer. The festival went through a re-branding in 2009 and now goes by the name Irish Film Festival, Boston. It is now the largest of its kind outside of Ireland, offering an annual festival, a film market, seminars and year round screenings.

Admin Accounts (Call for Entries Accounts) ; Dawn Morrissey (Director) ; Dawn Morrissey (Co-Director)

All work submitted should represent the Best of Ireland and the Irish on screen. If filmmaker is not Irish, then the content must be Irish related.

Online submissions such as Vimeo must have access codes. Do not post film other than trailers to uTube
Send DVD screener and supporting materials (see entry form checklist) together. Clearly identify the title of the work, filmmaker and running time on the outside of the DVD case and the DVD . Be sure DVD format is Universal - 0. Entries must be shipped in reusable containers or bubble pack envelopes.

If you are an IFTN Member submitting for the special IFTN rate, please send proof of membership with your submission. Students should send ID # and college.


I understand that submission of my work authorizes BIFF Productions Inc. to use the work for publicity purposes related to the Festival; that the Festival will handle prints/videotapes/DVD's with utmost care but cannot be held liable for any damage or loss during shipping, preview, or screening; and that BIFF Prods. Inc. is not responsible for any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, or royalty infringement related to work.