19th Annual

MIFF Awards - Milano International Film Festival Awards

October 29, 2019 to November 30, 2019

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Via Tertulliano, 55
Milano 20137
Phone: +1 323 992 4144
info@miffawards.it / programmer@miffawards.it

OPEN CALL FOR ENTRIES • Select a Category of Entry to continue.

Feature Films
Any feature length film (minimum 60 minutes) that has not yet been theatrically released, televised or already distributed in DVD in Italy. Italian premiere not required, though.
Documentary Films
Any documentary film (no less than 45 minutes) that has not yet been theatrically released, televised or already distributed in DVD in Italy. Italian premiere not required, though.
Short Films (15 to 30 minutes)
Any short film between 15 and 30 minutes.
Short Films (under 15 minutes)
Any short film under 15 minutes.
Short Films (Italian)
Any short film up to 30 minutes made by an Italian production or in Italian Language.
Film Lungometraggi in Lingua Italiana
Tutti i film lungometraggi (lunghi almeno 60 min) in lungua italiana.

Non sono eleggibili i film già usciti in sala prima dell'assegnazione dei premi con una distribuzione ufficiale; i film distribuiti indipendentemente (sala per sala) usciti in più di una Regione italiana; i film usciti su network televisivi o già distributi in DVD in Italia.

Potranno partecipare film completati dopo il 1 gennaio dell'anno precedente all'edizione in corso; i film che siano usciti esclusivamente online; e film completati prima della data indicata se ancora non abbiano avuto un'anteprima aperta al pubblico.


19th EDITION, NOV, 2019 - ITALY

From its inception, MIFF successfully presented some of the best independent productions from around the world. Referring to Sundance, as a role model and style of films presented, MIFF was the representative International film festival in the city of Milan for about a decade.

With the additional component of a Film Society (Leonardo Da Vinci Film Society), the film festival was transformed with a revolutionary format, MIFF AWARDS; a new concept for film events - an award with a winner film festival program, dedicated to filmmakers and distributors.

Founded in 2000, MIFF, now MIFF Awards, has been conceived with a steadfast mission to encourage and support the distribution of films that reflect the best story-telling attributes on screen from all over the world.



Following the pattern of Sundance, with films based on a strong story-telling attributes, MIFF is distinguished as the leading international movie event of Milan. After 10 years, MIFF has introduced itself as a brand new genre in the world of cinema events, and evolved with MIFF Awards in 2010.

MIFF Awards is an innovative twist between the traditional Film Festival and the conventional Awards Ceremony formats. MIFF Awards is the only event in the world referring to the Academy of Motion Pictures rules with "nominations" for new and not released films, able to maintain the premiere status of the nominated films, and showing an exclusive Winner filmmakers' film program in competition for a Top Audience Best Film Award at the festival.

That's the core content of the festival. In this new format all Nominated filmmakers' films are exhibited privately to LDV Film Society members and follows with a full program of public screenings for the awarded films only. The Audience Award among all the winners is the ultimate winner film (Best Film category) giving a push towards distribution.

MIFF Awards also make available to Winner films to participate to "MIFF Best" showcase at the Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles during AFM (American Film Market), thereby facilitating further exposure for the awarded films.

For the complete rules and regulations in Italian please visit www.miff.it


MIFF - Milan International Film Festival took its first step in 1999, born from the vision of its founder Andrea Galante, and made its first official appearance in a press-conference at AFM 2000. After the first ten years MIFF changed his name in MIFF Awards, in 2010.

MIFF Awards is organized by "Leonardo Da Vinci Film Society" (LDVFS), a non-profit Italian cultural organization, holding its Nineteenth Annual International cinema exhibition in Milan, Italy (Nov. 2018). Following its past editions, the Festival will highlight the art of moviemaking – the freedom and integrity of artistic audiovisual expression with strong story-telling attributes.


MIFF has been highlighted by the presence and support of many important names in the film industry, such as Bernardo Bertolucci, George Clooney, Charlize Theron, Giancarlo Giannini, Michael Radford, Franco Nero, Daryl Hannah, Minnie Driver, Mark Damon, Peter Falk, Sandra Oh, Alexander Payne, Danny De Vito, Vincent Schiavelli, Pupi Avati, Pietro Scalia, Ezio Greggio, Martin Landau, Vera Farmiga, Paul Sorvino, Gianmarco Tognazzi, Matteo Garrone, etc.

The Festival awards its filmmakers with the Da Vinci Award, a prestigious statuette of the Horse sculpture, symbolic for the city of Milan, and designed by one of the most significant people of all time, Leonardo Da Vinci. Among the recipients of the 'Da Vinci Award' are many Oscar and Golden Globe Awardeed such as Martin Landau, Charlize Theron, Sandra Oh, Renèe Zellweger, Giancarlo Giannini, Claudia Cardinale, Peter Falk, Bernardo Bertolucci, Kristen Stewart, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Alexandra Maria Lara, Gary Sinise, Thomas R. Tognazzi, Chris Paine, Anne Walton, Pietro Scalia, John Daly, Mario Monicelli, Paul Sorvino, Mira Sorvino, Vittorio Storaro and many others.

Leonardo’s Horse Awarded Films have consistently been acquired by major Italian distribution companies as was the case with Lucky Number Slevin, Matching Jack, Finchè Nozze Non Ci Separino, Bubble, Becoming Chaz, Head in the Clouds, How Much Your Building Weights Mr Foster?, Girl Model, LennoNYC, Virunga, etc.


Andrea Galante (Director/Founder); Andrea Galante (Director/Founder); Andrea Galante (Director/Founder); Delia De Fazio (Translations Director); Filomena Velotto (Best Italian Language Film Category Nominations); Leonardo Motta (Programmer)


(Per il regolamento in lingua Italiana si prega di consultare il sito www.miff.it al link ISCRIZIONI)

Film entries submitted to MIFF Awards go through the selection process by our programming committee. The selected films are then notified of their "nominated for awards" status.

The nominated films are then privately shown prior to the festival to Leonardo Da Vinci Film Society (LDVFS) Members, to determine the winner in each category. The ballot takes place online only to members.

Online Screeners can be sent with a link and password, after registration and uploading of all the info requested and WAB payment, prior or along with the link, via email.


Nominee filmmakers' films are exhibited privately to LDVFS members only and therefore are able to maintain their public premiere status. In fact only the Winner Films will be screened at the festival for the audience. This new format offers, a full program of public screenings for the awarded films, with an additional Grand Winner Audience Award - ultimate Best Film Category Winner certificated by the public opinion - giving a push towards the distribution.

if the film will be provided with Italian subtitles - and both English for non-English films - the fee will be waived and returned later if selected as a Nominee.

Please contact programmer@miffawards.it if you have any further questions.


Each Category has specific Terms that applicants can see in the Category section chosen. All these regulations are also specified in both English and Italian on MIFF website www.miff.it at the link SUBMISSIONS or ISCRIZIONI.
Here the Terms and Conditions of Entry to which all applicants must agree in general (per l'Italiano si prega di consultare il sito www.miff.it).

• The Selection or Programming Committee's decisions (for the Nominations), LDVFS Members' (for the different Category Winners) and Audience's voting opinion (for Best Film Da Vinci Award Category) are final.

• Entry constitutes agreement with the Rules and Regulations as set forth in the application. Please read the rules of entry on WAB carefully and communicate it to all appropriate parties of your organization prior to registering your title.

• Submission does not guarantee the Nomination of your film for MIFF Awards.

• Nominee and Winner films have the rights to quote the recognition and the respective Winner logos for all activities related to the promotional life of the film and distribution, in Italy and around the world. A Nomination and a Winner logo will be sent as soon as a verdict will be officially reached and announced (ask if you do not receive it).

• IMPORTANT: Texts, images, film info, entry fee and so forth must be uploaded and paid via Withoutabox.com, but please note that if you do not upload your film online, two (2) DVD screeners of the film need to be physically mailed to the address indicated.

• MIFF Awards reserves the rights to show all the Nominee films to LDVFS Members (close to the public) and Awarded films to a public audience during the festival and to LDVFS events.

• A Nominee filmmaker announced as a Winner will be provided with lodging (an hotel room) to receive the Da Vinci Award and participate at the festival's Winner screening.

• To preview your submission we accept SECURE ONLINE SCREENER only. You can also send via email to programmer@miffawards.it (please make sure your project title and submission tracking number appear in the subject line). For those exception who have no other way than send a DVD please MAKE SURE THE DVD IS WORKING all the way up to the final credits. FOR ALL NON-ITALIAN FILMS: please inquire at your expedition companies on regulations for clearing the dvd through Italian customs for Cultural porpuse with the minimum charge. MIFF Awards will not cover any customs fees or expenses so the package will be sent back to the sender.
IMPORTANT: Entries will not be considered unless the submission is completed and the entry fee is paid online at Withoutabox.com.

• Be aware that missing information may delay processing and/or cause rejection of application.

• Films/videos that are planning to receive television exposure, including network, cable, pay TV and/or theatrical release in Italy prior to the Winner Announcement are not eligible for MIFF Awards (different rules per category apply).

• Work-in-progress will be considered only if a “first cut” can be previewed.

• More than one entry may be submitted by a single applicant. An Entry online, a corresponding Entry Fee on Withoutabox.com and a WAB code must accompany each and every entry (if you send DVDs the code must be written on the screeners).

• If your film is nominated for Awards, a specified film file format must be sent to our Subtitling Department immediately when requested. Your film might be anticipated as a Winner, but if exhibition material is not received early enough to allow the subtitles production, the entry may be forfeited and replaced with the withdrawal of the Nominee Status (filmmaker highlighted in the applications will be contacted shortly after the Nominees are announced). The festival reserves the rights to proceed with a legal action for any damage caused to the organization.

• Non-profit Cultural Association LDVFS reserves the right to use footage, title and information of the Nominated films for promotional purposes on media (web and archive festival's pages included). MIFF Awards organization also reserves the right to use Nominee or Winner films at any non commercial LDVFS or MIFF Awards hosted event.

• Films submitted and accepted as a Nomination must provide press kit material as set forth in the Withoutabox.com submission rules. Also a video-trailer in .MOV format in Low Res for the web will be requested to the Nominee films announced. Different materials apply to different categories, and various items in HD for TV exposure and promotion may be added if the film will be announced as a Winner.

• Film produced in languages other than English must have legible English subtitles. If selected as a Winner, complete dialogue in English and Italian of the movie must be provided in a Word doc format. English language films will be screened with Italian subtitles*; Italian language films will be screened with English subtitles. All other films will be screened with Italian subtitles. MIFF Awards Nominees grant permission to “audio-describe” the film for the sight-impaired and to translate and dub dialogues in Italian for promotion purposes.
*FOR FEATURE AND DOCUMENTARY FILMS CATEGORY NON-ITALIAN LANGUAGE ONLY: if the film will be provided with Italian subtitles and both English for non-English films, the fee will be waived and returned later if selected to the festival.

• If informed in advance, Nominees and Winners are strictly prohibited from communicating their winning status before the Award Announcement. Divulging the status before the official LDVFS/MIFF announcements may result in the withdrawal of the Nominee Status or the award, and replaced with the following film in the ballot runner-up.

• Title of work and category of submission along with the WAB code must be available if online Screeners are sent with a link and password, all the info above must be sent along with the link, if sent via email, or labeled or well written on DVDs sent for selection.

• MPORTANT FOR ALL NON-ITALIAN FILMS: please inquire at your expedition companies on regulations for clearing the dvd through Italian customs for Cultural porpuse with the minimum charge. MIFF Awards will not cover any customs fees or expenses so the package will be sent back to the sender.

• MIFF Awards organization, Non-profit Cultural Association LDVFS, reserves the right to make any necessary changes in regulations or Festival scheduling without prior notice for the best result of the event.