5th Annual

Film North, Huntsville International Film Festival

September 18, 2014 to September 20, 2014

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16 Highland Avenue
Toronto ON M4W 2A3
Phone: 416 9280161

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Animated Film
This film may be a short or a feature length.
Feature Length Film
Any narrative work of fiction or non fiction with a running time of at least 70 minutes.
Documentary Film
Any non-fiction film with a running time of at least 50 minutes.
Entirely scripted or improvised fictionalizations of actual events are ineligible. Some dramatization of actual events are acceptable, however, the selection committee will ultimately decide the category suitability.
Short Length Film
Any narrative film with a running time of 70 minutes or less, or, any documentary film with a running time of 50 minutes or less.


Our mission is to create a film festival of the highest excellence, open to Canadian and International film makers. Discussion forums will reflect current issues and cinematic impact.

We encourage and welcome submissions from genres of Animation, Comedy, Musicals, Education, History, Travel, Art, First Nations, Biography and Documentary.


About Film North.

Jewel of Muskoka. Stepping stone to Algonquin. Gateway to the Lake of Bays. The town of Huntsville has always been renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty. But now the spectacle continues indoors with the Film North Huntsville International Film Festival. Huntsville’s diminutive size (a population of 18,000) and relatively isolated location (a two hour drive north of Toronto) ensures an intimate atmosphere for film fans to share and discuss their passion, and guarantees that Film North will become a unique destination on the film festival circuit.

Film North highlights the talents of emerging Canadian and international filmmakers and provides them with a place in which to exhibit, promote and discuss their films. At Film North the spotlight is squarely on the films and their makers.

2013 was a resounding success for Film North. Thanks go out to the terrific FN team and the loyal partners, donors, film industry, friends and volunteers without whose support we could not go on.
Congratulations and thanks for the over 200 brilliant submissions, of which we presented 35 of the best. Statistically, it is a pleasant note that 25 films were Canadian, followed by 5 from the USA, 2 from the UK and 1 each from Bhutan, Netherlands and New Zealand. 26 films were shorts. 9 films were features. 11 of the 35 filmmakers were women, and 7 films were by local Muskoka residents.
A humorous coincidence is that we were long on comedy, with 15 films in that genre. This speaks cohesively to our 2013 Retrospective Series theme Representation of Stand-Up Comedy in Feature Films. The King of Comedy, directed by M.Scorcese, and Louis CK:Hilarious , directed by Louis CK, brought audience from far and wide.
On Thursday’s Opening Night we screened 2 shorts, The Container, directed by J Dorji, and The Snow Spirit, directed by L.Salas Rejes, (Best Animated Film Award), to a near sold out audience. General Romeo Dallaire’s recent film Fight Like Soldiers, Die Like Children, directed by P. Reed, produced by P.Raymont, edited by M.Hozer, was the feature film, and would go on to win the Golden Antler Viewer’s Choice Award.
The popular Friday Shorts screenings returned with 20 short films of which S is for Bird, written & directed by M.Sadowski, would win Best Short Length Film Award, Pretty Thing, directors, E Mirabelli & M.DeFilippis, would win Best Emerging Canadian Filmmaker Award, The Captain’s Log, written & directed by B.Pfister & J.Haenel, would win Best Documentary Film Award, Noah, directed by P.Cederberg & W.Woodman, would win TIFF’s You Tube Award for Best Canadian Short Film, and the feature film Sex After Kids, Directed by J.Lalonde, would win Best Canadian Feature Length Film. The program was heavy with premiers, one of which, Robert Redford’s All Is Lost, directed by JC Chandor, the Friday evening feature, had its Canadian Premier at Film North to the delight of our audience. This is an outstanding film and we are rooting for an Oscar nomination for Redford’s performance, an acting tour de force, with only one word of dialogue.
Saturday’s Gala Awards Closing Night films showcased the feature Who The F..k is Arthur Fogel, directed by R.Chapman, produced by W.Thompson, and the short, Genevieve (1965), starring Genevieve Bujold and directed by Michel Brault, this year’s Bull’s Eye Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. At 82, Brault was the last of a handful of Canadian trailblazing filmmakers of the 20th century, establishing the Cinema Verity, or reality style filmmaking. We are honored that he acknowledged and was delighted with this award and saddened by his unexpected passing away en route to Huntsville that Saturday September 21st, to accept it in person.
The advantage of longevity is 20/20 vision. This has allowed us to develop an identity. . In our first year 2010 we hosted 9 filmmakers. Now, three years later, we graciously hosted 50 filmmakers and welcomed 1000 audience over 2 ½ days. This made for brilliant Q&A sessions! It would be fair to say that Film North is a filmmakers’ festival with an audience preference driven program.
Stay tuned for 2014, our 5th Anniversary, when we continue to present a world-class film festival in the heart of Canada’s beautiful Muskoka.


Bear Schaal (Filmmaker); David Bird (Web Administrator); Emily Pickering (Filmmaker); Julia Kubazki (Programming Assistant); Kathryn Griffiths (Co Co-Founder/Director of Programming); Katie Parkes (Intern); Lucy Molnar Wing (Founder, CEO); Wayne Thompson; cameron wing (Co-Founder/Vice Chair)


It is our mandate to encourage emerging filmmakers. Thus we have not specified that the submissions be specific to movies which have not been world premiered.

Only films submitted through the Withoutabox listing are in competition for an award.
These are: Best Short, Best Feature, Best Documentary, Best Animated and Viewers Choice.

Film North reserves the right to share film makers' contact information for the purpose of facilitating introductions for film industry promotional opportunities. Please notify us in writing if you do not wish your contact information to be provided to film industry personnel or for promotional opportunities.


Film North, Huntsville International Film Festival is hereby granted the right to utilize an excerpt from any film submitted and accepted for exhibition at the Festival for promotional purposes.

The individual or corporation submitting the film hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit the film for screening, and understands and accepts these requirements and regulations.

The undersigned shall indemnify and hold harmless Film North, Huntsville International Film Festival from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.

Film North reserves the right to share film makers' contact information for the purpose of facilitating introductions for film industry promotional opportunities. Please notify us in writing if you do not wish your contact information to be provided to film industry personnel or for promotional opportunities.