1st Annual

PriFilmFest - Prishtina International Film Festival

June 05, 2009 to June 12, 2009

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Mother Theresa Street
RTK building 4th floor, no.46
Prishtina Republic of Kosovo 10000
Phone: +37744506767
Fax: +38138555038

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PriFilmFest's mission is to open doors of the newest country in the world, Kosovo, to welcome different cultures of the world through cinema, using it as a medium to promote open dialogue between cultures and nations.
PriFilmFest – Prishtina International Film Festival, seeks to bring the best of world cinema to Prishtina and Kosovo, and to promote the best of Kosovar film to the international audience.

PriFilmFest aims to develop local and international talent, by enhancing growth of the industry in the country. It will also provide an invaluable cultural benefit to the people of Kosovo.


Ms Vanessa Redgrave, famous British actress, Oscar and Golden Globe winner, has confirmed that she will be the President of the Board of PriFilmFest, and will support the Festival through her network of contacts from the world of film.

PriFilmFest is an initiaitve that aims to promote Kosovo as the newest state in the world through culture. By bringing good films and various prominent names of the world of film to Kosovo, the Festival will be the oportunity for the Kosovar filmmakers to meet with the international film industry and promote their projects.

This festival is set to happen in June 2009. The founders of the Festival are experienced professionals from the field of film, television, marketing, PR, event organisation and design, that have gathered to make this festival a success from its first edition. Following the examples of many countries in the region and world, it has been proven that the best promotion of a country is through its culture.

On the Board, which has an advisory and promotional role for the PriFilmFest, are also Mr David Gothard, British director, Mr Isa Qosja, Kosovar director, Mr Shkumbin Istrefi, Kosovar actor and film producer. We are working to complete the Board, and invitations have been sent to other prominent and public figures.

The Festival will happen in the period between 5-12 June 2009. During the seven nights of the Festival, we are working to bring some premieres of the regional, European, and world film industry.

10 years after the war and on the first anniversary of its Independence, Kosovo still doesn’t have a real public event that could grab the attention of the media aside from political things. The Kosovo film industry is struggling.

With PriFilmFest, Prishtina and Kosovo will get a name and a brand in the world, and it will not be political. With PriFilmFest, Prishtina and Kosovo will welcome the culture of the world for 7 days and this is very important for the brand of a new country, because we will be able to show that our life is not all about politics.


Faton Hasimja (Creative Director); Fatos Berisha (Artistic Director); Orhan Kerkezi (Festival Director)


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