5th Annual

AniMazing Spotlight Animation Shorts festival

September 01, 2014 to September 15, 2014

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P.O. Box 251435
Los Angeles CA 90025

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Animated Shorts, 12 mins. or less
The AniMazing Spotlight competition is open to undiscovered and/or rarely seen short animation that has received no major award prior to submission to AniMazing Spotlight. There are no limits on format. For filmmakers, there are no age limits or education requirements. Even animation industry professionals exploring the independent sector are eligible, or works-in-progress!


AniMazing Spotlight is a unique competition for animated shorts. We’ve lined up an international panel of animation experts who will review the shorts and select award winners, but most importantly, will give personal comments on every short entered. These can be used for edification and promotional purposes.

We select quarterly winners, and the AniMazing Spotlight Festival culminates in a final awards ceremony in September, with about 40 nominees in various categories.


Starting Jan 2013 AniMazing Spotlight will accept submissions over the course of two years and have their Final Awards Ceremony in September 2014. During this time period there will be five sections in which to submit your short.


1 - Jan 1 to Mon April 15
2 - April 16 to Mon Aug 12,
3 - Aug 12 to Mon Dec 9


4 - Dec 10, 2013 to Mon April 7, 2014
5 - April 8 to Mon July 14

Each section will present two awards for Excellence in Animation, and from these ten winners, we will select the three top Best of Festival winners, and another dozen Category awards, such as Story, Humor, Technique, Student award, first film, and foreign film, etc. The top Best of Festival winner is presented the Bozu Bronze trophy. The ceremony will be held on Sunday, September 18th, 2014 at Woodbury University's state of the art theater in Burbank, California, where we held our 2nd Annual festival, a perfect venue to get to know other filmmakers and animation professionals.

Final Awards Ceremony Presenters will include top animation artists in the Hollywood and Burbank animation worlds. In addition, Special Programs will feature remarkable and worthy shorts from the past and present.

The 20 member panel of first-quarter international experts includes:

Bill Matthews, Disney Features, Head of Training
Glendale, California, USA (2009 & Jury panelist)

Dave Master, Acme Virtural Animation Training
Carbon Canyon, California (new 2010 panelist)

Gene Deitch, Legendary Animation Director
Prague, Czech Republic (2009 panelist)

Kaj Pindal , Danish Animation Director
Montreal/Toronto Canada

Bill Dennis, Disney alum, Exec. Director ASIFA International
Mumbai, India (2009 panelist)

Paul Dopff, Animator/Children’s Workshop
Verneuil-sur-Indre, France (2009 panelist)

Weiling Guo, Producer, Taurus Entertainment
Beijing, China (new 2010 panelist)

Nancy Beiman, Animation Prof, Sheridan College
Oakville, Ontario, Canada (2009 & Jury panelist)

Jose G Moreno, Head of Animation Loyola Marymount.
Playa Del Rey, California

Lennie Graves, Lucas Film Animation

Jim Keeshen, Producer & Animation Department Head
Santa Monica, California (Special Jury panelist)

Larry Loc, Animator & Animation Professor
Laguna Beach, California (Special Jury panelist)

Ellen Meske, Independent Animation Director
Amsterdam, The Netherlands (new 2010 panelist)

Frank Mouris, Ground-Breaker of Frank Film
Nassau, New York, USA (2009 & Jury panelist)

Monique Renault, Acclaimed Woman's Animator
Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2009 panelist)

Malcolm Turner, London Intn’l Animation Festival
Melbourne, Australia (2009 & Jury panelist)

Paul Wells, Historian/Screenwriter/Educator
Loughborough, England (2009 & Jury panelist)

Sharon Wu, Animation Festival Curator
Los Angeles/Taipei (2009 panelist)

Tee Bosustow, AniMazSpot Festival Director
Hollywood, California, USA

Nick Bosustow, Oscar Winning Animated Shorts Producer
Rockridge, California (Special Jury panelist)

Carolina López Caballero, Animator/Documentarian
Barcelona, Spain (2009 panelist)

Silvina Cornillón, Award winning Animation Producer
Buenos Aires, Argentina (Special Jury panelist)


Jim Keeshen (Festival Director/Entries); Tee Bosustow (Director); Tee Bosustow (Director)



The AniMazing Spotlight competition is open to undiscovered
and/or rarely seen short animation (12 minutes or shorter) that has
received no major award prior to submission to AniMazing Spotlight.
There are no limits on production year or format. For filmmakers, there
are no age limits or education requirements. Even animation industry
professionals exploring the independent sector are eligible!

All shorts must be submitted online through www.animazspot.com or on DVD in NTSC format, with no copy-guard. This allows duplication for judging. For foreign-language shorts, English subtitles or dubbing are recommended, but not required. AniMazing Spotlight’s initial rights are limited to retaining the submitted DVD in our archives, pursuing the judging process, using clips and images for festival promotional purposes and screening the short(s) at the Annual AniMazing Spotlight Awards Ceremony. Any additional rights requests will be made through direct contact with the filmmaker.

Judges’ Comments:
Every short submitted to AniMazing Spotlight will be viewed,
critiqued, and commented on by at least three international animation
experts on our judges’ panel. Awards are given out quarterly and annually, but comments will be sent approximately one month after our receipt of the DVD. These comments become the joint collateral of the AniMazing Spotlight competition and the filmmaker(s). One comment will be engraved on the winners’ award certificate, and all can be used for the promotion of the work.

Critique by specific experts on the panel during the voting period
or at later dates, when new experts join our panel, can be obtained for
an additional fee of $50.00 USD (select the + Critique by Selected Expert option when you submit). The filmmaker need only submit the names of two requested panelists in the Withoutabox Cover Letter or via email and referencing the film's tracking ID number. AniMazing Spotlight guarantees that at least one of those experts will review the submission.

Every entry submitted will be assigned a tracking ID number. All communication about the entry should include this ID number.
Scoring will be based on ten categories, and will determine the two
winners each quarter. The eight quarterly winners will be judged
separately to determine the year’s Best Animated Short.

The Ten Categories of Excellence are …
- Uniqueness: Does this short stand out from the others?
- Story: Is it a compelling, dramatic, funny, or unique, narrative?
- Character: Do we believe in the character and care what happens?
- Animation: How well does the movement support the whole short?
- Importance: Is there an intrinsic value in the premise of the short?
- Technique: Are there unusual approaches that heighten the effect?
- Artistry: Is the overall visual aesthetic outstanding?
- Audio: Are music and effects used to best advantage?
- Clarity: Is the theme coherent in its progression throughout?
- Moral: Are we left with a thoughtful message?

Category Awards:
Category Awards will acknowledge shorts that may score very high
in some categories but not as well in others. The shorts themselves will dictate our selection of the Specialty Awards.


AniMazing Spotlight is hereby granted the right to utilize an excerpt from any film submitted and accepted for exhibition at the Festival for promotional purposes.

The individual or corporation submitting the film hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit the film for screening, and understands and accepts these requirements and regulations.

The undersigned shall indemnify and hold harmless AniMazing Spotlight from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.