2nd Annual

Colortape International Film Festival

November 15, 2014 to November 01, 2015

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PO BOX 328
Brisbane QLD 4122
Phone: 61 4567906027

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0-60 Seconds Commercial Making Competition
Filmmakers must make a tv commercial or promo between zero to sixty seconds long including credits. Must be filmed in High Definition.
Requirements will vary during each event. Therefore, please check on Colortape's web site for more competition details.

Feature film & Documentaries
Any feature, genre longer than 30 minutes. Non-English films must enter the foreign films category. See foreign films competition.
Animation (2D & 3D)
Any 2D or 3D Anima or Manga is accepted in this category.
Project files in Maya, Poser, or 3D Studio or any other formats & softwares are welcome.

A storyboard or drawings provided will get extra points.
Short film
Short Films. Any genre and length.
Script Writing (Screen)
Screen writing contest, TV writing contest, Movie Idea Concept, TV Show idea contest, Student contest

* Studio-level feature screenplays or pitches (must fall under action/adventure, comedy, fantasy, or horror/thriller)

* Original pilots or pitches for TV

* Adaptations for film or TV

Scripts MUST be your own and holder of the copyright. All terms and conditions outlined by Withoutabox must be reviewed and agreed to.
Musical Video Clip (Film Score & Sound, SFX)
Coreographed musical video clip.
Foreign Films (Non-English)
Movies made in other languages than English. Directors , producers or writers can be from an English background but the movie MUST be made (narated) in a language other than English. For movies made in English with foreign subtitles please enter another category (feature films).
0-60 Seconds iPOD Content Competition
Make an iPOD Vidlet clip for use in advertising for iPODs. Any promo in any format and suitable length is welcome!
Lower Third Banner & Titles Competition
In the television industry (especially in North America), a lower third is a graphic placed in the title safe lower area of the screen, though not necessarily the entire lower third of it, as the name suggests.

Lower thirds are most commonly found in television news production, although they also appear in documentaries and even have begun to make appearances in amateur videos thanks to home-video non-linear editing systems (NLE).

Lower thirds can be created using basic home-video editing software or professional-level equipment. This equipment makes use of video's alpha channel to determine what parts of the graphic or text should be transparent, allowing the video in the background to show through.

This competition is aimed at rewarding participants for their effort, creativity & skills.

Requirements: any format is welcome. From Adobe PSD file to FCP Motion etc.
Chormakey Scene Montage Competition
Chroma keying is a special effect that revolutionized filmmaking. In video and film production, chroma keying on green or blue screen allows filmmakers to combine shots, change locations, fix mistakes, maximize budgets and create impossible effects. Every day, audiences see the result of chroma keying's innovative history.

Hence, we would like to give an opportunity to all filmmakers to present their chromakey montage to showcase their creativity and skill in creating visual effects using this particular technique, by entering this category of the competition.

Participant must explain the segment of the montage where it has been used and how it was done.


Aiming to be the most prestigious and recognized film festival whilst Australia's largest "online" multicultural event endeavors to connect cultural backgrounds from every corner of the world!!!! The Colortape International Film Festival is a platform for international and local professionals and developing animators/filmmakers/script writers/digital content creators/musicians to showcase their creative skills and help them expand their careers. Colortape International Film Festival is a festival created by industry professionals to support filmmakers world wide. We plan a Red Carpet premier for films on Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Perth WA, Brisbane QLD, Sydney NSW, Melbourne VIC, Adelaide SA, Hobart TAS, Darwin & Alice Springs in NT, and capital cities throughout Asia, Africa, South & North America, Europe, Middle East. We pride ourselves because our global festival which runs simultaneously online in many countries at the same time, offers the wider audiences the opportunity to experience this unique source of entertainment that take place simultaneously on a global scale, involving many countries and people from various backgrounds. Unique in the world! Whilst this will be an online only event we are trying to expand the competition in the long run to a red carpet premier not just in Australia, but also on every continent. A live broadcasting service will be negotiated in the future with major networks around the globe to showcase most of the submitted works. A televised red carpet premier will also be negotiated eventually.

The aim of the competition is to bring exposure to great animators, filmmakers and films, scripts, ideas & topics, graphics designers, creative minds and digital content that might otherwise not break in through a more traditional festival process.

Also the aim is to merge the world of amateur and professional filmmakers, producers & directors, creators of TV commercials, promo and video clip makers to student filmmakers, from media, marketing, graphics design, animation, film, IT and other related fields to enter and showcase in a unique competition with the help of Colortape International Film Festival hoping to impress the world audience, fellow competitors, investors, sponsors and possibly future employers.

How will this work in your favor? The submitted films will be viewed and judged by industry professionals, hailing from a large number of countries, many who are/were partners or affiliates through association within the film industry, people that hail from either a marketing background, international advertising agencies, or former or current sponsors, joint-venture partners in other projects with the founders of the film festival.

These professionals and invited guests will get direct access to your submitted animations/musicals/films/promos/vidlets/scripts and together with the feedback and recommendations from the panel judges and will help us make a fair and transparent as possible choice, the right selection of winners, runner ups and anyone else who deserves recognition. Any special recognition for everyone. From cast & crew too.

We believe that EVERYONE submitting or making something deserves to be rewarded. Everyone. But due to the fact that this year we are branching out n many countries, we have limited resources we might be unable to reward EVERY single entry. Although we would like to. Most assured that we can guarantee that everyone who submits a film or project will get an international recognition certificate and we will endeavor to recommend you for IMDb credits.


Colortape International Film Festival, is a privately funded and run organization, owned by IOPS PTY LTD, T/A Colortape, formerly a Western Australian video producing company, with over 35 years background in corporate pre & post production, with its current head office based in the state of Queensland.

Colortape, prides itself for having made productions for a large number of clients and industries, from mining to oil, on shore and off shore, finance to environment, tourism & pharmaceutical, advertising & marketing, infomercials to electronic billboards, from major airlines to occupational health & safety, to name a few.

Our competition is aiming at discovering new and creative talent in filmmaking and digital media, in areas such as: features, shorts, animation 2D & 3D, Mobisodes, Webisodes, TV commercials, musical video clips, documentaries, and many other creative arts, edge technology & creative ideas.

Hoping at the same time to launch an illustrious career for many creators.

Meanwhile we would like to invite corporate sponsors world wide, including media professionals, filmmakers, producers & directors, marketing gurus and marketing agencies, and the community at large interested in digital content, film & TV and those involved in other forms of screen entertainment & advertising to judge and select the best out of the submitted films. If registering your interest with us, and if you have a qualification in any of the sectors "as above" then you will be given access to submitted films and you can score them fairly, and filmmakers work will be made available through direct access and/or feedback from our panel of judges for scoring and further recommendations.
See more info at our "Watch & Vote" or Submissions section OR F.A.Q.

http://www.colortapeinternational.com/jury.php (Info on Jury selection)

http://www.colortapeinternational.com/points.php (Info on Points system)




Alexandru Schiller (Festival Registrar); Alexandru Schiller (Festival Registrar); Alexandru Schiller (Producer); Victoria Yosye (Mrs)


Voting Requirements

a. A Member who does not submit a Commercial Short in a Competition is permitted to cast one (1) vote in any listed competitions.

b. For each entered category or genre, be it either a feature, short, musical videos, documentary, TV Commercial which a Member submits in a Competition, a Member is permitted to cast five votes in a five (5) star ranking system, in any of the entered competition, with five (5) stars awarded to the Member’s first choice and one (1) star awarded to the Member’s fifth choice. You may not vote for your own (self-made) or self-entered commercial or film, that you have submitted into the 0-60 Seconds Commercials Competition(s).

c. Most importantly: every participant ought to cast a vote for another production in order to be granted entry into our competition. To be fair to your colleagues we would appreciate if your vote is genuine and based on a professional criteria. Same "as above"

d. In order to participate in the competition, all participants or registered members please note, that all terms and conditions outlined by Withoutabox must be reviewed and agreed to

Participants will be judged on merit & creativity. More points will be awarded if 2 copies of DVD or BluRay is sent via surface post (will receive extra 5 points!), award also based on film analysis conducted by the judges, with emphasis to be placed on the following criteria: filmmaker's application of the rule of thirds, color correction in post production, camera handling, HD aspect ratio, directing of film, attention to details such as: continuity, line of action, choreography, DOP work, filming composition shots difficulty degree, eg: aerial or crane shot used, non-linear editing, acting, sound & talent voice overs, SFX, VFX, animation, lighting application relevant to particular scenes - low key & high key, chromakeying montage techniques used, if applicable, dogma & film noir techniques used, if any, locations - if permits were required and obtained, and many other artistic & technical areas. Explain "The Budget" used! Very important to remember: the pre-seleced top 10 filmakers, will need to explain the budget they had to work with.

All terms and conditions outlined by Withoutabox must be reviewed and agreed to.

Filmmakers note! We prefer to receive, view, judge and archive either following formats: DCP, including English subtitled DCP for the screening, DVD or BluRay discs.The DVDs/BluRay / DCP - MUST have the right to be shown in public and MUST be sent to our mail box, PO BOX 328 Mansfield, 4122 Brisbane Australia,via surface mail to be considered. Filmmakers note: it is not enough just to upload your vidlet online! Automatic entry will be granted if 2 copies of DVD or BluRay is sent via surface post (also you will receive extra 5 points!)

For more info go to: http://www.colortapeinternational.com/points.php

Thank you & Good luck!


More Terms & Conditions

1. Canvassing for votes or extra points from the Jury Panel is prohibited. Hence, to avoid any attempts the identities of the judges will not be revealed. More information on jury selection can be obtained from: http://www.colortapeinternational.com/jury.php

2. Every registered participant ought to cast a vote for any other vidlet (production) except their own.

All participants or registered members please note, that all terms and conditions outlined by Withoutabox must be reviewed and agreed to

3. In general, films or videos entered in different geographical zones or regions will be also assessed by a jury in the same zone.

4. Participants who missed the "Earlybird" or "Regular" deadlines, they will still have a chance to enter the competition late as the competition's set date allows it. Hence, thee will be a "LATE WAB EXTENSION" deadline which attracts a higher fee. To avoid this extra fee would recommend filmmakers to enter competitions as early as possible.

5. Automatic entry (qualifiers 1st stage phase-acceptance) will be awarded if 2 copies of DVD or BluRay is sent via surface post our mail box, PO BOX 328 Mansfield, 4122 Brisbane Australia (also will receive extra 5 points!)