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November 15, 2013 to November 17, 2013

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3780 E. Flamingo Rd.
Suite A2-225
Las Vegas NV 89121
Phone: 702 445 7610

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Short Scripts up to 25 pages

The International VEGAS CINEFEST Awards is open to anyone, with the following scripts.

Submit your Short scripts up to 25 pages, Treatments up to 2 pages, TV spots up to 5 pages, Music Videos up to 10 pages.

See your ideas come to life on the silver screen! Now you don't have to wait for Hollywood because we're giving you a chance to have your short project produced. Follow the guidelines below and enter your short script now.

Submitted short scripts must be original works no longer than 25 pages, owned entirely by author(s) producer(s) or filmmaker(s) and cannot be currently under option, sold or produced.

Title page must include author’s name, address, phone number and EMAIL ADDRESS (we make notifications by email).

Short Scripts are evaluated by judges based on strength of concept, execution, characterization, dialogue, plot, marketability, and greatly on production feasibility, judges decisions are final.

Substitutions of new drafts or corrected pages will not be accepted.


To submit your SCRIPTS fill out the online Submission & Release Forms and attach your script PDF to your email to: submissions@VegasCineFest.com (PDF format).

Entry Fees are indentical for ALL SCRIPTS. Pay appropriate entry fee online directly with VEGAS CINEFEST or through Withoutabox.

For any further info email: info@VegasCineFest.org
COMPLETED SHORT FILMS up to 10 minutes
Film Shorts must be 3 to 10 minutes.
TV Commercial Spots up to 1 minute
MUSIC VIDEO up to 5 minutes
FEATURE FILMS Must be 90 minutes minimum
COMPLETED FEATURETTE FILMS minimum 10 minutes and up to 40 minutes
FEATURETTE Minimum 10 minutes up to 40 minutes
Documentary Films
5 to 100 minutes, any subject. must be english or subtitled.
Student Films
Length Must be between: 3 minutes to 10 minutes, Must be in english, dubbed or subtitled. Must be enrolled in any school at time of production, and be able to show proof of enrollment with student ID card if required.
Animation Films
May be digital or cell animation. Must be in english or subtitled.
Must be an internet webisode show or segment, minimum 1 miniutes, maximum 3 minutes
Must be Shot on location outside of USA by a Foreign production company. Must be subtitled or English dubbed.
Must be a made for TV REALITY SHOW EPISODE or COMPLETED REALITY PILOT. Minimum 10 minutes, Maximum 30 minutes
Film Music Score
Music score must have been composed exclusively for visual media such as Film, Video, Docu, Film Short, Featurette, Etc. Music Videos do NOT qualify as Film Score. Must be submitted accompanied by or be part of Visual Media. May also be submitted on it's own as MP3. Must be an original composition, and be submitted by the original composers.
Must be Movie Poster minimum design size of 14" by 22" Digital Jpeg or PDF may be used to email to us as submissions. If accepted as Official Festival Selection, 3 print copies must be mailed to Festival. Digital prints are OK. Submitted Posters may be of fictional or non existing movies.
Content must be related to SOCIAL MEDIA subject matters. Must be under 10 minutes.
Content must be related to "HORROR" subject matters. Must be under 40 minutes.



The International Vegas CineFest and Awards a Non Profit Organization (501c) was founded in 2008 after attending many other International Film Festivals. We felt there was a lack of effective contests and awards being offered for short and indie projects that could advance the careers of new writers and filmmakers.

The mission of the Vegas CineFest is to discover, foster and support independent artists in film, theater and music through educational or artist programs, and by providing a platform for artists to share their stories with the world.

By becoming a part of the International Vegas CineFest Awards you will be joining a growing number of professionals in the entertainment industry who are recognized for supporting other artists and have the excitement of participating in a Film Festival that is destined to become a springboard for many of tomorrow’s top filmmakers.

Philip Marcus
Maria Marcus
Founders, International Vegas CineFest


The 2013 Vegas CineFest is it's 5th season. It takes place in Glamorous Las Vegas, Nevada.

In 2012 there was over 150 film screenings !

Red Carpets and after parties every evening. Network with "A" listers, producers and Directors. Attend the Financing and Distribution Panels.

See who was there for the 2012 Vegas CineFest International Film Festival



Maria Marcus (Director); Philip Marcus; Philip Marcus (Director); Philip Marcus (Festival Registrar)


Why should I enter The Vegas Cine Fest? 

The main reasons to enter any screenplay contest are multiple: win awards and prizes, see where you stack up against the competition, build your writer’s, filmmaker's resume with competition placements and wins, and gain access to production companies who have the power to produce your script and projects. At The Vegas Cine Fest, we strive to excel in all these regards, but if we have an emphasis, it’s on those factors most likely to advance a writer’s-filmmaker's career, and make material production-worthy; and industry access.

Also, by entering The Vegas Cine Fest you now have a chance to see your short script made into a short film, or your project turned in to a Feature.

I don’t live in the US. Can I still enter the competition? 

We welcome international entrants, as long as you can comply with all contest rules and regulations. International contestant's scripts must be in English and your project must be in English or English subtitles. Your entry fee must be in U.S. dollars.

Can I submit an adaptation of a book or play? 

No, all submitted work must be in screenplay form, except for film treatments, plays or adaptations allowed. Work must be original and solely owned by author(s)

Can I submit more than one script or project?

 Yes. You can submit as many scripts or projects as you wish.

Can I enter a short Screenplay longer than 25 pages, or a Short Film project longer than 10 minutes?  

No, the script must adhere to the page length guidelines up to a maximum of 25 pages, and completed Short Film projects up to a maximum of 10 minutes in length. The purpose of this rule is to conform to industry standards. Screenplays for short scripts longer than our rules allow, are not the industry norm and are at a disadvantage in any script marketplace. So it’s best to edit your material down to fit the page length rules.

What kind of judges can I expect? 

Our judges are all veterans of the industry, and are Writers, Producers, and Directors, credited with films in distribution.

Your projects may NOT have been entered in any other Nevada Film Festival within one year prior to your submission date for the 2013 Vegas CineFest.

Thanks and BEST OF LUCK...


I have read and fully understand the rules of the competition and request you read and evaluate the enclosed material, of which I am the sole author and have exclusive rights to submit to you under the terms stated herein. 2) I understand that The Vegas Cine Festand its affiliates receive many stories, ideas, completed projects, and literary materials and that many of these stories, ideas, completed projects and material might be similar or identical to mine. While The Vegas Cine Fest will not use my material, concepts or stories or completed projects except in connection to the contest, it is standard industry practice to include this disclaimer and therefore I understand that I will not seek compensation or consideration because The Vegas Cine Fest or its affiliates use of similar or identical concepts, ideas, completed projects or similar stories. I attest that no confidential relationship has been established by submitting this material to you. 3) Authors winning the Grand Prizes (1st place), and (2nd place), may be allowed to direct their short film. The executives of The Vegas Cine Fest will make their decision based on the directorial experience of the winners. The Vegas Cine Fest may need make some script changes, and rewrites with the winner's consent as deemed necessary by The Vegas Cine Fest for the successful production of the short film. Grand Prize Winners, upon written approval from Short Script Awards may bring in additional production crew members and any other additions to enhance their production value at their own expense. All Production must be shot in Las Vegas or Los angeles. Any other filming locations outside of the city limits of Las Vegas or Los Angeles will be at the 1st or 2nd place Grand Prize winner's expense. 4) I agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Vegas Cine Fest and its affiliates and anyone connected to this contest, against all demands, claims, losses, damages, costs, liability, judgments, and expenses (including attorney’s fees) associated with submission to this competition. 5) I grant The Vegas Cine Fest full, non-exclusive rights to use and publish my name, log line and synopsis for any and all promotional purposes if I win or become a finalist as deemed appropriate by The Vegas Cine Fest. And even if I don’t win or place in the contest, any communication from me to or about The Vegas Cine Fest in any form or in any place may be used by The Vegas Cine Fest for testimonial purposes. 6) I have retained at least one copy of the submitted material, and understand that the submitted copy will not be returned to me. 7) I understand that Judges decisions are final. Prizes subject to change without notice. 8) I have read and understand this agreement. No oral or written representation of any kind has been made to me and this agreement states our entire understanding. Submitting this form constitutes a binding agreement between the following named person and The Vegas Cine Fest.

Film Submission Guidelines
The INTERNATIONAL VEGAS CINE FEST Awards is open to anyone with completed projects.

Projects may be shot in any format. Foreign projects must be subtitled in English. All project must have Title and production credits and proper contact info.

Submitted projects must be original works, owned entirely by filmmaker(s) or producer(s).

To submit fill out the online submission and release forms. Upload your project to WITHOUTABOX.com

If you are submitting a film project, you may upload it to WITHOUTABOX as a “Secure Online Screener” so we can screen it, or you may mail us your finished project as DVD, or Blu-ray to: Vegas CineFest 3870 E. Flamingo rd. suite A2-225 Las Vegas, NV 89121

Projects are evaluated by our judges based on strength of concept, execution, characterization, dialogue, plot, marketability, and greatly on production quality. Judges decisions are final.

Substitution of new Projects or corrected Projects will not be accepted.
You will be notified by email of your submission acceptance.

Official Selections will be notified by email on or around September 15, 2013.

Entry Fees are identical for ALL PROJECTS. Pay appropriate entry fee online directly with Withoutabox.com

If you have any questions, please Email: info@VegasCineFest.org