1st Annual

Falstaff International Film Festival

November 19, 2010 to November 21, 2010

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PO Box 5114
Stratford-upon-Avon Warwickshire CV37 1JA
United Kingdom

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UK Feature
Feature length films made in the United Kingdom (50 mins minimum).
International Feature
Film category for all feature films (50 mins minimum).
UK Documentary
International Documentary
UK Short
Category for short films made in the UK (maximum 49 mins).
International Short
Category for short films made internationally (49 minutes maximum).
Midlands Shorts Competition
Category for Short Films made in the West Midlands.
Student Film Competition
Category for Films made by Students - part of the Student Film Competition.
International Animated Film
Category for animated films not restricted to length.
UK Animated Film
Category for Animated films made in the UK
Music Video


The Falstaff International Film Festival aims to celebrate and promote awareness and appreciation of UK cinema and filmmaking. The Festival encourages entries at an international level and promotes contacts with industry professionals to support the development of independent filmmakers, rising talent and the UK film industry.


The Falstaff International Film Festival is based in Stratford-upon-Avon. Our first annual festival will take place from 19th - 21st November 2010 with a call for entries from 1st June - 15th September.


Rowan Ashe (Festival Registrar)


The 2nd Annual Falstaff International Film Festival will be held from 19th – 22st November 2009 in Stratford-upon-Avon.

The Festival will consist of various programmes including educational seminars, panel discussions, workshops, screenings, the Midlands Shorts Competition, the FIFF Student Film Competition and the FIFF Awards Ceremony. All programming is subject to change.

1) Deadlines – Submissions will be accepted from 1st June 2009. The early deadline is 1st August 2010. The late deadline is 1st September 2010. There is an extended Withoutabox-only deadline of 15th September 2010. All films must be delivered by 26th October 2010 ready for screening. Permission may be granted for extension of delivery time up to five working days prior to the beginning of the Festival. No film may be withdrawn from the Festival after its selection.

2) Eligibility – Entrants must ensure they complete all relevant submission forms and provide all additional submission materials. Films must have been completed after 1st September 2009. Films not in the English language must be subtitled in English. Films must not be/not have been broadcast on British television or distributed in the UK on any format before 22nd September 2010. Films may still be eligible by discretion of the FIFF Selection Board but may not necessarily be eligible for a festival award.

3) Fee – All submissions have a small fee attached to cover admin costs and the return of screening materials. Please ensure all shipped items are labelled with a return address.

4) Formats – For submission purposes all entries must be on DVD only for selection preview unless permission granted otherwise. DVD screeners must be encoded in Region 2/No Region. Please ensure you test all DVDs on multiple makes and models of players prior to submission. DVDs must be labelled with the title, production company, director’s name and length in minutes. Films under 50 minutes are considered as short films. DVD Screeners must not be film trailers and must be correctly indicated if the film is a rough cut. We recommend that films provided for screening are on digital format and in high definition where possible. All entries on digital format must ensure suitable video coding for theatrical presentation. They must be composite prints in either 35mm, HDCAM or Digital Betacam (in PAL).

5) Return of Materials – The Festival is unable to return submission materials and DVD Screeners. Film prints will be returned at the submitter’s expense following Festival screening.

6) Selection – The Festival’s Selection Board oversees the selection and invitation of submitted films. All entrants successfully selected will be notified either by email or post and will be eligible for two free festival passes and limited extra discounted festival passes.

7) Midlands Shorts Competition – For entry please ensure you have indicated so on the submission form. All films must have either been made in the Midlands region or by filmmakers based or originating in the Midlands.

8) Student Film Competition – For entry into this competition you must provide a letter of recommendation from the educational institution you represent. This may be from a tutor, mentor, lecturer or equivalent. All entrants from educational institutions and training establishments are accepted i.e. schools, colleges, universities, film schools, skills centres etc.

9) Online Submitters – Following online submission, entrants must endeavour to provide all submission materials prior to submission deadline.

The Falstaff International Film Festival will take all reasonable steps and precautions necessary to protect submitted and selected films from piracy and theft. Access of copyrighted materials is limited to the Selection Board, Programming Committee, Jury and Projection Staff under supervision of the Festival management. Copying or borrowing of copyrighted materials is strictly prohibited. The Festival management will take all measures necessary to ensure the secure and correct storage of copyrighted materials.

Falstaff International Film Festival assumes that the entrant has insured for damage and loss of the Festival print or tape and you hereby release the Festival from any and all risk and liability in the event of breach of copyright or theft of your materials while on Festival premises. The Festival will not be held responsible for any failure of technical quality of projection during the screening of the entrant’s film.

Awards for films, as chosen by jury, are divided into categories as follows: Best UK Feature, Best UK Short, Best UK Documentary, Best UK Animation, Best Feature, Best Short, Best Documentary, Best Animation, Debut Feature, Best Director, Best Music Video, Midlands Shorts Competition Award, Student Film Competition Award, Special Achievement Award, Best Actor, Best Actress. Please note awards may be withdrawn, renamed, reclassified or added.

The submission materials to be sent with the submission form are as follows: DVD Screener, Press Kit: Synopsis (200 words for features or 50-100 words for shorts), Full Cast & Crew Credits, Director’s and Producer’s Biographies and Headshots, Production Stills (Images to be sent as 3000 DPI maximum quality RGB JPEGs). Upon selection the festival may contact the submitting party for additional press material. SHIPPING Submissions must be sent to: Falstaff International Film Festival PO Box 5114 Stratford-upon-Avon Warwickshire United Kingdom CV37 1JA For more information on submission procedures please email: submissions@fiff.org.uk


I agree to comply with submission terms and conditions fully. I will not withdraw the film from the Falstaff International Film Festival once confirmation has been received of its selection. I agree for a short extract to be used in a radio, TV, online, video programme or cinema trailer for the Falstaff International Film Festival. I agree for the accredited press and industry to view the DVD Screener in the Festival Library. I can certify that all the relevant rights and clearances have been made. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Falstaff International Film Festival and keep the Festival indemnified from and against any and all damages and from any and all claims, demands, actions, suits or proceedings of any kind or nature. I have read and understood the terms, conditions and meaning and can confirm I am the party authorised to submit this film to the Falstaff International Film Festival.