9th Annual

Shorts Film Festival

November 20, 2014 to November 23, 2014

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GPO Box 1373
Adelaide SA 5001
Phone: +61 (0)410 913 416

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Australian Shorts
Australian short films under 20 minutes are invited to enter this category.
Asia Pacific Shorts
NON-AUSTRALIAN short films under 20 minutes from Central Asia, East Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, Asia Pacific and New Zealand are invited to enter this category.


Shorts Film Festival is a national festival and competition based in Adelaide, rewarding short films at their best.

Shorts Film Festival's vision is to:

* champion and reward top-notch cinematic storytelling through valued industry prizes and opportunities

* showcase quality short format works through cool salon-style events held at iconic venues and locations

* provide a platform for celebrating talented filmmakers and their films within the wider community to engage new audiences

* foster a culture of exchange through partnerships with international film festivals


Shorts Film Festival stands alone as Australia's only national short film festival and competition dedicated entirely to fostering the specialist craft of storytelling on screen.

Shorts rewards outstanding storytelling through its well-regarded prize pool valued at in excess of $50,000, including the coveted Gold Shorts first prize of a trip to Cannes, Sundance or other major international film festival of your choice.

Shorts is proud to be supported by a long list of industry leaders, with over 60 film and media professionals from across Australia participating each year to judge the festival entries.

The festival is open to any filmmaker wishing to submit an entry in the Australian Shorts Category (for Australian made films) or the Asia Pacific Shorts Category (for films from the Asia Pacific region).

Short films across all genres including drama, documentary, claymation, animation, comedy, action, thrillers and musical drama are accepted into the competition. Finalist films are judged and awarded according to the storytelling strengths of the film.

Shorts champions the work of talented filmmakers through the provision of quality prizes, significant career development opportunities and access to state-of-the-art production services and equipment that are generously presented by the festival's corporate and government partners.


Anastasia Renfrey (Festival Manager)



1) Your film must be no longer than 20 minutes.

2) Your film must have been completed after February 1, 2013

3) Only eligible entries submitted into the Australian Shorts or Asia Pacific Shorts category will be considered for the festival competition. The Festival Manager's decision is final.


1) You must submit your completed online application and electronic press kit via Withoutabox by NO LATER than the specified festival deadlines.

2) A non-refundable entry fee must be paid for each entry.

3) Your preview copy of the film must be uploaded via the Withoutabox Secure Online Screener system by NO LATER than the specified festival deadlines.

4) Your exhibition copy of the film must be uploaded by NO LATER than September 19, 2014. Instructions for submitting an exhibition copy of the film to the festival will be provided at the time of notification.

5) You must agree to the Terms and Conditions below.


By entering Shorts Film Festival, you agree that the Festival may screen your film or use your publicity stills prior to the festival for marketing and publicity purposes. We may also copy and screen your film for judging, media review purposes or for exhibition. You also agree that Shorts Film Festival, a not-for-profit organisation, may also screen your film at occasional fundraising and promotional events after the main festival. We will always contact you (or a nominated filmmaker) to inform you of these events.

By entering Shorts Film Festival, you agree that, should your film be selected, the Festival can choose to include it in its next Shorts Outback showcase. We will contact you (or a nominated filmmaker) to let you know that the film has been selected.

By entering Shorts Film Festival you are confirming that you hold all appropriate rights to the actors, music, etc. By entering, you release the Shorts Film Festival from any claim and all responsibilities relating to or arising from its use of the film.

The filmmaker and its agents agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Shorts Film Festival, its board, judges and sponsors – individually and collectively – from claims, demands, losses, damages, costs, and liabilities relating to films submitted to this festival.

By submitting your film and entry fee, it does not guarantee acceptance and selection of the work into the Shorts Film Festival. You agree that you are aware that all films received will be judged for quality of storytelling, and that some films may not be selected for screening. You accept this risk, understand that the entry fee is non-refundable, the judges’ decision is final, and withdrawing of entries is not permitted.