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20-Apr-2014 1:31am PDT  


Norwich Film Festival

4 Annual May 01, 2014 to May 08, 2014

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4 Taylor Road
Norwich Norfolk NR5 8LY
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)1603 217594

DECISIONS ALREADY MADE • This event has already made decisions and notified submitters for the current cycle. Submissions are no longer being accepted.

Short Film
For us, a short is any film 25 minutes or under. Any genre is allowed.
Animated Film
Any genre or style of animated film. Must be 25 minutes or under.
Student Film
Any film of any genre, under 25 minutes long will be eligible for this category providing that one of the three key filmmakers (writer/producer/director) was a student at the time of production. Proof will be required.
One Minute Movie
We’re challenging film makers from all over the world to make the best movie possible that lasts exactly sixty seconds. Selected films will be screened throughout the festival, and on our web services, while the best film chosen by our panel of judges will have the honour of being this year’s opening film.
Short Screenplay
Any screenplay of 30 pages or less (industry standard formatting must be applied).

The Norwich Film Festival was created as a platform for new and established filmmakers to interact and educate.

We will always endeavour to give opportunities to up and coming filmmakers and offer them chances to screen their work alongside more established artists in order to raise their own profile and enhance their reputation.

As well as this, we want the audiences to get involved more, and not just watch films. We also want them to learn about the films, so where possible, we will offer workshops, talks, and Q&A sessions with the filmmakers after screenings.

We're not here to just glorify existing talent, but nurturing and encouraging new talent.

2009 was the first Norwich Film Festival and was an unprecedented success. We had submissions from all over the world and some really quality films screened. Films such as Best Documentary winner 'Running To The Limits' (Alex Vero) have since gone on to be screened on Channel 4, while winner of Best Short and Best in Festival, 'Ana's Playground' (Eric D Howell) has gone on to be screened at international conferences around the world, including the Vancouver Winter Olympics, winning numerous other awards in the process.

After a short break, the success continued through to our 2012 festival in March / April. Our judges and patrons, Bernard Hill, Tim McInnerny, Jim Field Smith and Steve Furst, oversaw our final selection process and picked some truly amazing winning films, such as our overall winner, 'Sunny Boy' (Jane Gull). We hosted the BAFTA Shorts on tour for a second year in a row which even included Q&A's from our judges. Our 2013 festival has just finished after more of the same exciting activities and films.

We are lining up some fantastic prizes for this year, so please keep checking for updates soon when they will be announced.

Kellen Playford (Mr) ; Kellen Playford (Mr)

Please read the following guidelines carefully. Due to the volume of entries we receive, it is essential that films are submitted in the format specified below.

Festival Dates
April 2014.

Submission Deadlines
Submissions will be accepted from 6 May 2013. This year we have an Earlybird deadline of 30 June 2013 and our final deadline will be 31 October 2013. No entries will be accepted if postmarked after this date.
If you submit via Withoutabox, however, the late extended deadline is 30 November 2013.

Submissions should fall into one of these four categories:
• Short (up to 25 minutes in length)
• Animation (up to 25 minutes, any genre)
• Student (up to 25 minutes, any genre)
• One Minute Movie (exactly one minute, any genre)
• Short Screenplay (30 pages or less)

Submission Format
• Films must be submitted via Withoutabox's Secure Online Screener method, on region 2 DVD, or as a digital file, and should be clearly labelled with the title, running time and contact information.
• Submitted copies will not be returned due to the high volume of entries we receive.
• Please do not submit multiple works on the same DVD.

Press and Publicity Materials
• Should your film be accepted we will request digital images and other press/publicity materials you may have available at that time.
• Please feel free to send electronic press kits on DVD with your submission but note that they will not influence the panel’s decision. Please do not, however, send hard copies as we will be unable to store them at the Festival office due to the high volume of submissions we receive.

Submission Eligibility
• All foreign language films must be subtitled in English (the costs of which are to be covered by the applicant).
• All rights, permissions and clearances must be obtained prior to submission and applicants must ensure that they have the right to submit the work with regard to third parties connected with the production of the film in question. By entering your work, you agree to this and the responsibilities involved. The Norwich Film Festival assumes no responsibility for violation of copyright law.

Please note that submission fees will not be refunded if your film does not meet these conditions.

Submission Fees
The Norwich Film Festival runs on an extremely limited budget. We regret that, owing to the large number of submissions we receive, we must charge a small fee to cover our administrative costs. However, we are please to admit that we are one of the cheapest festivals on the circuit, and these fees also go towards our prizes. Our 2014 fees are the same as our 2013 fees.

Prizes will be awarded to one film in each category, details to be announced nearer the Festival.

Please send your entries to:

Norwich Film Festival
4 Taylor Road
England, UK

All shipping and postage costs incurred in submitting work to us must be paid by the entrant. The Festival will not accept Cash on Delivery shipments and will not absorb any fees incurred in customs.

Submission packages from outside the UK must be labelled 'No commercial value - for cultural purposes only' on any customs label and for customs purposes must be given a value of no more than US$10 or £5 sterling.

Selection will be carried out by the Norwich Film Festival team. No correspondence will be entered into regarding the selection process and the decision of the Festival Committee is final.

We aim to inform successful applicants by the middle of February 2014 at the latest.

All successful submissions will be listed on our website ( and successful applicants will be notified by email or over the phone.

We will also request that successful applicants send us digital press kits and that you arrange print transport during that period. Please only send this after you have been selected, and NOT during application.

Festival Screenings and Scheduling
All screenings during the Festival period will take place at the discretion of the Festival. We reserve the right to make changes to the advertised schedule at any time for any reason and will not accept liability for any costs incurred as a result of such changes.

No film may be withdrawn from the Norwich Film Festival programme after its selection/participation has been confirmed without the prior agreement of Norwich Film Festival.

All selected films must be made available as an HD digital file for the festival to download and composite onto a Bluray or DCP (depending on the venue).

If we require a screening copy of your film, these must be received by the Festival by 22 February 2014. The Norwich Film Festival will accept responsibility for technical damage to screening copies of selected titles while they are in the possession of the Festival and will reimburse the value of the print stock (or part thereof) only.

For a full list of rules, terms and conditions, please see our website.


Submission to the Norwich Film Festival implies acceptance of the Rules outlined above. For a full list of rules, terms and conditions, please see our website.